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Kristen Stewart Says Twilight Is a 'Gay Movie'

33-year-old actor chats with 'Variety' about embracing her queerness

(Newser) - It's been 15 years since viewers first got to witness the Bella-Edward-Jacob love triangle on the big screen, and now, the actor who plays the female protagonist is looking back on that film with a "fresh perspective," per People . "It's such a gay movie,"...

Timothee Chalamet Shows Up to Oscars Shirtless, Kristen Stewart in Shorts

Check out the best, worst, and weirdest red carpet looks

(Newser) - Timothee Chalamet showed up shirtless, Kristen Stewart showed up in shorts, and a bunch of other Academy Awards attendees showed up looking just as glamorous as one might expect to walk the Oscars red carpet Sunday night. Scroll through our gallery for some of the looks selected by USA Today...

What Critics Are Saying About Kristen Stewart as Diana
What Critics Are Saying
About Kristen Stewart as Diana

What Critics Are Saying About Kristen Stewart as Diana

She 'finds new, close-to-the-bone layers in a character we thought we already knew'

(Newser) - Spencer , arriving in theaters this weekend, adds to the many portrayals of Princess Diana, whose story you likely know well. But this portrayal, according to critics, is a standout. Directed by Pablo Larraín (of 2016's Jackie) and starring Kristen Stewart, the film is touted as "a...

Kristen Stewart Has New Reason to Celebrate

Actress generating Oscar buzz for 'Spencer' announces she's engaged to girlfriend Dylan Meyer

(Newser) - Kristen Stewart has two reasons to celebrate: She's generating Oscar buzz with her turn as Princess Diana in Spencer and is also recently engaged to girlfriend Dylan Meyer. "We're marrying, it's happening," the actor said Tuesday on The Howard Stern Show, per E! Stewart had...

First Peek of Kristen Stewart as Diana Is Out

Studio releases teaser of 'Spencer'

(Newser) - The public can get its first good look at Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana. NEON films released an "official teaser trailer" Thursday for Spencer, which is scheduled for release in November. The film already is generating Oscar talk, and both USA Today and Entertainment Weekly say Stewart "stuns"...

Kristen Stewart's Next Big Role: Princess Diana

She'll star in 'Spencer'

(Newser) - "We believe that this is a movie that could create interest around the planet," says director Pablo Larraín. The woman it's based on certainly did. Kristen Stewart has been tapped to play Princess Diana in Spencer, which is expected to start shooting early next year. The...

SNL Does Warren's Math
SNL Does Warren's Math  

SNL Does Warren's Math

McKinnon returns as presidential candidate, 'When the numbers are this big, they're just pretend!'

(Newser) - President Trump's ears have stopped ringing on Saturday evenings, but no such luck for Elizabeth Warren : Saturday Night Live again trotted out Kate McKinnon to play the presidential contender in its Cold Open, reports Vanity Fair . Appearing at an Iowa town hall, McKinnon declares that she's "just...

Kristen Stewart: I Was Told Not to Hold Girlfriend's Hand in Public
Kristen Stewart
Reveals Attitude
Shift on Her

Kristen Stewart Reveals Attitude Shift on Her Sexuality

Actress says she was told not to hold GF's hand in public: 'I don't want to work with people like that'

(Newser) - Kristen Stewart is seven months away from 30, a long way from the teenager she was when her role as Bella Swan in the Twilight movies catapulted her to stardom. After years of shying away from the mainstream post-Twilight, she's now starring in a reboot of Charlie's Angels,...

Kristen Stewart Ditches Heels on Red Carpet

Actress bucks convention at Cannes

(Newser) - Kristen Stewart made a statement at Cannes on Monday under the gaze of photographers on the red carpet. The 28-year-old ditched her Louboutin heels and walked into the premiere of Spike Lee's BlacKkKlansman in her bare feet, reports USA Today . Stewart has previously complained about the expectation that actresses...

