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Hung Star Gets Waiter Fired for Twittering About Tip

Actress complains to management after stiffing worker

(Newser) - A Beverly Hills waiter is looking for a new job after tweeting about Hung actress Jane Adams skipping out on a bill. Adams said she was going to her car to get her checkbook, then sent a rep the next day with payment for lunch—minus tip, the waiter twittered....

In Recession, Vegas Eateries Can't Beat Odds

(Newser) - Just a year ago, 25% of the country's highest-grossing restaurants were in Las Vegas—where diners ran up $15,000 checks and tipped waiters with wads of C-notes. But now restaurants are closing, new construction languishes half-finished, and more than 5,000 food industry workers have lost their jobs. "...

Slowdown Scraps Busboy Jobs
Slowdown Scraps
Busboy Jobs

Slowdown Scraps Busboy Jobs

Dishes pile up as servers are forced to do double duty

(Newser) - Plates are piling up on restaurant tables across America as full-service eateries seek to save cash by axing busboys, reports the Wall Street Journal. Servers take food orders, then scramble to clear tables, fill bread baskets, scrape plates and perform all the other tasks once done by bussers. The change...

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