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They Ran Out of Water. He Shielded Her With His Body

Rescuers find couple huddled in Joshua Tree amid triple-digit temps last weekend

(Newser) - A couple hiking in the desert south of Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California was rescued after running out of water, authorities said. On Sunday, the man called 911 and reported that his girlfriend was dehydrated and weak, according to a statement from the Riverside County Sheriff's Office...

Hiker Reaches California 2 Years After She Left Delaware

Briana DeSanctis is first woman to complete solo hike of coast-to-coast trail

(Newser) - After walking around 6,800 miles over more than two years, Briana DeSanctis reached the Pacific Ocean in Point Reyes, California, on Saturday, becoming the first woman to have hiked the American Discovery Trail solo. "What a lot of feelings," she said in an Instagram post . "I'...

He's the Oldest Person to Hike Grand Canyon Rim to Rim

Alfredo Aliaga Burdio snags world record at 92

(Newser) - It took Alfredo Aliaga Burdio 21 hours and 15 minutes to hike the 24 miles from the North Rim to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. But the 92-year-old Spaniard just confirmed as the oldest person to complete the trek is sure he could've moved faster. "[There...

He's an Appalachian Trail Legend—but a 'Polarizing' One

'Outside Online' profiles Warren Doyle

(Newser) - When it comes to Appalachian Trail legends, Warren Doyle's name has a place at the top of the list. The 73-year-old set a fastest known time of 66 days five decades ago, has hiked all 2,198 miles of the trial 18 times, has coached other AT record setters,...

Much of the Appalachian Trail Isn't Where It Once Was

The 'Washington Post' examines some of the major changes to its path

(Newser) - The hikers who tackle the Appalachian Trail are anything but stationary—and as it turns out, the trail itself is anything but stationary as well. Writing for the Washington Post , Lizzie Johnson and Lauren Tierney take a fascinating dive into the continually transforming trail, which originally numbered 2,050 miles...

Yosemite Rangers Start Debate Over Cairns

They encourage people to knock them down, but others say not too fast

(Newser) - As public service announcements go, it's on the fun side: Yosemite National Park posted a video of someone knocking over a stacked pile of rocks—a cairn—and encouraged visitors who come across them to do the same, reports SFGate . Why? Yosemite rangers say these structures violate leave-no-trace principles....

In Last UK Interview, Sands Spoke of Hiking Dangers
Julian Sands'
Cause of Death
Will Never
Be Known

Julian Sands' Cause of Death Will Never Be Known

Late actor's cause of death officially ruled 'undetermined'

(Newser) - Julian Sands' cause of death will never be officially known after the UK actor was found dead months after going missing during a hike in the California mountains. "The cause is 'Undetermined' due to the condition of the body and because no other factors were discovered during the...

Father of 5 Has Fatal Fall on Popular Hike

Oregon man, 40, slips off Multnomah Falls trail while hiking with family

(Newser) - One of the most popular hiking destinations in the Pacific Northwest proved fatal over the weekend for a 40-year-old father of five in Oregon. The unidentified man slipped at a switchback on the Multnomah Falls trail, reports Oregon Live . "He slid down a steep hill and then fell off...

Unique College Course Has Students Hike the AT

Virginia's Emory & Henry course is a combination of the academic and the physical

(Newser) - The roughly 2,190-mile Appalachian Trail, which stretches from Georgia up to the international border between Maine and Canada, has inspired books , journalism , and of course, visual art . However, it isn't just a pursuit for wanderers on a spiritual walkabout or people tired of the noisy, blaring, tech-saturated world...

Australian Hiker Found Dead Along Canadian Trail

Julia-Mary Lane appears to have slipped and fallen while hiking alone in British Columbia

(Newser) - The Australian woman who failed to return from a hike in Canada has been found dead. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police confirmed Wednesday that the body of Julia-Mary Lane had been located, adding her death is "not considered suspicious." "It looks accidental, due to steep terrain,"...

10 Best US Cities for Hikers
10 Best
US Cities
for Hikers

10 Best US Cities for Hikers

Portland, Oregon, leads the way

(Newser) - This weekend saw the celebration of National Trails Day (on Saturday), and Lawnstarter marked the occasion by ranking the best US cities for hikers. The site took into account a number of factors, including availability of trails, quality of trails, and climate. Here are the top 10 with their overall...

