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Obama Planning Sweeping Staff Shakeup

White House to look different with Plouffe in, Axelrod and Emanuel out

(Newser) - President Obama has pushed back his staff shakeup until January, but it may be bigger than expected when it actually comes, Politico reports. The biggest addition will be David Plouffe, who, alongside interim chief of staff Pete Rouse, is expected to tighten up what had been a chaotic organization revolving...

Obama Off the Cigs: White House
Obama Off the Cigs:
White House

Obama Off the Cigs: White House

Healthy president hasn't lit up for 9 months

(Newser) - Despite taxes, treaties, and other stresses, President Obama appears not to have smoked a cigarette in 9 months, the White House says. “I've not seen or witnessed evidence of any smoking” in that time, said press secretary Robert Gibbs. “Even where he might have once found some comfort...

US, South Korea Refuse Talks With North

They say it'd be rewarding the Kims for bad behavior

(Newser) - The US, South Korea, and Japan are saying “thanks, but no thanks” to China’s request for emergency talks with North Korea, arguing that talks would only reward the rogue regime for its recent aggression. “The United States and a host of others, I don’t think, are...

Gibbs: Dems Will Prevail Nov. 2
 Gibbs: Dems Will Prevail Nov. 2 

Gibbs: Dems Will Prevail Nov. 2

Says party faithful is getting stoked again

(Newser) - White House mouthpiece Robert Gibbs officially reversed his July assertion that Democrats could lose the House (here's the firestorm that ensued) , today telling Meet the Press that his party's base was waking from its stupor and would retain control of both chambers of Congress. As his boss hit the campaign...

Robert Gibbs May Be Next DNC Chair

Press chief in line for party post, says Politico

(Newser) - Robert Gibbs could shift from White House press secretary to chair of the Democratic National Committee, reports Politico , which says party "insiders" have already begun floating the proposal. The shuffle would likely happen next year, in time for Gibbs to take over ahead of the 2012 re-election run. Current...

White House Bashes Forbes for 'Kenyan' Article

'Did they not fact-check this at all?'

(Newser) - The White House lashed out at Forbes yesterday over a recent cover story accusing Obama of inheriting the "cause of anti-colonialism" from his Kenyan father. Most critics have attacked writer Dinesh D'Souza or Newt Gingrich, who parroted the ideas in a recent interview. But Robert Gibbs took aim at...

Dear Press, You're Not the Boss of Robert Gibbs
Dear Press, You're Not the Boss of Robert Gibbs
dueling views

Dear Press, You're Not the Boss of Robert Gibbs

But Paul Krugman thinks he's being 'stupid' and thin-skinned

(Newser) - Robert Gibbs' takedown of the "professional left" continues to generate buzz among media types, and today produces two diametrically opposed views:
  • Paul Krugman, New York Times : The press chief needs another job if he can't take this heat. Liberal critics are voicing the "real concerns of real people,

Robert Gibbs Should Consider Resigning
 Robert Gibbs Should 
 Consider Resigning 

Robert Gibbs Should Consider Resigning

Press chief's 'increasing candor' getting him in hot water

(Newser) - Robert Gibbs keeps getting himself into pickles because of his "increasing candor" (see here and here ) and Scott Wilson thinks it's time for the press secretary to fade into a less public role. Both of his recent comments that drew fire—conceding Democrats may lose the House and...

Gibbs: 'Professional Left' Should Be Drug-Tested

He bristles at criticism from progressives

(Newser) - After catching flak for suggesting that Democrats might lose the House , Robert Gibbs isn't exactly shying away from controversial statements. In an interview with the Hill , the White House press chief called out the "professional left" for its withering criticism of President Obama. “I hear these people saying...

If I Believed Media, I Wouldn't Like Me, Either: Palin

Joe McGinniss needs to get a life; Pelosi's on the warpath

(Newser) - Two of the most divisive women in US politics took to the Sunday shows today, with Sarah Palin dismissing a recent poll that showed 50% of independents viewed her unfavorably. "If I believed everything I read or heard in the media, I wouldn't like me either," she said...

