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Iowa Woman Convicted of Trying Too Hard to Get Husband Elected

Kim Taylor faces up to 5 years behind bars on each charge

(Newser) - The wife of an Iowa county supervisor was convicted Tuesday of a ballot-stuffing scheme meant to help her husband win a congressional race. Kim Taylor, who is from Vietnam and who filled out ballots on behalf of Iowa voters of Vietnamese heritage with limited English comprehension, was found guilty of...

GOP Senator on Teamsters Boss: 'In Oklahoma, You Don't Do This'

Markwayne Mullin says he was showing 'Oklahoma values' in trying to fight Sean O'Brien at hearing

(Newser) - A fight between the Teamsters union chief and a Republican senator almost got physical Tuesday and had to be refereed by Bernie Sanders at a Senate meeting on labor unions that "went off the rails," per the Daily Beast . After the verbal back-and-forth had ended, that GOP senator,...

GOP Strategists Shifting Course on Abortion
GOP Strategists Shifting
Course on Abortion
the rundown

GOP Strategists Shifting Course on Abortion

Party's Senate campaign arm to advise candidates to avoid talk of a federal ban

(Newser) - It's been a significant week for the politics of abortion, with Democrats scoring wins on the issue in Tuesday's election , and GOP candidates laying out a range of differing positions in their Wednesday debate. Where do things go from here? A look at coverage:
  • Strategy shift: NBC News

Ex-Lawmaker Served 45 Years, Faces Sex Crimes Charges

Former North Dakota state Sen. Ray Holmberg is accused of traveling to Prague for sex with minor

(Newser) - A former longtime North Dakota lawmaker has been indicted on a federal charge alleging he traveled to Prague with the intent to rape a minor. The four-page indictment against former Republican state Sen. Ray Holmberg also charges him with one count of receiving images depicting child sexual abuse. The indictment...

Dems Tried, Now GOP Takes a Swing at Booting Santos

New York Republicans make good on threat to make a motion to expel freshman congressman

(Newser) - Earlier this month, a group of House Republicans announced they'd seek to purge a fellow New York congressman from their ranks, with one calling Rep. George Santos "a stain on the institution." Now, they're making good on their plans. The Hill reports that on Thursday, Rep....

Support for Political Violence in America Is Kind of Shocking

Poll finds 23% of Americans believe it could be necessary 'to save our country'

(Newser) - Nearly one in four Americans support political violence in a new national survey that pollsters say is likely to indicate a "challenging election season." Some 75% of Americans surveyed by the Public Religion Research Institute and the Brookings Institution—including 84% of Democrats, 77% of Republicans, and 73%...

Jim Jordan Is About to Try Again
Things Got Worse
for Jim Jordan in Round 2

Things Got Worse for Jim Jordan in Round 2

He got 199 votes, needs 217

(Newser) - As Jim Jordan and some of his allies predicted, things got worse for the would-be House speaker in the second round of voting. He could only afford to lose four Republican votes but lost 22 on Wednesday, up from 20 in Tuesday's vote; that gave him a total of...

GOPer Explains His Choice for 'Terrible' House Speaker Job

Colorado Rep. Ken Buck voted for colleague Tom Emmer as a 'joke,' rather than vote for Jim Jordan

(Newser) - Republican Rep. Ken Buck's choice for House speaker on Tuesday was a person he doesn't want to be speaker, which, in the words of CNN's Dana Bash, "says a lot about where we are right now." Sitting down with Bash after Tuesday's speaker vote,...

Things Are Looking Grim for Mike Pence

Latest FEC filings show former VP's campaign is in the red

(Newser) - FEC filings were due at midnight Sunday, and they begin to tell a tale of the Republican presidential primary. As Politico reports, the campaign of former VP Mike Pence is "running on fumes," with just $1.2 million in the coffers and more than $600,000 in debt....

GOP's Mace Dons 'Scarlet Letter' After Being 'Demonized'
GOP Rep Explains
Her 'Scarlet Letter'

GOP Rep Explains Her 'Scarlet Letter'

South Carolina's Nancy Mace says she's been 'demonized' since voting to oust Speaker McCarthy

(Newser) - Fellow Republicans want "consequences" for the eight GOPers who teamed up with Democrats last week in the historic ouster of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. On Tuesday, one of those eight made a bold statement in apparent defiance of that pushback: Reporters caught South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace strolling through...

