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Amid Global Demand, Maker&#39;s Mark Gets Watered Down
Maker's Mark to Make Its Bourbon Less Potent
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Maker's Mark to Make Its Bourbon Less Potent

To meet rising demand, it's 'watering down' bourbon

(Newser) - Bourbon's worldwide popularity is on the rise, and with countries like Australia, Japan, and Germany clamoring for the stuff, Maker's Mark is changing its formula. In order to respond to increased demand, the firm says it's cutting the alcohol by volume by 3%—though it apparently means...

Maker's Mark: Why We Opted to Water Down

Drinkers should 'keep an open mind': COO

(Newser) - After announcing a reduction in the alcohol content of Maker's Mark, its makers took questions from Quartz about the process—and why it's necessary. First off, why isn't the company simply raising its prices to respond to increased demand? Well, the company founder "did not like...

Distillery Neighbors Sue Over 'Black Gunk'

Whiskey distilleries lead to gross-sounding fungus

(Newser) - The good news when you live next door to a whiskey distillery is that … you live next door to a whiskey distillery. The bad news? Apparently those distilleries cause a fungus—or, as the New York Times calls it, a "sooty-looking black gunk"—to spread over houses,...

Kentucky Bourbon No Backwoods Booze
 Kentucky Bourbon 
 No Backwoods Booze 

Kentucky Bourbon No Backwoods Booze

Sophisticated stuff sees popularity spike

(Newser) - Bourbon is sweet, but that’s no reason to call it unsophisticated, as one lover of the stuff learned on a trip to Kentucky. Making the whiskey is a process so complex and nuanced that master distillers are few—and the job often stays within families, writes spirits expert and...

Super Bowl Party? Try These Booze Bargains
Super Bowl Party? Try
These Booze Bargains

Super Bowl Party? Try These Booze Bargains

Esquire finds brown-bagging it has its rewards

(Newser) - With Super Bowl looming, cheap booze is probably on your radar. It's not too late to check out these bargains recommended by Esquire:
  • Paul Masson Grande Amber VSOP brandy: This $13 bottle “goes down far more smoothly than anything from France in this price range could even aspire to.

Distillers Like Taste of Bourbon Boom

Weak dollar, rising exports help fuel spike in sales

(Newser) - Kentucky bourbon is popular in the likes of Russia and China as drinkers worldwide flock to the US drink, the AP reports. A weak dollar, rising exports, and a bourbon trend among young Americans are also fueling the boom. "Younger consumers are interested in drinks that were, you might...

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