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Bird Flu Hits the Country's Largest Egg Producer

Cal-Maine Foods says bird flu found in chickens at Texas plant; almost 2M birds are destroyed

(Newser) - The largest producer of fresh eggs in the US said Tuesday it had temporarily halted production at a Texas plant after bird flu was found in chickens, and officials said the virus had also been detected at a poultry facility in Michigan, the AP reports. Cal-Maine Foods, based in Ridgeland,...

And Now We Have Egg-Hoarding
And Now We Have

And Now We Have Egg-Hoarding

With Easter approaching, an egg shortage drives Norwegians across the border to Sweden

(Newser) - A shortage of eggs in shops during Holy Week has led Norwegians to flock to supermarkets across the border in Sweden and hoard the traditional Easter favorite, reports the AP . Norwegian news outlet Nettavisen said Thursday that the Nordby shopping center in Sweden, located just off the border about 62...

Price of Eggs Too High? Blame Bird Flu

Prices are near historic highs worldwide, though they're down from last year in the US

(Newser) - Egg prices are at near-historic highs in many parts of the world as the spring holidays approach, reflecting a market scrambled by disease, high demand, and growing costs for farmers. It's the second year in a row consumers have faced sticker shock ahead of Easter and Passover, both occasions...

Jury Finds Egg Producers Conspired to Reduce Supply

Defendants included Rose Acre Farms, the family company of Senate candidate John Rust

(Newser) - An Illinois jury ruled this week that several major egg producers conspired to limit the country's supply of eggs in order to raise prices in a case stemming from a federal lawsuit originally filed 12 years ago, per the AP . Kraft Foods, the Kellogg Company, General Mills, and Nestle...

He Tried to Egg the King, Called It 'Lawful Violence'

Patrick Thelwell, 23, found guilty of threatening behavior

(Newser) - He wore high-heeled shoes to better see the king, but the eggs he hurled at the monarch missed. Patrick Thelwell was arrested all the same over the November incident, and on Friday he was found guilty of threatening behavior. The BBC reports the 23-year-old threw five eggs in the direction...

Old Masters' Paint Contained Protein—Likely Intentionally

Researchers evaluate the benefits of adding egg yolk to oil paint

(Newser) - If Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt were alive today, they'd likely be wringing their hands over egg prices with the rest of us. That's because they may have intentionally added egg yolk to their oil paints, and a new study published Tuesday in Nature Communications tries to get...

Guess What Just Got Yanked From Dollar Tree?

Seems eggs are a little too rich for discount chain's blood until at least the fall

(Newser) - If you need to pick up a dozen eggs and you're passing the local Dollar Tree, keep driving. As Reuters reports, the discount chain has announced that given the dizzying rise in egg prices , it's going to stop carrying eggs until the industry can get its act together...

Egg Producers' 'Egregious Profits' Raising Some Eyebrows

Farm Action wants Cal-Maine investigated over possible price gouging

(Newser) - A US senator has joined farmers in calling for an investigation to crack the problem of soaring egg prices . Government data shows the national average retail price for a dozen eggs reached $4.25 in December, for a 138% increase from the $1.79 average a year earlier, though the...

Feds Say Cross-Border Egg-Smuggling Has Soared

'My advice is, don’t bring them over,' CBP official says

(Newser) - Eggs are much cheaper in Mexico but anybody caught trying to bring them across the border could have to shell out a lot of money, officials say. American egg prices were up 60% year-on-year in December due to factors including avian flu, making Mexican eggs an appealing prospect for residents...

Egg Scare Again Disrupts King Charles' Walkabout

Man is held on suspicion of common assault

(Newser) - King Charles' protection officers briefly hustled him away from crowds Tuesday after police said an egg was thrown in his direction for the second time in a month. A man in his 20s was arrested on suspicion of common assault, Bedfordshire police said. The monarch was greeting the public in...

After Eggings, Building Owners Demand $260K in Damages

Yan Li is allegedly making life difficult inside NYC's 1214 Fifth Avenue

(Newser) - The owners of the luxury 1214 Fifth Avenue high-rise on the Upper East Side of New York City are demanding $260,000 in damages from a tenant who allegedly won't stop egging her neighbors, reports the New York Post . Two units on the 37th floor of the building are...

We've Had to Kill 9% of Our Chickens

Avian flu outbreak has decimated flocks of laying hens

(Newser) - The avian flu outbreak has taken a huge toll on America's poultry flocks—mainly from culling, not disease—and consumers are feeling the pain with higher prices for eggs, chickens, and a lot of other products. "More than 28 million laying hens have been culled as a result...

Birds Are Nesting, Laying Eggs Much Earlier Than in the Past

Study of museum's egg collection finds major shift in bird behavior

(Newser) - Many species of birds are now building nests and laying eggs at a time of year their counterparts from a century ago would have considered outrageously early. Around a third of birds in the Upper Midwest region are now laying their eggs an average of 25 days earlier than they...

Cage-Free Eggs Become Standard After Years of Debate

Producers have yielded to animal welfare groups, grocers, and restaurants

(Newser) - With little fuss and even less public attention, US egg producers are in the midst of a multibillion-dollar shift to cage-free eggs that is dramatically changing the lives of millions of hens in response to new laws and demands from restaurant chains. The percentage of hens in cage-free housing has...

Egg Thrown From Crowd Bounces Off Macron's Shoulder
Emmanuel Macron
Is Egged Once Again

Emmanuel Macron Is Egged Once Again

This time the egg bounced right off him

(Newser) - Emmanuel Macron was hit by an egg on Monday, but he somehow managed to escape without any yolk on his suit. The French president was visiting a restaurant trade fair in Lyon when the egg was pelted at Macron's left shoulder—which it bounced off of (as seen in...

Next Entry in Unconventional Food: Coffee-Less Coffee

Atomo startup in Seattle uses seeds and nuts and a chemical process

(Newser) - You can eat "meat" made from plants and drink "milk" made from nuts, but are you ready for coffee made without coffee? That's the question posed by a story in Bloomberg about a Seattle startup producing just such a brew. The concoction by Atomo Coffee is made...

2 Reasons Why This Python's 7 Eggs Are Totally Weird

First, she's 62 years old. Second, she hasn't been near a male python for 2 decades

(Newser) - A 62-year-old ball python surprised experts at the St. Louis Zoo by laying seven eggs, despite not being near a male python for at least two decades. Mark Wanner, manager of herpetology at the zoo, says it's unusual but not unheard of for ball pythons to reproduce asexually. The...

Find Shopping Stressful? Now, a Historic Price Hike

Food-price fluctuations began in March, when the coronavirus really sunk in

(Newser) - As if trips to the grocery store weren’t nerve-wracking enough, US shoppers lately have seen the costs of meat, eggs, and even potatoes soar as the coronavirus has disrupted processing plants and distribution networks, the AP reports. Overall, the cost of food bought to eat at home skyrocketed by...

Rising Price of Eggs Brings Lawsuits

In many places, stores are charging three times as much during pandemic

(Newser) - The retail price of a dozen eggs has shot past $3 in parts of the country during the pandemic, sometimes tripling the bite. That's price gouging, say new lawsuits that ask that the industry give consumers some of that money back. "As in any time of economic turmoil,...

The Chickens Churned Out Eggs. Then Came the Gas

Egg farmer Kerry Mergen says 61K chickens were euthanized due to drop in demand due to virus

(Newser) - A Minnesota contract egg farmer says his livelihood has been erased along with 61,000 chickens owing to a drop in demand triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. Kerry Mergen and his wife, Barb, produced 4,500 dozen eggs per day, which were turned into fluid egg and sent to food...

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