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Turn St. Patrick's Day Dishes Green ... Naturally

Peas, parsley, pesto help, and there's guacamole, too

(Newser) - Perhaps your grocery store is already out of green food coloring ahead of St. Patrick’s Day, or maybe you’d rather tint your celebratory grub naturally. Ann Hodgman, writing for Slashfood , has suggestions:
  • Peas: Adding some to your mashed potatoes will change the color but not the taste.
  • Parsley:

Peas Fight Kidney Disease, High Blood Pressure

Could be used as food additive or supplement

(Newser) - Concentrated doses of the proteins found in garden peas can help fight high blood pressure and chronic kidney disease, a study finds. “In people with high blood pressure, our protein could potentially delay or prevent the onset of kidney damage,” the study’s author tells the Telegraph. For...

2 Stories
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