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Kiss Cashes Out for $300M
Kiss Cashes Out for $300M

Kiss Cashes Out for $300M

$300M deal allows that with AI, new content could be produced forever

(Newser) - It's all about the music, Gene Simmons has been known to say. Also, it's about the group's brand, likeness, and intellectual property—all of which Kiss has now sold. Pophouse Entertainment, which is based in Stockholm, bought the catalog and more at a price the BBC and...

KISS Delivers Farewell Live Show
KISS Delivers
Farewell Live Show

KISS Delivers Farewell Live Show

But band plans to continue 'touring' via their avatars in virtual reality

(Newser) - On Saturday night, KISS closed out the final performance of their The End of the Road farewell tour at New York City's famed Madison Square Garden. But as dedicated fans surely know—they were never going to call it quits. Not really. During their encore, the band's current...

Report: Gene Simmons Just Got Banned From Fox News

Kiss frontman apparently had a wild Wednesday at the network's NYC headquarters

(Newser) - He's long been a Fox News favorite, but Gene Simmons is now persona non grata at the network. Citing a "knowledgeable Fox News source," the Daily Beast reports that the Kiss frontman has been barred from Fox's NYC headquarters and from appearing on Fox News and...

Gene Simmons Claims This Widely Used Hand Sign Is His

He's filed a trademark request

(Newser) - The "rock on" hand gesture is sported by everyone from teen girls to Spider-Man—but Gene Simmons claims it's all his. The KISS frontman filed an application with the US Patent and Trademark Office on Friday in an effort to trademark the sign, per the Hollywood Reporter . While...

Gene Simmons: Prince's Death Was 'Pathetic'

'He killed himself. Don’t kid yourself, that’s what he did'

(Newser) - Gene Simmons set off an Internet firestorm Tuesday when he called Prince's death "pathetic" in an interview with Newsweek . “His drugs killed him," the former KISS frontman says. "What do you think, he died from a cold?” A cause of death has not been established,...

Did Something 'Heinous' Occur at Rocker's Home?

LAPD says Simmons, family members are not suspects

(Newser) - Los Angeles police served a search warrant at the home of KISS rocker Gene Simmons yesterday, and while the details are sparse, the probe is being handled by the LAPD's Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. Officers say "no one in the Simmons family is a suspect in...

5 Musicians Who Are Surprisingly Good at Business

From Jessica Simpson to Gene Simmons

(Newser) - Being rich doesn't always accompany being famous , especially when living a rock star lifestyle, but a handful of A-list musicians have managed to turn their celebrity into successful business ventures:
  • Jessica Simpson: You wouldn't expect a pop singer/reality star who didn't know the difference between chicken and

Gene Simmons Shares Secret to Making the Big Bucks

He's never had a hangover—seriously

(Newser) - Gene Simmons is worth more than $300 million, but the KISS rocker says that's not enough. "Life is business, and I approach life the way sharks approach life—they must keep moving or else they will drown," he says in a new interview. "I'll never...

Gene Simmons: Sorry About That Depression Screed

'I deeply regret any offhand remarks'

(Newser) - Remember that time when Gene Simmons not-so-charmingly said depressed people should just kill themselves ? Well, after Robin Williams— a depressed person — really did kill himself , people took exception to Simmons' screed, a #BanGene hashtag got going, and some radio stations stopped playing KISS' music. Now, as E! Online...

Gene Simmons: If You're Depressed, 'Then Kill Yourself'

Comments made July 31 picking up steam now

(Newser) - In the wake of Robin Williams' suicide, a controversial exchange with Gene Simmons in an interview last month is getting a bit of attention. Asked whether he gets along with the original members of KISS, Simmons told :
  • "I don't get along with anybody who's a

KISS Frontman: My Bandmates Were Anti-Semites

Paul Stanley skewers old band members in new memoir

(Newser) - Surprise surprise, KISS frontman Paul Stanley's new memoir includes dirt on his old bandmates—some of which go beyond the typical rock 'n' roll complaints, the New York Post reports. In Face the Music: A Life Exposed, due out tomorrow, Stanley says original KISS members Peter Criss and...

8 Liberal Celebs No Longer So Keen on Obama

Matt Damon, Gene Simmons, and others who are disappointed

(Newser) - President Obama was quite popular with Tinseltown's biggest stars four years ago, but as he seeks reelection, he's fallen out of favor with some Hollywood liberals. The Week lists eight who have criticized the prez:
  • Gene Simmons: The Kiss rocker now regrets supporting Obama in '08, because

Rihanna Dissed by... 60-Something Rocker?

Gene Simmons slams Ri, while Katy Perry disses Beyonce

(Newser) - Apparently Gene Simmons hasn't heard that people who live in glass houses—and make sex tapes with their socks on—shouldn't throw stones: While announcing an upcoming tour his band is co-headlining with Motley Crue, the KISS frontman noted that the rockers would be keeping it real. "...

Gene Simmons Wedding: KISS Rocker Marries Shannon Tweed, Girlfriend of 28 Years
 Gene Simmons 
 Weds GF of 28 Years 

Gene Simmons Weds GF of 28 Years

Rocker has 2 grown children with Shannon Tweed

(Newser) - One usually hears about aging rockers marrying their 28-year-old girlfriends, but Gene Simmons has tied the knot with his girlfriend of 28 years, reports People . The, um, whirlwind courtship with Shannon Tweed culminated yesterday in front of some 400 guests outside the Beverly Hills Hotel, and featured vows the couple...

11 Sex Tapes You Should Skip

That's about as much of Danielle Staub's O-face as you want to see

(Newser) - Danielle Staub’s sex tape is out Monday, but the Daily Beast highly recommends you skip watching it. Ten more sex tapes none of us ever wanted to see:
  • Dustin Diamond: His too-gross-for-words sex tape, Screeched, is also—appropriately enough—known as Saved by the Smell. If you don’t

Tongues to Chest Hair, Stars Insure Prized Parts

Dolly Parton's chest worth $11K per inch

(Newser) - Celebrities are known for insuring their most famous body parts, but now other types are getting into the practice. This week, a coffee taster’s tongue was insured for $13.8 million, making it the most valuable in the world. To mark the occasion, the Mirror lists some of the...

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