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For First Time in 18 Years, Vanna White Gets Raise: Report

The icon will be staying with 'Wheel of Fortune' 2 more years after Pat Sajak leaves

(Newser) - Wheel of Fortune will still have one familiar face after longtime host Pat Sajak leaves the iconic game show: Vanna White has signed on for two additional seasons, meaning that after the upcoming 41st (Sajak's last, which started filming last week) she'll be there to welcome new host...

Ryan Seacrest's New Gig: Selling Vowels

He will replace Pat Sajak as host of 'Wheel of Fortune'

(Newser) - Wheel of Fortune is swapping one big-name host with another: Ryan Seacrest will replace Pat Sajak when the latter retires after the upcoming season , reports the Hollywood Reporter . Vanna White, who still has a year to go on her contract, is in talks to extend her run on the show...

Pat Sajak Has Big Wheel of Fortune News

He's retiring after the show's 41st season, which launches in September

(Newser) - After more than four decades, Pat Sajak's time hosting Wheel of Fortune is coming to a close. Sajak, who launched his career on the game show in 1981, announced Monday that the series' upcoming 41st season will be his last, Deadline reports. "It’s been a wonderful ride,...

Not Everyone Loves Change to Wheel of Fortune Puzzleboard

Thanks to NASA tech, Vanna doesn't even need to touch letters now; some say board looks 'cheap'

(Newser) - If you tuned in to the first episode of the 40th season of Wheel of Fortune that aired Monday, you may have noticed a subtle change in the puzzleboard. In the early days of the game show, as host Pat Sajak would interact with the contestants, co-host Vanna White would...

Pat Sajak Defends the Puzzle-Missers
Pat Sajak Blasts Twitter
Critics After Wheel Misfire
in case you missed it

Pat Sajak Blasts Twitter Critics After Wheel Misfire

'Have a little heart,' he says of those mocking contestants playing on national TV

(Newser) - Wheel of Fortune misfires crop up now and then, but they seldom reach the gone-viral peak of this latest one. And Pat Sajak isn't having it, reports Deadline . All but four letters were revealed in "another feather _n yo_r _a_," but the contestants couldn't get the...

Pat Sajak Criticizes 'Stay-at-Home' Messages

It's OK for out-of-work Americans to 'question the premise,' game show host says

(Newser) - After decades hosting Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak can probably afford to take a few months off—but he hasn't forgotten about those who can't. Health experts and some media personalities have called for reopening America slowly and cautiously, but in a tweet over the weekend, Sajak suggested...

Now Without Live Audiences: Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune

Sources cite the health of show hosts amid coronavirus spread

(Newser) - Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune will be taped without a live audience for the near future. Sony Pictures Television made the call out of "an abundance of caution" due to the spreading coronavirus, the fact that audience members are typically over 60 (putting them at higher risk of contracting...

'Lurid' Wheel of Fortune Answer Gets Internet Buzzing

Uh ... OK

(Newser) - One of the most wholesome game shows on TV sent ripples over the airwaves Thursday night with what some viewers at home called a rather "kinky" answer. Yahoo reports that Adam Goodell was the lucky contestant who banked $2,450 by solving the "Before and After" puzzle, where...

Pat Sajak Thought He Was Dying: I Saw 'Beautiful Pastels'

He was just high on pain meds, he reveals during interview about his emergency surgery

(Newser) - While Vanna White held down the fort on the Wheel of Fortune stage, host Pat Sajak recuperated from a recent emergency surgery—and now he's opening up about the experience. People reports the 73-year-old TV personality appeared on Good Morning America Friday, his first public sit-down since his November...

Pat Sajak Had an Emergency. A Familiar Face Has Stepped In

Vanna White will act as 'Wheel of Fortune' host while Sajak recovers from emergency surgery

(Newser) - Thursday's taping of Wheel of Fortune was abruptly canceled after its host was rushed into emergency surgery. People reports 73-year-old Pat Sajak had to have a procedure for a blocked intestine, forcing Thursday's "Disney Week" taping in Los Angeles to be nixed. By Friday, a familiar face...