MLB Legend Will Try to Flip California Senate Seat

'We need to bring people together again,' says Republican Steve Garvey

(Newser) - Former baseball MVP Steve Garvey joined the race Tuesday to succeed the late California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, giving Republicans a splash of star quality on the ballot in a heavily Democratic state where the GOP hasn't won a Senate race in 35 years, reports the AP . Garvey, 74, launched...

McCarthy on Leaving the House: That's a No

Ex-speaker addresses rumors; meanwhile, TV forum for his possible replacement falls through

(Newser) - Kevin McCarthy has already indicated he won't run for the House speaker position again, after a historic vote that booted him from that seat. On Thursday, the rumor mill started churning anew after sources told Politico and NBC News that the California Republican was considering stepping down from the...

Trump Makes His Endorsement for Speaker of the House

He backs Jim Jordan

(Newser) - Former President Trump officially endorsed Jim Jordan as the next House speaker early Friday. Jordan—who himself had said he'd rather Trump be president than speaker of the House —is running against Steve Scalise for the role after Kevin McCarthy's historic ouster. "Congressman Jim Jordan has...

'There Has to Be Consequences' for Kevin McCarthy's Ouster

Ex-House Speaker Newt Gingrich isn't the only one baffled by fellow Republicans' machinations

(Newser) - Kevin McCarthy has said he won't run again for the coveted House speaker gavel, after being ousted in a historic 216-210 vote Tuesday thanks to a rebellion of far-right Republicans led by Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, who joined with all the House Democrats in booting McCarthy. Now, that unprecedented...

In GOP Rematch, 'the Sand Is Going Through the Hourglass'

Time is running out to gain ground on Trump as 2nd Republican presidential debate takes place

(Newser) - The way things stood Monday remain how they stand just hours before the Republican presidential debate Wednesday in California, with two notable candidates not expected to take the stage. FOX 26 Houston reports that former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson didn't make the cut, while former President Trump, far and...

Fetterman Takes On Senate Dress-Code Fury With Boebert Jab

Republicans are pushing back at relaxing what senators wear on Capitol Hill

(Newser) - While some are celebrating the Senate's decision to no longer enforce its unwritten dress code —previously, shirts and ties for the guys, covered arms for the ladies—Republicans aren't as thrilled. "Terrible," Sen. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia commented on the change, per NBC...

As 'Tennessee Three' Member Is Silenced, Shouts of 'Fascists'

GOP lawmakers in state House bar Dem Rep. Justin Jones from speaking amid tense session

(Newser) - Republican lawmakers voted Monday to temporarily silence a Democratic member of the so-called "Tennessee Three" during an already tense House floor session after determining the young Black member violated newly enacted rules designed to punish disruptive members. The move directed at Rep. Justin Jones prohibited him from speaking on...

Tim Scott Is Suddenly a Hot Topic in GOP Field
Tim Scott
Is Suddenly
a Hot Topic
in GOP Field
the rundown

Tim Scott Is Suddenly a Hot Topic in GOP Field

South Carolina senator is rising in the polls and drawing donors in the 2024 race

(Newser) - The two big narratives in the GOP race are that Donald Trump has cemented himself as the formidable frontrunner and Ron DeSantis is languishing . But now a third narrative is emerging, one that has South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott on the upswing. If it's true that voters seem to...

Republicans Warn Companies on Affirmative Action, DEI

GOP attorneys general send letter to large corporations

(Newser) - Now that the Supreme Court has ruled against affirmative action , a group of GOP state attorneys general has warned major corporations to leave race out of their hiring and promotion decisions. If they don't, the companies were told Thursday, "know that you will be held accountable—sooner rather...

Rep Who Spoke Up for Trans Rights Faces Expulsion

GOP has frozen Montana Rep. Zooey Zephyr from speaking after 'blood on their hands' remark

(Newser) - Montana Republican leaders will vote Wednesday on censuring or expelling lawmaker Zooey Zephyr, a transgender state representative who's been silenced in the House since last week after telling colleagues that if they voted for a bill to ban gender-affirming medical care for transgender children, they'd "have blood...

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