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Labor Shortage Means This Group Is in Demand for Summer Jobs

Teens are in the driver's seat, with the ability to hold out for jobs with higher wages

(Newser) - Teens have long been vital to filling out the summertime staffs of restaurants, ice cream stands, amusement parks, and camps. Now, thanks to one of the tightest labor markets in decades, they have even more sway, with an array of jobs to choose from at ever higher wages, per the...

Behind an Iconic Weight-Loss Camp, a Major Family Feud

Bloomberg dives into personalities behind Camp Shane

(Newser) - As far as weight-loss camp for kids go, Camp Shane was a legend. Tucked in New York's Catskill Mountains, it began welcoming children in 1968 and operated in that original location until 2019, making it the longest-running camp of its kind in the US. As David Gauvey Herbert writes...

His Kids' Camp Pics Cause a Commotion for Newsom

Calif. governor pulls 2 of his kids from camp after pics emerge of his son not wearing a mask indoors

(Newser) - Every parent loves seeing photos of their kids enjoying summer camp, but images that surfaced this week have caused a bit of a hubbub for California's governor. Those pics, of Newsom's son, Hunter, showed the 10-year-old sitting without a mask inside, along with other kids sans masks, at...

In NH, a Summer Camp Fiasco Riles Parents

It wasn't a dreamy summer at Camp Quinebarge after all

(Newser) - It reads like the start of a novel about summer camp gone wrong, a letter home to mom and dad that pulls no punches: "We have been in tears, bored, and devastated the whole day. [The camp director] is lying to you all. You have to trust us. You...

CDC's Summer Camp COVID Advice Has Gray Areas

Unvaccinated kids should wear masks in crowded settings, such as singing around a campfire

(Newser) - Unvaccinated 11-year-olds are going to have to make some judgment calls at summer camp this year. The CDC issued its coronavirus guidance for summer camps on Friday, NBC reports, and the agency left wiggle room. As is true in other situations, fully vaccinated people are pretty well covered and don'...

CDC Traces 116 Virus Cases to 1 Boy at Summer Camp

Report: 80% of people in camp became infected

(Newser) - In early July, a few days after he tested negative for the coronavirus, a high school-age boy arrived at a summer camp in Wisconsin. The next day, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports, he had a sore throat, a cough, and chills. A report by the Centers for Disease Control and...

A Summer Camp Welcomed 600. Nearly Half Got COVID

Overnight YMCA camp in Georgia shut down 4 days after first person reported symptoms, per CDC

(Newser) - As schools start to slowly reopen after summer break, a red flag has emerged out of a Georgia summer camp on how quickly the coronavirus can spread among children. A CDC report out Friday documents COVID-19 transmission and infection at an overnight camp in the Peach State, which WSB-TV has...

Mystery Illness Fells Dozens at Fla. Summer Camp

33 kids, 3 adults are stricken in Lake Placid

(Newser) - A Florida summer camp ended up falling somewhere between Meatballs and Friday the 13th on Thursday after dozens of kids came down with a mysterious illness. It began with an urgent-sounding tweet shortly after 8pm EDT from Highlands County Fire and Rescue noting a "mass casualty incident" at Lake...

'Camp John Waters' Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

Eclectic director is hosting a weekend getaway for grown-ups

(Newser) - Baby boomers with cash and a campy bucket list take note: Movie director John Waters is hosting a summer camp for grown-ups in Connecticut. While the first iteration, slated for the third weekend in September, is already marked "sold out" (there were 300 slots) on the Camp John Waters...

Mayor Allegedly Records Strip Poker Game at His Youth Camp

Witnesses say participants were underage camp counselors

(Newser) - A California mayor has been charged with secretly recording a strip poker game featuring at least one 16-year-old, Reuters reports. The incident allegedly took place last August in Stockton mayor Anthony Silva's bedroom at the summer camp he runs for inner-city kids in need. According to the Los Angeles ...

