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Patrick Swayze's Widow: 'Complicated' Mom Abused Him

Lisa Niemi reveals late husband's volatile relationship with mother in new documentary

(Newser) - Patrick Swayze's mother was a "complicated woman," one the Dirty Dancing star "absolutely loved and respected," his widow, Lisa Niemi, told People in an interview ahead of Sunday night's premiere of the I Am Patrick Swayze documentary on the Paramount Network. What made the...

Patrick Swayze's Widow Weds Again

Gets married to Albert DePrisco in Florida

(Newser) - Patrick Swayze's widow Lisa Niemi has found love again. Five months after she got engaged to jeweler Albert DePrisco, the two wed yesterday in Palm Beach, Florida, People reports. "What I most look forward to on my wedding day is walking up, standing at our altar, and looking...

Patrick Swayze's Widow Gets Engaged

Lisa Niemi to wed jeweler Albert DePrisco

(Newser) - After losing husband Patrick Swayze to cancer after 34 years of marriage in 2009, Lisa Niemi will wed again. Niemi, 57, is engaged to jeweler Albert DePrisco, 58, her rep tells People . They've been together a year and a half after meeting through mutual friends at Niemi's birthday...

Kirstie Alley: I Had Secret Relationship With Swayze

She says they fell in love when they were both married to other people

(Newser) - One upon a time, North met South and Kirstie Alley and Patrick Swayze fell in love. So says Alley in a tell-all interview with Entertainment Tonight , in which she claims the stars developed an intense and secret relationship while the two were filming the miniseries North and South. Their attraction...

Swayze's Widow Finds Love Again

Lisa Niemi dating a new man 3 years after Patrick's death

(Newser) - Lisa Niemi said in 2010 that life after husband Patrick Swayze's death wasn't "getting better," but now, three years after his death, Niemi is finding happiness again—at least according to the National Enquirer . She's been dating jeweler Albert DePrisco for a few months, sources...

Patrick Swayze's Widow: 'It's Not Getting Better'
 Patrick Swayze's Widow: 
 'It's Not Getting Better' 
'i never saw him as sexy'

Patrick Swayze's Widow: 'It's Not Getting Better'

Lisa Niemi talks of their marriage, his last days

(Newser) - Nearly 7 months after Patrick Swayze’s death, “it’s not getting better” for widow Lisa Niemi, she says. She discusses her grief, her husband’s death, and their life together with the Times of London.
  • Her emotions: “I have a myriad of feelings. Some are extreme, some

Swayze Widow: I'll See Him Again

 Swayze Widow: 
 I'll See Him Again 


Swayze Widow: I'll See Him Again

Lisa Niemi, Elizabeth Smart, Maria Shriver take part in Women's Conference

(Newser) - Just six weeks after losing her husband, Lisa Niemi spoke publicly for the first time about Patrick Swayze's death at yesterday's Women's Conference in California. "I am so grateful for what I had and my connection to him, and part of me believes that I will see him again,...

Swayze's Biggest Regret: No Kids

Actor writes about wish for fatherhood in memoir

(Newser) - Patrick Swayze desperately wanted to have children and was “crushed” when wife Lisa Niemi had a miscarriage, the Boston Globe reports. Swayze wrote of his longing for fatherhood in his memoir The Time of My Life: "I couldn't wait to become a dad, to have a child with...

Swayze Memoir: Dying 'Is Okay'

In excerpts from upcoming book, Patrick Swayze writes of marriage, cancer battle

(Newser) - Dying was “okay” with Patrick Swayze, he wrote in his upcoming memoir. Though his cancer diagnosis at first seemed like a “cruel joke,” he “began thinking to myself, I've had more lifetimes than any 10 people put together, and it's been an amazing ride.” More...

Patrick Swayze to Be Cremated
 Patrick Swayze to Be Cremated 

Patrick Swayze to Be Cremated

Plus, a first look at the actor's book with wife Lisa Niemi, and more tributes

(Newser) - Patrick Swayze’s ashes will be spread across his New Mexican Rancho de Días Alegres (Ranch of Happy Days), which he called his favorite place in the world, a source tells Radar. The actor’s body, currently in Los Angeles, will be cremated within 48 hours. More Swayze news:...

Swayze: Not Afraid to Laugh at His Own Hunkiness

Actor didn't want to be just another pretty face, made sure he wasn't

(Newser) - Patrick Swayze, who died today at 57, wasn’t the first choice for the male lead in Dirty Dancing, the BBC notes, but “his performance earned him award nominations and a place on bedroom walls of lovelorn teenage girls around the world.” He eschewed Hollywood’s scene—preferring...

Cancer Takes Swayze, 57
 Cancer Takes 
 Swayze, 57 

Cancer Takes Swayze, 57

Dirty Dancing star diagnosed with deadly pancreatic cancer in Jan. 2008

(Newser) - Patrick Swayze died today, TMZ reports, following a battle with pancreatic cancer. The actor, whose credits included Dirty Dancing and Ghost, was 57. Named People’s Sexiest Man Alive in 1991, he was diagnosed with the deadly form of cancer in January 2008; he continued film and TV work, and...

Swayze Goes Home to Die: Tab
 Swayze Goes Home to Die: Tab 

Swayze Goes Home to Die: Tab

Actor's bodily functions reportedly shutting down

(Newser) - Patrick Swayze has left the hospital and gone home to die in his own bed, the National Enquirer reports. Despite the actor's strong will to live, he has reportedly suffered multiple setbacks in his battle with pancreatic cancer, including a mild heart attack and an ongoing intestinal infection, and now...

Bio Details Swayze's Cancer Fight

It was almost too late before actor visited doctor

(Newser) - Patrick Swayze’s first inkling that something was wrong came while sipping champagne on New Year’s Eve 2007, reports the New York Daily News. “It was like acid on an open wound,” he recalls in a new biography out Tuesday. At the end of January 2008, after...

Swayze, Wife Penning Memoirs
 Swayze, Wife Penning Memoirs 

Swayze, Wife Penning Memoirs

(Newser) - Just one week since being released from the hospital after a bout with pneumonia, Patrick Swayze has announced he's writing a book, E! reports. The actor will collaborate on his memoirs with his wife of 33 years, Lisa. Even before his battle with pancreatic cancer, Swayze’s life was book-worthy,...

Swayze: 'I'm Going Through Hell'

(Newser) - "Yeah, I'm scared. Yeah, I'm angry. Yeah, I'm all that stuff," Patrick Swayze tells Barbara Walters in a candid interview that airs tomorrow, the first since his pancreatic cancer diagnosis. "I'm going through hell, and I've only just seen the beginning of it." Swayze was determined...

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