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Mystery People Beat Vikings to Islands by 500 Years
Mystery People Beat Vikings to Islands by 500 Years

Mystery People Beat Vikings to Islands by 500 Years

Vikings apparently not the first to reach Faroe Islands: archaeologists

(Newser) - Vikings may have reached the Faroe Islands some 1,200 years ago, but it turns out that was no immortal achievement. New research indicates that mystery settlers beat them there by as many as 500 years. Smithsonian reports that in 2006, archaeologists found burnt barley grains—not indigenous to the...

1st Guy to Fly By North Pole, Er, Missed By 80 Miles
1st Guy to Fly Over
North Pole Actually ... Missed
study suggests

1st Guy to Fly Over North Pole Actually ... Missed

Explorer Richard Byrd probably wasn't first, though he got within sight: study

(Newser) - American explorer Richard Byrd gained renown 87 years ago when he became the first guy to fly over the North Pole, but a new report thinks he might have missed the mark by as much as 80 miles. As LiveScience reports, there's long been doubt cast on Byrd's...

Explorers Re-Create Epic Journey From Antarctic

Storms strand men on icy island 12 hours, but still manage to finish

(Newser) - Two explorers managed to finish their re-creation today of Ernest Shackleton's famous survival journey from the Antarctic to South Georgia Island—but only after a blizzard stranded them on a high, icy plateau for hours, reports the Australian Times . Using only period gear and food, Tim Jarvis and Barry...

Brit Team Sets Off on 1st Winter Antarctic Crossing

Will face temps as low as minus-133 during 6-month trek

(Newser) - Few have made the 2,500-mile journey across the Antarctic, and no one has accomplished it in during the south's winter. But now explorer Ranulph Fiennes is leading a six-man attempt to do just that, spending six months to cross the icy continent on a trek dubbed The Coldest...

Queen's Cousin: I Cut Off My Toes on Arctic Trip

Rosie Stancer recounts horrific surgery on Antiques Roadshow

(Newser) - A distant cousin of the queen of England visited Antiques Road Show recently and revealed a personal anecdote—that she had cut off her own toes on an Arctic expedition, the Daily Mail reports. Rosie Stancer, 52, said she was trying to be the first woman to trek to the...

Antarctic Adventure Takes Deadly Turn

Support crew, boat missing after storm

(Newser) - Three members of an Antarctic expedition are missing and presumed dead and the two survivors will have some tough questions to answer when they return to their native Norway. The survivors were dropped off by a yacht and planned to ride quad bikes to the South Pole, but were forced...

Explorer Goes Missing in Hunt for Noah's Ark

Scottish man hasn't been heard from since September

(Newser) - A Scottish explorer has been reported missing after going off alone in search of the mythical Noah’s Ark, Aol News reports. Donald Mackenzie has gone on several expeditions to Mount Ararat, the ark’s fabled landing spot. His latest was prompted by a Chinese-Turkish expedition’s claims to have...

Antarctic Explorers' Century-Old Whisky Found

Distillery's Antarctica expedition recovers abandoned booze

(Newser) - Seven crates of whisky and brandy left behind by Ernest Shackleton's Antarctic expedition have been recovered after over a century locked in the Antarctic ice. The expedition was forced to turn back short of reaching the South Pole in 1909 and left many supplies—including what must now be the...

US, France Scuffle Over 1679 Shipwreck in Great Lakes

Vessel was likely on Louis XIV's orders

(Newser) - The state of Michigan, French officials, and an American diver are battling over a wreck discovered at the bottom of Lake Michigan that's believed to be a French ship laden with furs and muskets on a mission for King Louis XIV. The Griffin, launched by famous French explorer La Salle...

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