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NY Times Announces Paywall Plan

But that plan doesn't have the details

(Newser) - If you want to read the New York Times online, it's going to cost you—but not for everything and not until next year. The Times confirmed its planned paywall today, but execs “could not yet answer fundamental questions about the plan.” The Times will allow users to...

Washington Times Slashes Staff
 Washington Times Slashes Staff 

Washington Times Slashes Staff

Top editor gone; sports, metro sections ditched

(Newser) - The Washington Times has slashed half of its 170 newsroom staff ahead of Monday's relaunch of its print edition. The sports and metro sections will cease to exist as separate sections and nearly all staff members of those sections have been laid off, sources tell the Washington Post . Managing editor...

France Offers Free Newspapers to Young Adults

Gratis subscription program aims to hook new generation

(Newser) - France is trying to give its imploding newspaper industry a new lease on life by enticing young people into the habit of reading a daily paper. The government's “Mon Journal Offer”—part of a $900 million bailout of the industry—offers a free year's subscription to one of...

Editor &amp; Publisher Will Shut Down
 Editor & Publisher 
 Will Shut Down 

Editor & Publisher Will Shut Down

Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, go to private equity consortium

(Newser) - Editor & Publisher and Kirkus Reviews will shut down after the Nielsen Company today sold off most of its other magazine properties—including Billboard and the Hollywood Reporter—to a new media consortium. Nielsen spun the move as a chance “to strengthen investment in our core businesses,” reports...

News Corp. May Shield All Content From Google

Murdoch says move will wait until paywalls go up at newspaper sites

(Newser) - News Corp. honcho Rupert Murdoch wants to put a permanent end to “parasite” Google’s “kleptomania” when it comes to content on his newspapers’ websites. Murdoch says the Wall Street Journal and others will likely be removed from Google’s search registry “when we start charging”—...

Editor Gets Punchy Over Article&mdash;Literally
Editor Gets Punchy Over Article—Literally

Editor Gets Punchy Over Article—Literally

'2nd worst story' ever pushes vet Post hand to violence

(Newser) - An editorial dispute in the Washington Post newsroom devolved into fisticuffs last week. The item was for the Style section, a department long known for taking an anything-goes attitude toward its reporters. When the story crossed the desk of veteran editor Henry Allen—grumpy about his part-time work and the...

Newspaper Circulation Off 10%
 Newspaper Circulation Off 10% 

Newspaper Circulation Off 10%

Decline one of the biggest ever

(Newser) - Daily newspaper circulation has taken a massive 10.6% drop over the past six months, the Audit Bureau of Circulations said today, while Sunday circulation fell 7.4%. The drop, one of the worst ever, is a potent sign of the industry’s decline, Editor & Publisher reports. Things were...

Maybe Sports Betting Can Save Newspapers
Maybe Sports Betting
Can Save Newspapers
maureen dowd

Maybe Sports Betting Can Save Newspapers

Desperate times require desperate solutions, some say

(Newser) - With newspapers sinking deeper into trouble by the day, Maureen Dowd explores the idea of saving the day with a little vice. Specifically, allowing papers to rake in money by setting up online sports betting on their websites. Dowd herself isn't pushing it, but she has fun kicking it around...

Guardian Axes American Website After 2 Years

Hit by losses, media company discontinues Guardian America

(Newser) - Guardian News and Media, which lost $60.3 million last year, is shutting its US-centered website Guardian America after two years. The site will now redirect to the Guardian newspaper's American coverage. Guardian America's head will instead focus on international expansion for "We took it down...

Times Co. Takes Globe Off Market

Boston paper's finances have 'significantly improved'

(Newser) - The New York Times Company has decided not to sell the Boston Globe after all, its chairman told workers in a late-afternoon email today, saying that the financial picture has “significantly improved” for the 137-year-old newspaper in recent months after various cost-cutting and revenue-boosting moves. Two groups did bid...

USA Today Losing Circulation Crown to WSJ

(Newser) - The newspaper industry is about to crown a new circulation king. Figures out later this month will show that the weekday circulation of USA Today has dropped 17% from last year to 1.88 million. Once that news surfaced, Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal declared itself the new No. 1....

Google: We Have 'Moral' Duty to Help Journalism

We're not a newspaper killer, says CEO

(Newser) - Google not only wants big news organizations such as the New York Times to survive, it has a "moral responsibility" to help them do so, says CEO Eric Schmidt. He tells Search Engine Land "there will always be a market for people who read the newspaper on a...

Iconic London Paper Goes Free After 182 Years

Owners eliminate cover price as Evening Standard hemorrhages cash

(Newser) - The Evening Standard, London's 182-year-old afternoon newspaper, will become a freesheet later this month in an attempt to pump up the struggling title's circulation. The Standard, purchased by Russian oligarch Alexander Lebedev last year for the fire-sale price of one pound, loses $16 million a year and may fire staff...

Advice to Budding Journos: Hate Is the Hottest Beat

(Newser) - Who says journalism is dead? Sure, newspapers are slashing newsroom staff and shutting down bureaus, Simon Dumenco writes in Advertising Age, but there’s still one booming sector: hate. “Everything is a hate beat these days, because everybody is consumed with hating on everybody else.” And you can...

Online Newspaper Payment Plan in the Works—at Google

Revolutionary model slated for completion within a year

(Newser) - Newspapers are getting help figuring out how to charge for online content from an unusual source: archnemesis Google. The online giant says it's developing a "micropayment" model that should be ready in the next year, reports Harvard's Nieman Journalism Lab. "The idea is to allow viable payments of...

The Washington Post Is Odds-On Fave to Survive

Newspaper trimmed staff, and it's paid off: Wolff

(Newser) - Like America's other newspapers, the Washington Post is in pain, operating $86 million in the red after axing 400 reporters. “And yet,” Newser founder Michael Wolff writes in Vanity Fair, “if you had to look for a circumstance out of which a newspaper might have the chance...

News Corp. Talks Universal Paywall With Times, Post

(Newser) - Executives at Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. have been meeting with rival newspaper publishers about a consortium that would charge for web content. The publishers of the New York Times, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times are all believed to have met with Jonathan Miller, the News Corp. officer overseeing digital...

It's Time for Newspapers to 'Grow a Pair'

(Newser) - Newspapers are doomed, and if they’re looking for someone to blame, they should start with themselves, writes Bill Wyman for Splice in the second part of his industry critique. The "garrulous" Luddites working at newspapers—from managers to reporters—never considered the implications of technology. “They were...

How Newspapers Are Killing Themselves

(Newser) - In the avalanche of reporting and commentary on the collapse of the newspaper business, a number of salient, none-too-flattering facts have been overlooked about how newspapers contributed to their own demise, Bill Wyman writes on Splice. First, there's the misunderstanding that readers pay for news. It's advertisers who pay, and...

Newspapers: Forget Paywalls, Take Content Live

Only 'experiences,' not content, can save the news: Jenkins

(Newser) - Suddenly every newspaper is talking about a Journal-style online paywall or a "freemium" subscription model, but Guardian columnist Simon Jenkins is resigned that "stunned and traumatized" papers are on their way out. Instead of paywalls, Papers should learn from the battered music industry, which has used "...

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