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Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott Divorcing After 18 Years
18-Year Celebrity
Marriage Is Over

18-Year Celebrity Marriage Is Over

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are divorcing

(Newser) - Tori Spelling and fellow actor Dean McDermott are divorcing after 18 years, reports People . Spelling, 50, filed for divorce on Friday, citing irreconcilable differences, per TMZ . She listed their date of separation as back in June 2023. The 90210 alum and McDermott, 56, have five children under the age of...

Tori Spelling's Holiday Card Comes With Rumors of Trouble

Her husband is conspicuously absent, and sources say things aren't good

(Newser) - Tori Spelling recently posted her family's holiday card on Instagram , and one person is conspicuously absent: her husband, Dean McDermott. The card features just Spelling, the couple's five children, and a slew of farm animals. McDermott's name is also missing from a picture of family holiday stockings...

Police Respond to Tori Spelling's House After 911 Call

Caller was concerned about actress's mental health, TMZ says

(Newser) - Police are responding to Tori Spelling's California home after a 911 call Thursday morning. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the caller said the actress appeared to be having a nervous breakdown and was being aggressive, though the alleged incident did not involve weapons. The sources say Spelling called police...

Tori Spelling Pregnant With Baby No. 5

'It was a total surprise'

(Newser) - Tori Spelling is apparently enough recovered from financial ruin to support another child: The 43-year-old actress is expecting baby No. 5 with hubby Dean McDermott, who also has an adult son from a previous marriage. "It was a total surprise," Spelling, whose eldest child is 9, tells People...

11 Celebs Who Bare All* on Social Media

*or, at least, almost all

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan posted a topless photo to Instagram over the weekend, baring the PG-13 portion of her breasts alongside a male friend at the Cannes Film Festival. It wasn't her first time posting topless photos online—and she's not alone. These 10 other celebrities have also shown some...

Tori Spelling's Hubby Heads to Rehab

Feel free to guess what Dean McDermott's issue is, because he's not saying

(Newser) - It's not an altogether unfamiliar Hollywood storyline: First Tori Spelling's husband was rumored to have engaged in bad behavior ( specifically, cheating ). Next stop, rehab. Dean McDermott has entered treatment for (the somewhat vague) "health and personal issues." In a statement to People , the 47-year-old...

Tori Spelling's Hubby Accused of Cheating

28-year-old says Dean McDermott invited her up to his hotel room

(Newser) - Last we checked in with Tori Spelling, she was in "financial ruin." According to Us Weekly , you can add emotional ruin to the list. The magazine claims that husband Dean McDermott, who is (who knew?) the host of Chopped Canada, was in Toronto for a promotional event three...

Tori Spelling: We're in 'Financial Ruin'

But her overspending is not her fault, she insists in new memoir

(Newser) - Let's just say Tori Spelling is not doing quite as well as her late, super-rich dad. In a new book, she reveals she and her family are in "financial ruin," Radar reports. Tori writes that it all started when they sold their home in Encino, at a...

12 Epic Celeb Engagements
 12 Epic Celeb 

12 Epic Celeb Engagements

Linda Perry and Sara Gilbert have company

(Newser) - Did Linda Perry stage the most romantic celebrity proposal of all time when she got engaged to Sara Gilbert ? Maybe, but People rounds up 11 more celebrity proposals that are also in the running:
  • Nick Cannon proposed to Mariah Carey on a rooftop looking out on the Empire State

25 Celebrity Health Scares
 25 Celebrity Health Scares 

25 Celebrity Health Scares

The stars open up about their problems

(Newser) - Some celebrities keep quiet about their health woes, but these 25 rounded up by the Huffington Post have been quite open about their medical issues:
  • Carnie Wilson: Just revealed she has Bell's palsy, which causes droopiness in the facial muscles.
  • Nick Cannon: He experienced mild kidney failure last year