WikiLeaks Suspect Transferred to US Soil

Army's Manning faces trial in another leak

(Newser) - The White House today implored WikiLeaks to stop posting secret Afghanistan war documents as the Pentagon brought the soldier suspected of leaking the information back to the US for trial in another case. "I think it's important that no more damage be done to our national security," Robert...

White House Apologizes to Shirley Sherrod

It's still unclear whether she'll be back at work for USDA

(Newser) - The White House has apologized to Shirley Sherrod for its hasty firing of her over an out-of-context video. "Without a doubt, Miss Sherrod is owed an apology," said Robert Gibbs at his afternoon press conference. "I would do so on behalf of this administration." But will...

Pelosi Calls Robert Gibbs 'Politically Inept'

Speaker slams press chief for saying GOP could retake House

(Newser) - Nancy Pelosi isn't happy with Robert Gibbs' forecast about the midterms. At a House Democratic Caucus meeting this week, she described him as "politically inept" for acknowledging that Republicans could regain the House in November, reports CQ Politics . “It was bad,” said one source. “She was...

Democrats Trying to Scare Their Own Base

They need voters to get out there in November

(Newser) - Why would Robert Gibbs declare, on national TV, that there was “no doubt” the Democrats could lose the House in November? To scare the crap out of Democrats, writes Rick Klein for ABC News . First off, he is right, and everyone knows it: 79 House seats are up for...

Axelrod: Oil Rig Pullout 'Not Optimal'
 Oil Rig 
 'Not Optimal' 

Axelrod: Oil Rig Pullout 'Not Optimal'

Plus, Ariz. rep tired of Brewer getting 'kicked around'

(Newser) - The exit of oil drilling rigs from the Gulf of Mexico "is not an optimal situation," David Axelrod tells Fox News Sunday, but it's not un-optimal enough to lift the White House's moratorium on new drilling. While "the president does not want to stop drilling," the...

Gibbs: Obama's 'Angry,' May Fire McChrystal

War effort 'bigger than any one man,' press secretary says

(Newser) - There’s a distinct possibility Barack Obama will show Stanley McChrystal the door, Robert Gibbs told reporters today. “He was angry,” Gibbs said, calling the gravity of McChrystal’s comments “profound.” He repeatedly refused to offer the general a vote of confidence, the Washington Post notes....

US to Bill BP $69M for Cleanup So Far

First bill going out today, says Robert Gibbs

(Newser) - The White House says it's sending BP a $69 million bill today for costs so far in its response to the oil spill. Press chief Robert Gibbs says the bill is the first to be sent to the oil company, and he's not sure whether they have a deadline to...

Palin on Paul: 'Gotcha' Media Strikes Again
 Palin on Paul: 
 'Gotcha' Media 
 Strikes Again 


Palin on Paul: 'Gotcha' Media Strikes Again

Michael Steele distances himself from Kentucky candidate

(Newser) - Rand Paul has famously taken the day off , but he was certainly everywhere on the Sunday circus dial. Sarah Palin led Paul's defense, decrying a media perpetually in search of that "'gotcha' moment," while Michael Steele backed away, calling Paul's philosophy "misplaced in these times." Tim...

First Lady Tries Twitter
 First Lady Tries Twitter 

First Lady Tries Twitter

With assist from Jay Leno, CNN reporter helps Michelle Obama tweet

(Newser) - It took five people, but Michelle Obama now knows how to use Twitter. The tale emerges in the wake of the White House Correspondents Association Dinner, aka the "nerd prom," where Jay Leno busted Ed Henry of CNN for tweeting at the head table. That got Obama's attention,...

Times Square Bomb Plot Has Foreign Links: Officials

Administration calls failed attack terrorism

(Newser) - The failed Times Square bombing was likely the work of more than one individual and may have been organized by people living abroad, the Washington Post reports. Administration officials won't say the incident was the work of an international organization— despite what the Pakistani Taliban claim s—but were examining...

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