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Credit Scores for Millions Were Wrong

Equifax glitch affected reports over 3 weeks, possibly changing interest rates or causing loan rejections

(Newser) - Incorrect credit scores for millions of US consumers seeking loans were sent by Equifax to banks and lenders, in some cases driving up interest rates offered, in others causing applications to be rejected. The inaccurate scores were forwarded over a three-week period from mid-March to early April, the Wall Street ...

DOJ: Equifax Hack Engineered by Members of Chinese Military

Data of tens of millions of Americans was reportedly stolen

(Newser) - Four Chinese military hackers have been charged with breaking into the computer networks of the Equifax credit reporting agency and stealing the personal information of tens of millions of Americans, the Justice Department announced Monday. The four are also accused of stealing the company's trade secrets, law enforcement officials...

You Are Not Getting $125 From Equifax

$6 or $7 looks more likely, one expert says

(Newser) - The Federal Trade Commission had warned consumers that opting for free credit monitoring might be a better bet than hoping for a $125 check from Equifax as part of a settlement over its 2017 data breach. Now it looks like that advice was sound: A federal judge on Thursday sliced...

Why Your $125 Equifax Settlement Might Not Be $125

There are scammers and pitfalls, but also sound advice

(Newser) - Running into trouble with your Equifax claim ? Others are in the same boat, prompting advice from federal officials and media outlets alike. To recap, Equifax agreed to an initial $380.5 million settlement after failing to protect itself from a huge 2017 data hack. Now consumers affected by the...

Here's How to File Your $125 Equifax Claim

Though you first have to check to see if you're eligible

(Newser) - Think you might be due some of the hundreds of millions being doled out to victims of the Equifax breach? It's time to file a claim. Consumers affected by the 2017 security snafu who are eligible to make a settlement claim—you can find out if that includes you...

Huge Equifax Data Breach Has Led to a Huge Penalty

Consumer credit-reporting agency to pay up to $700M to victims, states in settlement

(Newser) - After a huge data breach in 2017 that affected nearly 150 million people, a major credit-reporting agency has agreed to pay up. The Washington Post reports that, under an agreement with attorneys general from 48 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, Equifax will offer up to $700 million:...

Librarian Wins Lawsuit Against Equifax After Huge Data Breach

The largely symbolic suit won Vermont librarian Jessamyn West $600

(Newser) - A Vermont librarian who sued consumer credit bureau giant Equifax following a massive 2017 breach of private data has been awarded $600. The largely symbolic suit by Jessamyn West was her way of showing people they have the power to arm themselves in the fight for data security, even when...

After Initial Denial, Equifax Says Passport Photos Were Stolen

3.2K passport pictures, to be exact

(Newser) - Equifax is now acknowledging that a relatively small number of passport images and information were stolen as part of last year's security breach, despite previously denying such a thing occurred, reports the AP . The credit monitoring company said 3,200 passport images were stolen last year, according to a...

Equifax Hires New CEO
Meet the New
Equifax CEO

Meet the New Equifax CEO

Mark Begor will take over as head of credit reporting company in wake of data breach

(Newser) - Equifax said Wednesday that it was hiring longtime financial industry executive Mark Begor as its new CEO, as the credit reporting company continues to try to recover from fallout surrounding a massive data breach. The 59-year-old Begor will take over from Paulino do Rego Barros Jr., who became interim CEO...

He Dumped All His Equifax Stock. Now, Criminal Charges

Jun Ying charged with insider trading

(Newser) - Before Equifax went public with news of its massive data breach last September, Jun Ying, the company's then-US chief information officer, exercised and sold all his stock options. Now the SEC says the nearly $1 million move was insider trading, and Ying has been charged to that end in...

America's 10 Most Loathed Companies
America's 10
Most Loathed

America's 10 Most Loathed Companies

Equifax tops the list

(Newser) - If you've ever felt neglected, ignored, or even scammed by a company, well, 24/7 Wall St. has figured out who's the best at being the worst. The site looked at a variety of consumer surveys, using three main metrics—customer service, financial performance, and how happy workers are—...

'Monopoly Man' Explains 'His' Stunt in Online AMA

The 'man' is really financial activist Amanda Werner, and she had quite a lot to say on Reddit

(Newser) - She came, she saw, she conquered the Equifax Senate Banking Committee hearing —dressed up like the "Monopoly Man." Amanda Werner went viral after she donned her top hat, mustache, and monocle Wednesday to resemble Rich Uncle Pennybags, sitting behind ex-Equifax CEO Richard Smith, and on Friday, Werner...

Rich Uncle Pennybags Trolls Equifax Senate Hearing

Activist dressed as the 'Monopoly guy' protests forced arbitration clauses

(Newser) - If you've been watching the Senate Banking Committee hearing on the Equifax data breach Wednesday, you may have noticed a hard-to-miss attendee photobombing the proceedings behind former Equifax CEO Richard Smith: Rich Uncle Pennybags, the well-known character from the Monopoly board game. (See the "Monopoly guy" in action...

Guess Who Landed $7M Deal to Help IRS Verify Your Identity?

One lawmaker thought Equifax contract was a joke

(Newser) - Despite its very public failure to protect the data of about 150 million Americans, Equifax has landed a fat government deal to prevent fraud. Under the $7.25 million no-bid contract signed last month, the embattled credit bureau will provide the IRS with taxpayer and personal identity verification services, Politico...

Equifax Has More Bad News About Massive Security Breach

2.5M more Americans may have been affected

(Newser) - Credit report company Equifax is now saying an additional 2.5 million Americans may have been affected by a massive security breach this summer, bringing the total to 145.5 million people, the AP reports. Equifax said the company it hired to do an examination of the breach, Mandiant, has...

Equifax Boots CEO It's Had Since 2005 Over Massive Hack

Richard Smith is out

(Newser) - Credit reporting agency Equifax is ousting CEO Richard Smith in an effort to clean up the mess left by a damaging data breach that exposed highly sensitive information about 143 million Americans, per the AP . The shake-up announced Tuesday comes after Equifax disclosed that hackers exploited a software flaw that...

Equifax's Latest Headache: a $10 Fake Website

Software engineer worked up a phony to expose company's phishing vulnerabilities

(Newser) - Still reeling from a double data breach and accusations of insider trading , the New York Times now reports that Equifax's latest problem comes via a software engineer who created a phony copy of its website about the data intrusion—which the company then included in a series of tweets....

Equifax's New Thorn: Another Breach Earlier This Year

Intrusion found in March, nearly 5 months before discovery of much-publicized breach

(Newser) - As the feds investigate whether the Equifax breach that exposed data of up to 143 million Americans resulted in insider trading, the company has a new problem. Three sources tell Bloomberg that although Equifax learned of the intrusion in late July, the company knew of another breach as early as...

Sources: Equifax Execs Who Sold Shares Now Eyed by Feds

There's reportedly a criminal probe into insider trading suspicions

(Newser) - Right after Equifax discovered it had suffered a huge security breach , three senior executives dumped nearly $2 million in shares —and now the feds are looking to see if there was any criminality involved. Per Bloomberg , sources familiar with the investigation say the Justice Department will be seeking evidence...

Equifax Security Chief's Degree Was in Music

She is one of 2 senior execs stepping down

(Newser) - Two senior Equifax execs have stepped down as the investigation of what may be the biggest data breach in US history continues. The credit-reporting firm says security chief Susan Mauldin and chief technology officer David Webb are retiring effective immediately, the New York Times reports. After the leak that exposed...

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