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Couple Fighting With Verizon Over $2M Bill

Verizon blames glitch, but pair's mortgage company won't sign off on a loan

(Newser) - Nobody likes dealing with bills. Especially really big, incorrect bills. But one couple in Oregon is facing not just a comically large cell phone bill—$2 million for one month of service—but the urgent need to take care of it so that they can qualify for the mortgage on...

ESPN Could Help Pay Your Mobile Bill

Content providers consider subsidizing data costs

(Newser) - Sick of worrying about staying within your data limits? ESPN is considering helping you out. The channel has discussed the possibility of subsidizing users' data plans with at least one top wireless carrier, the Wall Street Journal reports. For users, the result could be that ESPN usage wouldn't factor...

Woman Gets $15 Quadrillion Phone Bill

That's 15 zeroes, if you're counting

(Newser) - What's the worst bill you've ever received? Because we're guessing Solenne San Jose has you beat. San Jose, a French woman, recently received a bill for 11.7 quadrillion euro, or $15 quadrillion, reports Mashable . That's more than $15,000,000,000,000,000 for those...

T-Mobile User's Phone Bill: $201K

Brother ran up some serious roaming charges

(Newser) - When a Florida woman put her college-student brother on her cell phone plan, she had no idea what she was getting herself into. After two weeks in Canada, he managed to run up a $201,000 bill, WSVN reports—and that's without even talking. Turns out he hadn’t...

FCC to Crack Down on Mystery Phone Bill Fees

Agency proposes rules to outlaw 'cramming'

(Newser) - Federal regulators are proposing new rules to make it easier for consumers to detect and challenge mystery fees on their phone bills. The Federal Communications Commission voted today to seek public comments on the proposed rules, which are intended to crack down on the practice of "cramming." That...

FCC Battles Cell Phone 'Bill Shock'

Haiti volunteer hit with $30K in roaming charges

(Newser) - A FEMA worker supporting the earthquake relief effort in Haiti was hit with a $30,000 bill for roaming charges when she arrived back in the US. Federal regulators say this kind of cell phone "bill shock" is all too common, and they hope to curb it with regulations...

AT&T Data Caps: Innovation Killer?

Caps will put limits on innovation, developers warn

(Newser) - AT&T's decision to drop its unlimited data plan today may put the brakes on innovation, makers of smartphone apps warn. AT&T—whose example other firms are expected to follow—says that the limits have been set high enough that they'll only be an issue for a small minority...

AT&T, You're Ripping People Off
AT&T, You're Ripping
People Off

AT&T, You're Ripping People Off

We needed fairer data plans

(Newser) - Andrew Munchbach has given some thought to AT&T's new billing plans and come to one inescapable conclusion: "AT&T, your improved data plans suck." It's not the lower data caps—he understands the principle, even if he doesn't like it—it's the "dismal" way AT&T...

'Bored' Teen Sends 15K Texts a Month

Dad had unlimited plan, but still plans crackdown

(Newser) - A California dad whose teenage daughter logged an astounding 14,528 text messages in one month was tickled at first, the New York Post reports. “I laughed. I thought, ‘That’s insane, that’s impossible,’” said Greg Hardesty. “And I immediately whipped out the calculator...

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