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Obamas Get New Puppy
 Obamas Get New Puppy 

Obamas Get New Puppy

New arrival Sunny is another Portuguese water dog

(Newser) - A new puppy is following in the footsteps of White House pets including Lyndon Johnson's beagles and Andrew Jackson's swearing parrot. Sunny is a female Portuguese water dog—the same breed as Bo, the dog President Obama promised daughters Sasha and Malia after his 2008 victory. Sunny is...

First Dog Bo Cost $1,600

 First Dog Bo 
 Cost $1,600 

First Dog Bo Cost $1,600

Obama family's Portuguese water dog was a gift from Ted Kennedy

(Newser) - The Obama family's Portuguese water dog, Bo, cost $1,600, according to financial disclosure documents made public today. The scoop on Bo's price tag is the most interesting tidbit from the forms; President Obama's financial situation was made clear when his tax returns were released last month, the Washington Post...

Gingerbread White House Boasts Candy Bo
 White House 
 Candy Bo 
white house holidays

Gingerbread White House Boasts Candy Bo

Eco-friendly lights, 27 trees liven up the full-size executive mansion

(Newser) - Everyone got into the act of readying the White House for the holidays—staffers and volunteers who helped with decorating, community groups whose members created ornaments, and even the White House bees, whose honey went into the gingerbread that became a 390-pound replica of the executive mansion. At the bottom...

Kennedy's Office Had Gone to the Dogs

Portuguese water dogs were a furry fixture of senator's office

(Newser) - Ted Kennedy may have been the Senate's liberal lion, but his office was clearly no place for cats, reports Politico in a look at the three Portuguese water dogs that were fixtures in his Washington digs. The pooches provided a warm, furry presence amid what could be tense negotiations, and...

Want a Dog Like Bo? Here's Your 11-Page Application

Potential buyers face tough application process

(Newser) - Since Bo Obama became first pup, everyone seems to want a Portuguese water dog, the Wall Street Journal reports. Good luck with that. Though requests are soaring, the nation's approximately 200 breeders are a pretty picky bunch. About 1,400 puppies are born each year, and only 1 in 10...

Bo Obama Becomes Comic Book Star

(Newser) - Just in time for back-to-school shopping, the first family’s puppy will star in his own comic book, MTV reports. Puppy Power: Bo Obama, due out in September, will offer what the publisher calls an “insider’s look at the White House.” In the works from the same...

Dollmaker Turns From First Daughters to Dog

(Newser) - Toymaker Ty couldn't resist another attempt to capitalize on Obamania, this time with Bo—the Portuguese Water Dog doll being billed as "inspired by the First Family's new puppy. It's spurring unprecedented demand, retailers tell the Chicago Tribune. But the dolls are unlikely to garner anywhere near the...

Michelle: Bo's 'Crazy'
 Michelle: Bo's 'Crazy' 

Michelle: Bo's 'Crazy'

(Newser) - Michelle Obama’s assessment of her daughters’ new dog? He’s “crazy.” The energetic Portuguese water dog likes to bark, play, and chew on people’s feet, the first lady said today during a question-and-answer session for the White House’s Take Your Child to Work Day festivities....

First Dog Stars in First Book

Bo featured in children's book out next week

(Newser) - Bo Obama just became the nation’s first dog, but he already has his own book, USA Today reports. Bo, America’s Commander in Leash, will hit stores next week. The story features the pup stealing President Obama’s letter opener, serving burgers to Vice President Biden, even sticking his...

Does Rock Star Bo Know He Ain't Nothin' Like a Hound Dog?

First pup sparks debate on canine awareness

(Newser) - Bo may have the president of the United States trotting along after him like a kid and the national media swooning, but what goes on in the brain underneath that ball of black fur? The owner of this year's Westminster champ tells the New york Times that pooches become aware...

Bo Debuts With 'Star Quality'
 Bo Debuts With 'Star Quality' 

Bo Debuts With 'Star Quality'

(Newser) - The newest Obama made his public debut today. "He's got star quality," said President Obama as the first family showed off their new dog to the press corps. Bo, a Portuguese water dog, got a much publicized walk on the South Lawn, USA Today reports. "I love...

Bo's DNA Is No Secret to Scientists
Bo's DNA
Is No Secret
to Scientists

Bo's DNA Is No Secret to Scientists

Portuguese water dogs are top breed for genetic study

(Newser) - The Obama puppy may still be a bit of a mystery to a curious public, but his genetic code should be familiar to scientists: Portuguese water dogs are the top breed for genetic study, helping shed light on anything from how a dog’s size is determined to whether it’...

Bo's 'Rescue' Has Animal Groups Growling

(Newser) - Did President Obama fulfill his pledge to adopt a shelter pooch by taking in a pricey purebred that had been returned to its breeders? That’s a question being hotly debated among animal-rescue groups, the Hill reports. The Humane Society, which got a donation from Obama when he decided to...

Bo's Winding Path to White House

(Newser) - Art and Martha Stern, the husband-and-wife breeder team that bred Ted Kennedy’s dogs, give theme names to all their litters. The batch they welcomed into the world six months ago had a portentous one: the Hope and Change Litter. One of those 10 puppies is Bo, the newly famous...

First Dog Gets a First Name: Bo

Bo Obama to be newest White House resident

(Newser) - The newest Obama will be named Bo, the Washington Post reports in the latest in a series of leaks about the Portuguese water dog the first family plans to introduce to an entranced nation Tuesday. The White House tried to keep a lid on puppy information, but a blog released...

First Dog Prepares for Big Move: Reports

Obama's have already met their new pup, some say

(Newser) - The Obamas have picked a dog, and he'll be joining them in the White House soon, WBBM 780 in Chicago reports. Michelle Obama's office helped establish a timeline—"definitely not this week"—but a source tells the radio station the male Portuguese water dog has already visited the...

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