3 Killed in Summer Camp Bus Crash

Bus overturns on way back from teen church camp

(Newser) - Three people are dead after a bus carrying teens from a church camp crashed in Indianapolis this afternoon. Among those killed were a husband and wife, the Indianapolis Star reports. The bus was carrying 40 members of the Colonial Hill Baptist Church back from camp, reports the AP . Both kids...

Police: 5 Terrorized Jewish Camp in Pennsylvania

Adults face felony charges

(Newser) - Police nabbed three adults, ages 18 to 21, and two juveniles accused of terrorizing a Jewish camp in Pennsylvania. The assailants allegedly tore through the camp in a pickup truck, "narrowly missing several campers and staff," while damaging fences, fields, and buildings, reports CNN . They also fired paintball...

Many Schools, Camps Ban ... Sunscreen

 Many Schools, 
 Camps Ban 
 ... Sunscreen 

Many Schools, Camps Ban ... Sunscreen

Because it's an over-the-counter drug

(Newser) - This week, a Washington state mom made headlines when she blogged about her kids' terrible sunburns after school; the girls hadn't been offered sunscreen during a field trip. Turns out that anti-sunscreen policies are everywhere, USA Today reports. That's in large part because of regulations barring children from...

Hottest Ride to Summer Camp: Private Plane

Forget the station wagon—we've got a Cessna

(Newser) - More parents are going to luxurious extremes so their kids can rough it. Wealthy families are increasingly riding private jets to get to and from remote summer camps in Maine, New Hampshire, and upstate New York. Over the past weekend—a common date for camp visiting days—private jets clogged...

Freeze Tag, Kickball Unsafe: New York State

Games added to 'significant risk' list for summer camps

(Newser) - It’s not just fun and games: Freeze tag, kickball, and Wiffleball all come with a “significant risk of injury,” say New York state authorities. Even Red Rover and Capture the Flag have been labeled dangerous on a new risky activities list, the New York Daily News reports....

Gunmen Trash UN Gaza Summer Camp

Militants torch camp seeking to shield kids from extremism

(Newser) - Dozens of masked gunmen attacked a United Nations-run summer camp for Gaza's children yesterday, tying up guards and setting the camp on fire. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, the AP reports, although the UN camps are competing with camps run by Hamas, which teach an anti-Israel doctrine...

Opera Star's Son Nabbed in '91 Rape/Murder

(Newser) - Some 18 years after a Pennsylvania camp counselor was shot in the head and raped as she died, cops have charged the son of a famed Metropolitan Opera bass with the brutal murder, the New York Post reports. Jeffrey Plishka, 46, has long been suspected of the crime, and the...

Flu Battles at Camp Spark Fears for School Year

Purell abounds; symptomatic kids sent home

(Newser) - With a swine flu resurgence expected in the fall—before an H1N1 vaccine is available—schools are getting a head start on fighting the disease, the Los Angeles Times reports. The scene at summer camps may provide a preview: Hundreds of youngsters in Southern California alone have been sent home...

Swine Flu Leads to Unhappy Campers
Swine Flu Leads to Unhappy Campers

Swine Flu Leads to Unhappy Campers

As outbreaks spread like wildfire, counselors quarantine kids

(Newser) - H1N1 may not have ended civilization as we know it, but it’s ruined a lot of stays at summer camp, the New York Times reports. Camps are dry tinder for flu outbreaks, and many have canceled or postponed this year's sessions. Others have been split nearly in half to...

Atheist Campers Learn Archery, Swimming, Skepticism

Nonbelievers' kids need fresh air, too

(Newser) - Atheist parents have it rough: They can't exactly pack the kids off to Bible camp for the summer. That’s changing, thanks in part to establishments like Camp Quest, a humanist-staffed getaway that promotes skepticism. Counselors teach the scientific method and deliver lectures about famous free thinkers. Kids are...

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