Wheel of Fortune Fails Too Much for Pat Sajak

He briefly walks off set

(Newser) - Pat Sajak just could not handle all the failure on Monday's Wheel of Fortune. Contestants were trying to solve a four-word answer to the question, "What are you doing?" but the first set of contestants had just one letter to go on: a single "N." Their...

Pat Sajak: Climate Change Tweet Was 'Hyperbole'

'Wheel of Fortune' host backtracks, a little

(Newser) - Pat Sajak isn't apologizing for the controversial tweet in which he called climate change believers "unpatriotic racists," but he is backtracking—a little. "As most of you know, original Tweet was intended to parody the name-calling directed at climate skeptics. Hyperbole," the Wheel of Fortune...

Pat Sajak: Climate Change Believers Are 'Racists'

Also 'unpatriotic,' 'alarmists,' says Wheel of Fortune host

(Newser) - Pat Sajak: fun-loving game show host and, apparently, prolific tweeter of anti-liberal jokes. This came to much of the world's attention on Monday night, when the Wheel of Fortune host tweeted : "I now believe global warming alarmists are unpatriotic racists knowingly misleading for their own ends. Good night....

Wheel of Fortune Sees Best Solve Ever

Contestant solves puzzle with just two letters provided

(Newser) - America is suddenly abuzz about Wheel of Fortune again, and no, you haven't woken up in the '80s. Emil, a contestant on last night's show, had what appeared to be a nearly-impossible Bonus Puzzle to solve. After running the provided letters and his own guessed letters, only...

Sajak: Vanna and I Did Wheel of Fortune Drunk

Early tapes would be fun to watch, he tells Dan LeBatard

(Newser) - Warming Glow unearthed this gem of an interview from Tuesday, in which Pat Sajak gives an unequivocal "Yes" when asked if he ever hosted Wheel of Fortune drunk. It seems there was a Mexican restaurant he and Vanna White liked to visit during their dinner breaks when the...

Olbermann Hits Back at Sajak—Again

His talk show was replaced by 'Silk Stalkings'

(Newser) - Pat Sajak certainly ruffled Keith Olbermann's feathers yesterday, when the talk show host apologized on his blog for being the one who introduced Olbermann to America. Olbermann took to Twitter to swing back ... then swung again and again . But he saved the best dig for last: "I think if...

Pat Sajak: I'm Sorry for Introducing Olbermann to America

He puts up clip from his long-gone talk show

(Newser) - Pat Sajak says he "introduced Keith Olbermann to America" via his 1989 talk show, and now he'd like to apologize. "I’m not sure how he morphed into the bitter-sounding, hate-mongering name-caller he’s become, but I’m sorry he did," Sajak writes on his Ricochet blog...

Woman Wins Wheel With Single Letter

'Super competitive' contestant wows host Sajak

(Newser) - A Wheel of Fortune contestant put one letter on the board—then correctly guessed the entire puzzle, reports Huffington Post. Caitlin Burke of New Jersey won a trip to the Caribbean for figuring out the (oh-so-appropriate) phrase, “I’ve got a good feeling about this,” with the letter...

Pat Sajak: Limit Public Employees' Right to Vote

Sometimes there's too much of a conflict of interest, he says

(Newser) - Pat Sajak says he doesn't allow family or friends to play Wheel of Fortune because it would be a conflict of interest. By the same logic—and this is where the slope gets very slippery—he wonders whether state and federal employees should be allowed to vote in elections on...

Pat Sajak: I Am Obama's Game Show Czar
Pat Sajak: I Am Obama's Game Show Czar

Pat Sajak: I Am Obama's Game Show Czar

Conservative host mocks big government

(Newser) - Pat Sajak has exciting news: "I am about to be named Federal Game Show Czar," he writes at the conservative Ricochet blog. He's kidding, but the decidedly right-of-center talk show host uses his snarky essay to mock the Obama administration's big-government ways. Forget winners and losers, he writes....

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