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Graduation Speaker Ann Curry Lauds Wrong College

Wheaton College in Massachusetts—not Illinois— takes mistake in stride

(Newser) - Ann Curry is impressed with Wheaton College grads Billy Graham and Wes Craven, she said during her commencement address at Wheaton College. Trouble is, she was at the Wheaton College in Massachusetts, and Graham and Craven went to the school of the same name in Illinois. "I am mortified...

NBC Denies Channeling $1M to Octuplet Mom

NBC denies any money was exchanged

(Newser) - When octuplet mom Nadya Suleman's reps named the price for footage of the birth—$1.2 million—NBC was the only outlet to indicate interest. The network denies paying for her exclusive sit-down with Ann Curry, but an insider tells the New York Post NBC used an intermediary to deliver...

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