Ken Jennings

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Computer Squashes Men in Jeopardy Test Match

Not surprisingly, a few Terminator jokes were made

(Newser) - First, computers took all the fun out of Sudoku —could Jeopardy be next? Watson, a computer designed by IBM specifically to compete on the game show, beat two legendary champs yesterday in its first public test: Ken Jennings, who won a record number of games, and Brad Rutter, who...

Nerds Bet Machine Can Beat Man on Jeopardy

IBM says the digital-human match could be the next big step for artificial intelligence

(Newser) - Hal, meet Watson. IBM announced it will unleash a new supercomputer program, named after founder Thomas J. Watson, which they say could beat human competitors on Jeopardy, the New York Times reports. More advanced than the software that beat chess champion Gary Kasparov in 1997, Watson will weigh nearly infinite...

Best Celebrity Websites
Best Celebrity Websites

Best Celebrity Websites

Stars who deliver on the net, from the editors at PC Magazine

(Newser) - The editors at PC magazine gave high marks to sites they found imaginative (Jeff Bridges), surprising (Pat Sajack), or loaded with great content (Beck). And they dismissed money-hungry sites with a lot of gated content. Here, their faves:
  1. Jeff Bridges (
  2. Tyra Banks (
  3. Ken Jennings

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