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Person Dies After 'Ending Up in Running Jet Engine'

It's not clear how exactly that happened at Schiphol airport

(Newser) - Tragedy struck Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, where a person was killed Wednesday in the running engine of a KLM jet preparing for departure. The person, who has not been identified, somehow "ended up in a running aircraft engine," according to a statement from KLM, the Netherlands' flag carrier....

Concert Postponed After Nicki Minaj's Drug Arrest

Police release rapper after saying her luggage at Amsterdam airport contained drugs

(Newser) - The Nicki Minaj concert in England scheduled for Saturday night was postponed after the American rapper was arrested at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport on suspicion of an offense police described as "possessing soft drugs." After being fined, Minaj was released and resumed her trip to Manchester, the BBC...

This Airport's Secret Weapon Against Bird Strikes? Pigs

Officials hope the pigs will eat enough sugar beet near Amsterdam's Schiphol hub to fend off geese

(Newser) - No one wants their plane to fly into a flock of birds during takeoff, and at one of the Netherlands' busiest hubs, they've come up with a most creative approach to try to prevent such an event. A six-week project has been launched that has stuck pigs on a...

Amsterdam Airport Closed by Bomb—From WWII

Schiphol also deals with a false hijacking report

(Newser) - It's been a relatively crazy day at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, which has had to deal with a bomb threat—straight out of World War II—and a hijacking ... that apparently never happened.
  • Terminal C and part of Terminal D were shuttered today after construction workers found something unusual

Soul Pioneer Solomon Burke Dead at 70

Wrote hit 'Everybody Needs Somebody to Love'

(Newser) - The so-called king of rock and soul, Solomon Burke, has died at the age of 70 at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, apparently soon after his LA flight arrived. The cause of death is unknown. Burke rose to prominence in the '60s when he penned "Everybody Needs Somebody to Love,...

Terror Suspect Busted at Dutch Airport

Brits tip off cops about suspect flying from Liverpool

(Newser) - A Somali-born British terrorism suspect from Liverpool was busted in Amsterdam as he sat on a plane waiting to fly to Uganda. Dutch security swooped in after a tip from British authorities. He is suspected of involvement with an unspecified foreign terror organization, reports the Guardian . It wasn't immediately clear...

Dutch Release Yemeni Terror Suspects

Prosecutor: 'No reason to hold men any longer'

(Newser) - Dutch prosecutors say two Yemeni men arrested Monday in Amsterdam amid fears they were conducting a dry run for an airline terror attack have been freed without charge after investigations turned up no evidence to link them to a terror plot. The prosecutor's statement today said that because of the...

Iris Cards Let Travelers Skip Customs

US signs deal with Holland, and more are on the way

(Newser) - A new digital card will allow Americans to skip customs lines at a foreign airport for the first time, reports USA Today. In a deal between Homeland Security officials and the Netherlands, US travelers approved for the ID card will be able to speed through Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, while...

Amsterdam Survivors Recount 'Miracle'

Witnesses say plane seemed to lose power before slamming into field

(Newser) - Nothing seemed amiss on a Turkish jetliner heading for Amsterdam yesterday until the big plane suddenly "lurched downward" with a sickening pull and smoke poured into the cabin, a passenger told the Guardian. "People were panicking and then we hit the ground," said the traveler, whose daughter...

Pilots Among 9 Dead in Amsterdam Crash
Pilots Among 9 Dead
in Amsterdam Crash

Pilots Among 9 Dead in Amsterdam Crash

Officials say crew's bodies will remain on plane as they investigate what happened

(Newser) - All three pilots died in the crash of a Turkish Airlines jet at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport this morning, the Times of London reports. Six others perished and 84 people were injured, six critically and 25 severely. The plane, which carried 135 people, remains in a rain-soaked field 3 miles from...

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