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Egypt Slaps 16 Americans With Jail Terms

All but one convicted in absentia, including son of transportation chief Ray LaHood

(Newser) - If Egypt had its way, the son of one of President Obama's Cabinet members would spend the next five years in prison. Sam LaHood, son of transportation chief Ray LaHood, was among 16 Americans convicted today in an Egyptian court, accused by the government there of trying to foment...

Obama to Name Charlotte Mayor DOT Secretary

First minority pick among second-term appointees

(Newser) - Charlotte mayor Anthony Foxx—an up-and-coming Democrat who grabbed attention as host of last year's Democratic National Convention—will be President Obama's pick to replace Ray LaHood as Transportation secretary, reports Politico , citing White House sources. Foxx would be Obama's first minority pick among second-term appointees, adds...

Dems, GOP Duke It Out Over Sequester
 Dems, GOP 
 Duke It Out 
 Over Sequester 


Dems, GOP Duke It Out Over Sequester

Everybody hates it, but no solid ideas how to avoid it

(Newser) - With five days to go before a little thing called the sequester kicks in, there are a lot of fingers being pointed at and from both sides of the aisle. A look around the Sunday talk show dial, as per Politico :
  • Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine : "We laid a plan

Energy Secretary Steven Chu Leaving, Too

He will leave as soon as his successor gets confirmed

(Newser) - President Obama has another Cabinet post to fill: Energy Secretary Steven Chu is stepping down as soon as a successor is confirmed by the Senate, reports Politico . Chu is a Nobel winner in physics who made green spending a priority, even if it occasionally backfired, as in the Solyndra debacle...

Ray LaHood Leaving Obama Administration

Transportation secretary the latest Cabinet member to depart

(Newser) - Yet another Obama Cabinet member is exiting stage left. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood tells the AP that he intends to step down as soon as a successor can be confirmed. The former Illinois congressman was the last remaining Republican in Obama's administration, though Defense Department nominee Chuck Hagel would...

Obama Plans Drastic Cabinet Shake-Up

Clinton, Geithner, Panetta, Holder all could be gone

(Newser) - After a first term almost devoid of Cabinet shakeups, President Obama is now working on plans to replace virtually his entire team. Hillary Clinton and Tim Geithner have both publicly announced their exits, but Leon Panetta, Eric Holder, Ray LaHood, Steven Chu, Ken Salazaar, and Lisa Jackson are all expected...

Half of Teen Drivers Text Behind Wheel

 Half of Teen 
 Drivers Text 
 Behind Wheel 
CDC survey

Half of Teen Drivers Text Behind Wheel

Feds are renewing crackdown on distracted driving

(Newser) - More than half of high school seniors have texted while driving, according to a federal survey that collected the data for the first time ever. In the survey, 58% of 12th-graders admitted to texting or emailing while behind the wheel, while 43% of 11th-graders said they did also, reports AP...

Feds Shut Down 26 Chinatown Bus Lines

Don't worry: Fung Wah and Lucky Star are OK

(Newser) - They're cheap, they're convenient, and according to the federal government, many Chinatown buses were also death traps. Authorities cracked down hard on Chinatown bus operators yesterday, shutting down 26 companies that they said were part of an "unscrupulous" network of bus operators that flouted federal rules, the...

Feds Demand System to Ensure Brakes Work

Brake override proposal a response to Toyota, Lexus crashes

(Newser) - Are you terrified of your car suddenly and uncontrollably accelerating, Toyota-style ? Well, federal regulators are at last moving to put your mind at ease. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has put forward a proposal to require all new vehicles to include a brake override system , the LA Times...

Egypt Allows Arrested Americans to Travel Again

Case involving transportation chief Lahood's son is apparently dropped

(Newser) - It looks like a thorny problem between the US and Egypt—one involving the son of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood—is going away. Egyptian officials today lifted a travel ban on seven Americans, including Sam LaHood , who are facing trial in the country, reports the AP . They are among 43...