12 Most Influential Celeb Baby Names

Because not all celebrity baby names are terrible

(Newser) - Maybe you don't want to name your child Moroccan or Zuzu —but some celebrity baby names do indeed give regular, real-life parents inspiration. The Stir rounds up the 12 most influential baby names of the stars:
  • Ivy, for Blue Ivy Carter
  • Hattie, for Tori Spelling's daughter
  • Emery,

60 Biggest Celeb TMI Moments

These stars love to overshare

(Newser) - You probably wouldn't feel comfortable tweeting a picture of your butt for all your family and friends—not to mention the rest of the world—to see, but so many celebrities apparently do. The Huffington Post rounds up 60 completely overshare-y photos shared by celebrities, all of which will...

Baby Bump Pays Off for Fading Stars

Pregnancy re-inflates media attention

(Newser) - When starlets' careers are deflating, a baby bump seems to be the cure. Jessica Simpson, Bethenny Frankel and Tori Spelling all recaptured media attention with their growing bellies, notes the New York Times . Perfect example: Simpson, whose first and last Top 10 hit came out more than 10 years ago....

McDermott in ICU After Bike Crash

Will give up motorcycles after second accident this year

(Newser) - Tori Spelling’s hubby is in intensive care after his second motorcycle accident this year. Dean McDermott is “in a lot of pain” after Tuesday’s accident, Spelling tells People . “He's taking this as a sign and realizing family is too important to risk his life,” and...

Tori Gets Her Very Own Talk Show

 Tori Gets 
 Her Very Own 
 Talk Show 
kate gosselin must be so jealous

Tori Gets Her Very Own Talk Show

For some reason, ABC creating a show for Spelling

(Newser) - If you just don’t have enough Tori Spelling in your life—and really, how could you? 90210 reruns and her inexplicably popular reality show can only satisfy so much—good news: She’ll soon be hosting a daytime talk show. Yes, ABC is creating the show specifically for Spelling...

10 Women Who Cheated
 10 Women Who Cheated 

10 Women Who Cheated

Did anyone see it coming from Whoopi?

(Newser) - Jesse James and Tiger Woods are getting a lot of heat for sleeping around while married, but men aren’t the only ones who cheat. The Frisky rounds up 10 famous female cheaters:
  • Whoopi Goldberg: Admitted Wednesday on The View, while discussing James, that she “screwed around” while married

Tori Turns to Twitter to Defend Marriage

Mag claims hubby just wants attention

(Newser) - Tori Spelling is on the defensive after a Star magazine story declared her marriage to Dean McDermott a loveless sham. "R they kiddin? DON'T believe!" she tweeted. "Uggh. Hate tabloid lies!" In the story, a source claimed Dean "craved being in the spotlight, and Tori's...

Boyle to Join Talent Tour
 Boyle to Join Talent Tour 

Boyle to Join Talent Tour

Plus, Miley and Justin are over, and more

(Newser) - Susan Boyle, with cat Pebbles and a private doctor by her side, is ready to start rehearsing for the Britain’s Got Talent tour, the Mirror reports, adding that she may even make Friday’s opening show. “She’s raring to go,” an insider says. “All she...

Tori-Mom Feud Turns Nastier
 Tori-Mom Feud Turns Nastier 

Tori-Mom Feud Turns Nastier

Candy Spelling implies Tori killed Aaron, then denies it

(Newser) - This week on The Spelling Family: matriarch Candy implies daughter Tori is to blame for the death of producer Aaron—then gets mad when the media picks up on it. During a radio interview yesterday, Candy said Tori’s refusal to speak to Aaron was “what killed my husband,...

Tori's Marriage Now the Stuff of Movies

(Newser) - Good news for Tori Spelling fans and very bad news for everyone else: The Oxygen network said today it is bringing back her Tori & Dean reality show for a fourth season, commissioning a made-for-TV movie based on her marriage to Dean McDermott, and planning a marriage advice show....

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