A Hiking Mecca Makes a Big Rule Change

Nepal bans solo hikes

(Newser) - Hikers who prefer to trek alone will have to scratch a prime destination off their bucket lists: Nepal. The nation is banning foreigners from embarking on solo hikes starting in April, reports the Hindustan Times . The Nepal Tourism Board says it's all about safety because too many solo hiking...

'Hiking Queen' Dies After Sliding Hundreds of Feet

She had already decided to turn back from Mount Baldy due to dangerous conditions

(Newser) - A mother of four known to family and friends as the "hiking queen" died after sliding as many as 700 feet down a California mountain on Sunday, authorities say. Crystal Paula Gonzalez-Landas is the second hiker to die in recent weeks on Mount Baldy, the highest of the San...

Women's Religious Hike Nearly Turns Tragic

Eight women had to be rescued in extreme heat from Camelback Mountain in Arizona

(Newser) - The idea behind their hike was to test themselves physically and spiritually, and it ended up being off the charts on both counts. Eight women had to be rescued from Arizona's Camelback Mountain this week amid triple-digit temperatures. All suffered what were described as "heat-related illnesses" but survived,...

Sitting Near Cliff's Edge, He 'Spontaneously Slumped'

Paul Classen of the Netherlands dies after falling 50 feet near Virginia's McAfee Knob

(Newser) - A Dutch hiker attempting to conquer a portion of the Appalachian Trail has died after falling from a cliff in Virginia. Paul "Grandmaster" Classen, 23, who was known to carry a chess set with him, fell 50 feet from a cliff just north of the iconic 3,200-foot-tall McAfee...

Hikers, Brace Yourselves for a New Poop Protocol
Hikers, Brace Yourselves
for a New Poop Protocol
in case you missed it

Hikers, Brace Yourselves for a New Poop Protocol

Sentiment is growing that it's time to start packing it out instead of burying it

(Newser) - For a long time, the standard protocol for hikers and campers who had to poop in the woods was to bury it in what's known as a "cat hole," writes Krista Langlois at Outside . But with more people than ever on the trails, a new sentiment is...

Missing Nonverbal Teen Used Rocks to Alert Rescuers

16-year-old was helped out of forest after clinking rocks together

(Newser) - A nonverbal teenager who became lost while hiking in dense wilderness in Southern California was found safe Sunday after he banged rocks together to alert rescuers. The 16-year-old developmentally disabled teen had been hiking with his mother and sister in Crescenta Valley Park in Glendale, Calif., when he uncharacteristically ran...

Final Text Revealed From Family Who Died on Trail

From Jonathan Gerrish's phone: 'can you help us. ... No water or ver [over] heating with baby'

(Newser) - Update: More is now known about the final hours of a California family who perished on a hike near Yosemite over the summer, thanks to dad Jonathan Gerrish's cellphone, reports CNN . Per the Mariposa County Sheriff's Office , some of the last things that Gerrish, wife Ellen Chung, and...

Your Kid Finished the Appalachian Trail? Be Quiet, Maybe

In 'Outside' essay, Krista Langlois explains why she doesn't like stories of young record-breakers

(Newser) - We've all seen the occasional headlines about kids who set mountain-climbing records or hike the entire Appalachian Trail , but Krista Langlois doesn't want to hear about such feats anymore. In her latest piece for Outside , she explains it's not that she's unimpressed by the youngsters' abilities,...

He Tried, Failed to Reclaim His Appalachian Trail Record
His Wild Appalachian Trail
Goal Wasn't Attainable
in case you missed it

His Wild Appalachian Trail Goal Wasn't Attainable

Scott Jurek's second fastest-known-time attempt lasted only 8 days

(Newser) - In 2015, ultra-marathoner Scott Jurek set a fastest-known-time record by tearing through the full 2,189-mile Appalachian Trail in 46 days, eight hours. At the time, Newser covered the fine he had to pay due to the fact that he celebrated with champagne . That record stood for just a year,...

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