Egypt Bans Ray LaHood's Son From Leaving

Along with other Americans monitoring Egyptian elections

(Newser) - Egypt has placed Ray LaHood's son and several other Americans working for pro-Democracy groups on a no-fly list, barring them from leaving the country. Sam LaHood tried to board a plane out of Egypt in Cairo on Saturday, Politico reports, but was prevented from doing so. A State Department...

Federal Aviation Administration Chief Randy Babbitt Is Resigning After His DWI Arrest
FAA Chief Resigns
After DWI Arrest

FAA Chief Resigns After DWI Arrest

Randy Babbitt will step down after weekend misfire

(Newser) - It was probably just a bit much to overcome: FAA chief Randy Babbitt is resigning in the wake of his weekend DWI arrest, reports AP . Babbitt initially went on leave after police pulled him over in northern Virginia for driving on the wrong side of the road, but now he'...

Congress Strikes Deal to End FAA Impasse

Shutdown has idled 74,000 workers

(Newser) - Congress has reached a bipartisan compromise to end the partial shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration that has left 74,000 transportation and construction workers idled, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said today. The deal would allow the Senate to approve a House bill extending the FAA's operating authority...

Congress Goes Home Without Ending FAA Shutdown

GOP, Dems disagree about subsidizing service to rural airports

(Newser) - Congress has gone home for the summer without reaching a deal to end a partial shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration . Some 4,000 FAA employees and around 70,000 construction workers have been put out of work by the shutdown, caused by a partisan standoff, the Washington Post reports....

Transportation Secretary Is an Accidental Hipster

Ray LaHood isn't sure what 'hipster' means, but he likes urban bikers

(Newser) - Transportation chief Ray LaHood tells the Huffington Post that he'll push for more protections for bicyclists in US cities and likes the idea of more dedicated bike lanes. “I’m concerned that people that are driving cars have a level of respect for bikers, and that’s the...

More Rest for Air Traffic Controllers: LaHood

Controllers must now have at least nine hours between shifts

(Newser) - Following reports of at least seven air traffic controllers falling asleep on the job , the US government announced today that controllers will have more time to rest between shifts under new work rules, but Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood made clear he won't tolerate sleeping on duty despite studies and...

Geithner: Congress Will Raise Debt Ceiling
 Will Raise 
 Debt Ceiling 


Geithner: Congress Will Raise Debt Ceiling

And 'Gang of 6' close to a deal

(Newser) - Congress is "absolutely" going to raise the debt ceiling, says Tim Geithner, because to do otherwise would be "catastrophic" and "the responsible people understand." "We’d tip the US economy and the world economy back into recession, depression," he said. "It would...

Planes Landed as DC Controller Slept

FAA probing incident at Reagan National Airport

(Newser) - Two planes were forced to land without guidance or clearance from the control tower at Reagan National Airport outside Washington, DC, because the air traffic supervisor was asleep, federal officials say. Efforts to reach the supervisor—the only controller on duty at the time—failed, and the late-night flights early...

Maureen Dowd: Ford's Now Building Smartphones on Wheels
 Ford's Now Building 
 Smartphones on Wheels 

Ford's Now Building Smartphones on Wheels

'In-car connectivity' is a plethora of distractions

(Newser) - Ford's got a slick new whiz-bang simulator, and Maureen Dowd kicked the tires—and almost ran smack "into a huge green truck," she writes for the New York Times. The problem is Ford's new "in-car connectivity"—a "cornucopia of diversions on your dashboard," Dowd...

US: Toyota Was Right About Acceleration

NASA report finds no electronic cause for runaway cars

(Newser) - Maybe it was the floor mats after all? A government investigation has concluded that Toyota was right: there was no electronic glitch causing its cars to accelerate uncontrollably. “The jury is back, the verdict is in,” Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood declared. “There is no electronic-based cause for...

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