Kristen Stewart Is Now an AI Researcher

She's a co-author on 'style transfer' case study

(Newser) - If she ever abandons acting, Kristen Stewart might have a gig in artificial intelligence. The Twilight actress has just published a research paper on a machine learning technique called "neural style transfer" and its use in film, reports Quartz . Style transfer is a "fun technique," according to...

7 Stars Who Pilfered Props From Film Sets

Who wouldn't want a pair of prosthetic testicles for dinner parties?

(Newser) - Who hasn't been tempted to pilfer a pen or a handful of paperclips from the office (or maybe steal a little time browsing the Web)? Well, it's not just common folk who may commit acts of on-the-job theft. Here's a sampling of the 18 actors who, according...

Star-Studded Cast Set for Confusing JT LeRoy Biopic

Kristen Stewart, James Franco, Helena Bonham Carter in talks

(Newser) - Kristen Stewart, James Franco, and Helena Bonham Carter are in talks to star in a biopic of JT LeRoy, "a woman who pretended to be a man who identifies as transgender, tricking the rich and famous in Hollywood, the fashion world, and elite literary circles," as the subject...

4 Celebs Who've Come Out as Sexually Fluid

Johnny Depp's daughter joins Miley Cyrus and others

(Newser) - In the not-so-distant past, there were only so many definitions you could use to indicate your sexual preferences—but welcome to 2015, when that's most definitely no longer the case. Reportedly, one-third of young adults believe that their sexuality falls somewhere between homosexual and heterosexual , and some under-30 celebs,...

Kristen Stewart Truly Wows in Clouds of Sils Maria

Critics agree: She deserved that French Cesar

(Newser) - An established actress rehearses for a role as an older woman, opposite a young starlet, with help from her assistant in Clouds of Sils Maria, starring Juliette Binoche, Chloë Grace Moretz, and Kristen Stewart, respectively. Stewart has already made history with her performance, but what do critics have to say?...

10 Celebrities With Weird Insecurities

Hairy foreheads, stubby thumbs, and more

(Newser) - Celebrities may have access to plastic surgeons and be able to work out all day like it's their job (because it kind of is) but they still have their own weird assortment of hangups about their bodies like normal people. Below are 10 famous folks who went public with...

Kristen Stewart Makes History With French Film Honor

She's first American actress to win a 'Cesar,' the French Oscar

(Newser) - We have our Oscars, the French have their Cesars, and now Kristen Stewart has one of the latter, too. Yesterday, she became the first American actress to win the prestigious film award in France, reports Variety . She won as best supporting actress for her role in Cloud of Sils Maria,...

Final Twilight Film Wasn't Exactly the End of Series

5 short 'Twilight'-based films will air on Facebook

(Newser) - The idea that the world had seen its last Twilight movie was, apparently, too good to be true: The New York Times reports that the vampire franchise will live on via short films based on Stephenie Meyer's characters. Meyer and Lions Gate, which released the five films based on...

5 Celeb Co-Stars Who Became Couples

Any chemistry you saw onscreen was apparently real

(Newser) - Sparks flew on set for these Hollywood co-stars rounded up by Gossip Girl —in all 10 cases, they ended up together in real life. A sampling:
  • Leighton Meester and Adam Brody: The stars of The OC and Gossip Girl met while filming The Oranges. They got married in February.

16 Celeb Couples Who Split Up This Year

2013 was unlucky for these stars

(Newser) - This year wasn't great for these 16 celebrity couples, all of whom split up. Click through the gallery for a sampling, or see the full lists at ETOnline , PopSugar , and the Huffington Post .

Prince Pays $500K for 15 Min. With Kristen Stewart

The royal donated to Sandy relief fund

(Newser) - Kristen Stewart has always been inexplicably popular with a certain set, but this is above and beyond: A Middle Eastern prince paid $500,000 to talk with her for 15 minutes. Vulture spots the bizarre story in a longer New York Times article about Harvey Weinstein and the Sunday premiere...

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