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'Multiple People' Could Be Charged in Matthew Perry's Death: Sources

The investigation into actor's death is wrapping up, sources say

(Newser) - As the investigation into Matthew Perry's death winds down, sources tell People exclusively that law enforcement officials believe "multiple people" should be charged. The Los Angeles Police Department, in coordination with the Drug Enforcement Administration and the US Postal Inspector, has been looking into where Perry got the...

LAPD, Feds Are Investigating Matthew Perry's Death

They want to know where the actor got the ketamine that killed him

(Newser) - The Los Angeles Police Department, assisted by the Drug Enforcement Administration and the US Postal Service, is trying to find out where Matthew Perry got the ketamine that killed him. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that the investigation has been going on for months and authorities have already interviewed "...

Ex-Paramedic Who Injected Elijah McClain Hears His Fate

Jeremy Cooper sentenced to 4 years' probation, 14 months of work release for administering ketamine

(Newser) - A former paramedic who injected Elijah McClain with a powerful sedative avoided prison Friday and was sentenced to 14 months in jail with work release and probation in the killing of the Black man that helped fuel the 2020 racial injustice protests. Jeremy Cooper, 49, had faced up to three...

Paramedic Hears His Fate Over Death of Elijah McClain

Peter Cichuniec sentenced to 5 years behind bars for his role in death of Black man in Colorado

(Newser) - Colorado paramedic Peter Cichuniec was sentenced Friday to five years in prison in a rare prosecution of medical responders following the death of Elijah McClain, a Black man whose name became part of the rallying cries for social justice that swept the US in 2020. McClain was walking down the...

Amended Autopsy Report: McClain Died Due to Ketamine

Forensic pathologist's findings, made in July 2021, were just publicly released Friday

(Newser) - An unusual amended autopsy report for Elijah McClain , the 23-year-old Black man who died after Colorado paramedics injected him with ketamine to sedate him during a police encounter, is drawing attention for a notable change. "I believe this tragic fatality is most likely the result of ketamine toxicity,"...

Thailand: We Busted $1B in Ketamine... Oh, Wait a Second...

Turns out the cops busted a lot of trisodium phosphate

(Newser) - Thailand's justice minister is walking back claims of the country's largest ever ketamine bust as it turns out the substance seized was actually an everyday product, appropriately labeled. About 475 bags of a white, granular substance were seized from a warehouse in Bang Pakong district, Chachoengsao province, on...

Critics to Cops: Don't Give Ketamine During Arrests

The drug has led to hospitalizations and even deaths

(Newser) - Police stopped Elijah McClain on the street in suburban Denver last year after deeming the young Black man suspicious. He was thrown into a chokehold, threatened with a dog and stun gun, then subjected to another law enforcement tool before he suffered cardiac arrest and died: a drug called ketamine,...

He Went to Get an Iced Tea. His Death Spurred an Outcry

Colo. governor says his office will take closer look at 2019 death of Elijah McClain

(Newser) - Last August, a 23-year-old unarmed black man died after an incident involving the police in Aurora, Colo. Now, Gov. Jared Polis says his office will examine how the state can assist in the investigation into Elijah McClain's death amid renewed public interest in the case, per the Denver Post...

He Was Fixing a Flat. What Happened Next Killed Him
He Was
Fixing a Flat.
What Happened
Next Killed Him
in case you missed it

He Was Fixing a Flat. What Happened Next Killed Him

Jamie Britt was given a shot of ketamine by a South Carolina paramedic

(Newser) - When a South Carolina cop came upon Jamie Britt last September, he was drunk, shirtless, and polite. "Yes, ma'am, no, ma'am," he's heard saying on bodycam video as the two discuss the flat tire he's trying to change in Mount Pleasant. She gets him...

Every Shrimp Tested Had Traces of Cocaine
Study of Shrimp Has
an Unwelcome Surprise

Study of Shrimp Has an Unwelcome Surprise

Every one tested in UK study had traces of cocaine

(Newser) - How's this for an unwelcome surprise in a study of freshwater shrimp: Every one tested in a study of 15 different sites in Britain's rural Suffolk County had traces of cocaine, reports the Guardian . Oh, and traces of the drug ketamine were widespread. Also showing up: a long-banned...

Nasal Spray Derived From Party Drug Approved for Depression

Esketamine, for treatment-resistant depression, to be administered by experts

(Newser) - The FDA has approved a new fast-acting depression treatment derived from a party drug . Nasal spray esketamine from Johnson & Johnson's Janssen Pharmaceuticals contains an active portion of the ketamine molecule. As a generic anesthetic, ketamine or "Special K" is increasingly available for depression, but costs a pretty...

EMS Staff Used 'Date-Rape Drug' on People at Cops' Request

Minneapolis police accused of abusing power

(Newser) - Ketamine, a powerful sedative used on both humans and animals, is referred to as a "date-rape drug" in the Minneapolis police manual because it can alter or erase memory. It's also used to subdue suspects at the request of Minneapolis police, according to a city report. The report...

This Party Drug May Soon Treat Depression

Clinical trials on ketamine now underway

(Newser) - A controversial party drug might become the first new treatment for depression in about 50 years, reports CNN . Clinical trials are underway focusing on ketamine or "Special K" and its reported ability to ease depression , particularly in those who don't respond to other treatments. Initially used as an...

Club Drug 'Special K' Could Treat Depression

Study suggests drug for physical pain could treat psychological pain too

(Newser) - Doctors use it as an anesthetic and ravers use it to hallucinate, but a new study indicates that ketamine might have another trick up its sleeve: treating depression. A new study found that the drug the kids call "Special K" is effective at treating major depression compared to an...

Drug Users Worldwide Fall into 'K-Hole'

Ketamine remains legal in some places, but can cause severe problems

(Newser) - “Special K” isn’t part of the most important meal of the day. It’s part of a dangerous trend that’s seeing recreational drug users turn to ketamine, a substance commonly used as a horse tranquilizer, GlobalPost reports. In humans, ketamine induces a hallucinogenic, immobile state. “Everything...

Partying Brits High on 'Special K' Horse Drug

Cheap ketamine pushing aside cocaine

(Newser) - Horse tranquilizer "Special K" or ketamine has become one of the most popular illegal drugs in Britain, pushing aside cocaine, according to a crime survey. Ketamine—which can be swallowed, snorted, injected and smoked—can cause respiratory failure, but its low cost and reputation for being "safe" and...

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