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Students' 'Siouxper Drunk' T-Shirts Spark Ire

North Dakota group wears shirts with beer-drinking logo

(Newser) - University of North Dakota students are taking heat—not least from their school's president—after photos showed 10 of them in T-shirts reading, "Siouxper Drunk." The shirts were apparently for a spring festival this weekend, and they show an image that looks a lot like the university'...

Sacred American Indian Site Harmed With Feds' OK

Officials ignored laws at Effigy Mounds monument: investigation

(Newser) - Over the course of a decade, one of the most sacred American Indian burial sites saw $3 million in construction—and though the projects were illegal, National Park Service officials approved them, the AP reports. Construction of trails and boardwalks at Effigy Mounds National Monument, in Iowa, required tribal approval...

Pricey Homes Built on Ancient 'Treasure Trove'

American Indians wouldn't let archaeologists keep find

(Newser) - Developers are building multi-million-dollar homes over an American Indian burial ground in California's Marin County—with full consent of native leaders, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. As required by law, developers had archaeologists investigate the 4,500-year-old site, which housed 600 human burials, musical instruments, harpoon tips, black and...

4 Dead in Bloody Attack at California Tribal Office

Cherie Lash Rhoades allegedly killed four people

(Newser) - An eviction hearing for a formal tribal chairwoman ended in a hail of bullets yesterday at the Cedarville Rancheria American Indian tribal office in California. Alturas police say Cherie Lash Rhoades, also known as Sherie Lash, opened fire at around 3:30pm, shooting six people and killing four of them,...

SD Reservation on Edge After Legalizing Booze

Police chief fears surge in violence

(Newser) - A South Dakota reservation that's been dry almost since its founding has voted to allow the possession and sale of alcohol on its grounds, a move that runs counter to traditional federal rules. The decision has Oglala Sioux tribe members deeply divided—so divided that ballots had to be...

Supreme Court Rules for Indian Girl's Adopted Parents

Lower court had returned Veronica to Cherokee dad

(Newser) - The Supreme Court sided with a South Carolina couple today in a contentious adoption battle. Matt and Melanie Capobianco cared for baby Veronica since birth, until a family court ordered her returned to her biological father, Dusten Brown, at the end of 2011 when she had just turned 2; the...

Native American Teen Fined $1K for Graduation Feather

Chelsey Ramer won't get diploma until she pays

(Newser) - Chelsey Ramer, a member of the Poarch Creek Band of Indians, wanted to wear an important symbol of her Native American heritage when she graduated from her Alabama high school last month: an eagle feather. But the principal of Escambia Academy denied her request; soon after the school distributed a...

Wounded Knee Activist Russell Means Dies
 Wounded Knee Activist 
 Russell Means Dies 

Wounded Knee Activist Russell Means Dies

He also starred in Last of the Mohicans , once ran for president

(Newser) - Russell Means, a former American Indian Movement activist who helped lead the 1973 uprising at Wounded Knee, reveled in stirring up attention, and appeared in several Hollywood films, has died. He was 72. Means died early today at his ranch in Porcupine, SD, an Ogala Sioux tribal spokeswoman said. Means...

For Native American Women, Sex Assault Is 'the Norm'

Rate of rape much higher than the rest of the country

(Newser) - The official number is bad enough: One in three American Indian women have experienced rape or attempted rape, a rate more than twice the national average. But it gets worse: One survey finds that in some rural villages, the rate of sexual violence is as much as 12 times the...

Why I&#39;m Done With Anheuser-Busch

 Why I'm Done With 
Nicolas Kristof

Why I'm Done With Anheuser-Busch

Retailers in Whiteclay, Nebraska, fuel alcoholism among native Americans

(Newser) - This Bud's for you, native Americans—and that's why Nicholas Kristof is done with Anheuser-Busch. The sight of American Indians walking from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to nearby Whiteclay, Nebraska, for a beer or ten, was all Kristof needed: "It’s as if Mexico legally sold...

2nd 'Underground Railroad' Ran South for 100 Years

Slaves fled southern states for Spanish-owned Florida

(Newser) - Turns out there was another Underground Railroad that helped Southern slaves escape their masters before the Civil War—only it ran the other way and relied partly on help from American Indians. Reporting on an upcoming conference in St. Augustine, Fla., the AP describes a lesser-known railroad that once shuttled...

Government Gives Tribe OK to Kill 2 Bald Eagles

Northern Arapaho Tribe in Wyoming will do so for religious purposes

(Newser) - The US Fish and Wildlife Service has taken the unusual step of issuing a permit allowing an American Indian tribe to kill two bald eagles for religious purposes. The agency's decision comes after the Northern Arapaho Tribe in Wyoming filed a federal lawsuit last year contending the refusal to...

American Indians Angry Over Use of ‘Geronimo’

Code name of bin Laden operation rankles Native Americans

(Newser) - “Geronimo EKIA.” That code phrase, short for Geronimo, Enemy Killed in Action, led to jubilation in America because it meant that Osama bin Laden was dead. But not everybody liked the choice of the raid's code name. “I was celebrating that we had gotten this guy...

'Marrying Out' Thins Native Americans' Ranks

Population loss could lead to loss of federal benefits

(Newser) - More often than not, white people in the US marry other white people and black people marry other black people—but Census data show that more than half of all Native Americans marry non-Native Americans, and that could create problems for tribes down the line. The Eastern Shoshone of Wyoming,...

Indian Tribe Doesn't Want US Trash on Sacred Land

It's fighting a plan to ship Hawaii garbage to Washington state

(Newser) - Hawaii's landfill space is in such short supply, the state decided to transport thousands of tons of trash 2,600 miles to Washington. Making the journey even more bizarre: The waste would travel over the Yakama Indians' sacred hunting grounds to get to its destination, and the tribe is none...

We Hate Vuvuzelas, But Condone Tomahawk Chop?

Sports spectators should apply their outrage elsewhere

(Newser) - The constant drone of vuvuzelas is annoying for people watching the World Cup, but Derrick Z. Jackson thinks American spectators should apply their "outrage to more serious sports matters." Specifically, the stereotypes about American Indians that still abound. Consider the tomahawk chop at Atlanta Braves and Florida State...

Cherokee Chief, Activist Wilma Mankiller Dies

First female chief was 64, had battled cancer

(Newser) - Former Cherokee Nation Chief Wilma Mankiller, one of the nation's most visible American Indian leaders and one of few women to lead a major tribe, died yesterday after suffering from cancer and other health problems. She was 64. Mankiller, whose first taste of federal policy toward Indians came when her...

High Court Won't Hear Challenge to Border Fence

(Newser) - The Supreme Court has refused to hear a challenge to the completion of the border fence between the US and Mexico, Fox News reports. Environmental groups, an Indian tribe, and the city of El Paso brought the challenge, contending that a fence will cut off access to the Rio Grande...

Jury Awards $2.5M to KKK Beating Victim

(Newser) - A KKK leader and one of his followers must pay $2.5 million in damages for the vicious beating of an American Indian teen in 2006, the Courier-Journal reports. Prosecutors hope the verdict in the civil trial will be economically devastating to the Kentucky-based Imperial Klans of America, the second-biggest...

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