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Russia Concedes Sinking of Its Black Sea Flagship

Ukraine says Moskva went down after missile strike

(Newser) - Update: This file has been updated with Russia acknowledging the sinking of the Moskva. Russia said Thursday that the flagship of its Black Sea fleet sank, after Ukraine announced that its missiles had struck the Moskva off its coast. US officials said the missile cruiser was rocked by an explosion...

Russia Moves Naval Drills Away From Irish Fishermen

Industry had planned to protest exercises by carrying on in its usual waters

(Newser) - Update: Faced with the possibility of entanglement with a flotilla of small fishing boats off the coast of Ireland, Russia said Saturday it will move its naval exercises. A letter from Ambassador Yuriy Filatov posted on Facebook said the drills, planned for Feb. 3-8, will take place away from the...

Putin Is Getting Some New Toys
Putin Flexes His Military Muscle

Putin Flexes His Military Muscle

Russian president announces a slew of new ships coming soon

(Newser) - President Vladimir Putin said the Russian navy will get 40 new ships and vessels this year, reports the AP , as he attended a naval parade in St. Petersburg on Sunday marking Navy Day in Russia. The parade in St. Petersburg and the nearby town of Kronshtadt featured 46 ships and...

Russian Sub Fire Spread From Battery Compartment

Nuclear power unit 'in full working condition'

(Newser) - Russian officials still haven't named the submersible on which 14 senior officers died in a fire Monday, but more details are emerging. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Thursday that the submersible was indeed nuclear-powered , as local media reported , but that the reactor had been isolated from the fire,...

Russia: Details on Sub Fire Are 'Totally Classified'

Officials won't say if vessel was nuclear-powered

(Newser) - Russia is remaining tight-lipped about a Monday fire that killed 14 sailors on a deep-sea submersible, claiming details are a state secret. "There is nothing illegal about this. It fully corresponds to the Russian law on state secrets," a spokesman for President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday, describing information...

Shipwreck Rumored to Hide $132B in Gold Is Found
Shipwreck Rumored to Hide
$132B in Gold Is Found

Shipwreck Rumored to Hide $132B in Gold Is Found

Seoul-based Shinil Group spots possible 'treasure boxes'

(Newser) - Days after finding a sunken Russian battleship rumored to have gone down with what would now be $132 billion in gold, a South Korean treasure-hunting team is teasing a big reveal. Shinil Group this week announced the discovery of the Russian Imperial Navy cruiser Dmitrii Donskoi, which is believed to...

Russia's Plan: Open Naval Base Outside of Russia

Russia looks to project more power with first post-Soviet base abroad

(Newser) - Russia is looking to show off its military muscle by establishing its first post-Soviet-era naval base abroad, the country's naval chief told state-run media today. Vice Admiral Viktor Chirkov said the Navy was "working out the issue of creating sites" in Cuba, Vietnam, or the Seychelles, Reuters reports,...

Hijackers Threatened to Scuttle Russian Freighter

(Newser) - The hijackers of the Russian-crewed freighter Arctic Sea planned to destroy it if their ransom demand was not met, Reuters reports. “The crew members have already confirmed that the captors demanded a ransom and threatened to blow up the vessel,” says a Russian defense official. There was no...

Russia Arrests 8 in Ship Hijacking

(Newser) - Russia's navy arrested eight men accused of hijacking the Arctic Sea freighter near Sweden and forcing the crew to sail to West Africa, the defense minister said today. The suspected hijackers were detained by the naval vessel that found the Russian-crewed freighter yesterday off Cape Verde, thousands of miles from...

Russians Find Mystery Ship, Crew Alive Onboard

(Newser) - The Russian ship that mysteriously disappeared nearly three weeks ago has been found off the West African coast, with all 15 crew members aboard, Russia’s defense minister announced today. The crew is now aboard the Russian frigate that found them. The defense minister said the crew was not under...

Ransom Demand Made for Lost Ship

(Newser) - The missing Maltese-flagged ship that was reported off the coast of Africa appears to have been hijacked for a second time, CNN reports. “There has been a demand for ransom,” a Finnish police official said of the Russian-crewed Arctic Sea. “We are now dealing with two separate...

Missing Ship Spotted Off African Coast

(Newser) - The Russian-crewed Arctic Sea has been spotted off the coast of West Africa today, say French officials who claim to have seen a ship resembling it near the Cape Verde islands. The Arctic Sea, last seen on July 30, is carrying $1.8 million in lumber and was due to...

Was Missing Ship Taken by Pirates—or Spies?

(Newser) - As Russian warships search for missing merchant ship the "Arctic Sea," speculation is swirling, with many theorizing that the vessel was carrying more than its reported $1.3 million load of timber. “There was probably some sort of secret cargo,” the editor of Russia’s Sovfracht...

Ship Vanishes From English Channel

Secret cargo of drugs or arms may be behind maritime mystery

(Newser) - The Russian navy has deployed warships and submarines in search of a cargo ship that mysteriously disappeared from European waters, the Telegraph reports. The Russian crew of the Arctic Sea, which was transporting a load of timber worth nearly $2 million, reported being attacked by pirates in Swedish waters on...

Russian Ship Seizes 29 Suspected Pirates

Say the same ship had attacked a tanker

(Newser) - A Russian warship has seized a vessel carrying 29 suspected pirates off the coast of Somalia, RIA Novosti and other agencies are reporting, citing the nation's Defense Ministry. A Russian anti-submarine vessel seized the ship yesterday along with automatic rifles, pistols, and ammunition found on board.

Russian Warships Dock at Havana Bay

(Newser) - Russian warships arrived in Havana yesterday for the first time since the end of the Cold War, the London Times reports. The visit comes at the end of a 3-month South American tour that Russia expected would raise hackles in the US. “I guess they’re on R&R,...

China May Launch Pirate Patrol
 China May Launch Pirate Patrol 

China May Launch Pirate Patrol

Officials weigh Chinese naval mission in 500 years

(Newser) - China is poised to embark on its first naval combat mission in 500 years—to take on pirates off the coast of Somalia, reports the Financial Times. Any patrols launched would be closely monitored by the US, Russian and British navies, concerned about China's growing  military power. 

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