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Half of Republicans Say ACORN Stole the Election
Half of Republicans Say ACORN Stole the Election
survey says

Half of Republicans Say ACORN Stole the Election

Interesting, considering ACORN shut down: Public Policy Polling

(Newser) - A post-election poll by Public Policy Polling finds that 49% of Republican voters think now-defunct community organization group ACORN stole the election, causing an Obama win. That's down from 52% who believed the same in 2008. "This is a modest decline, but perhaps smaller than might have been...

Fox Sidelines Karl Rove, Dick Morris

Post-election, Ailes wants fresh faces

(Newser) - The post-election shake-up at Fox News includes benching two of the pundits who called it wrong the most persistently, New York reports. Under orders from Roger Ailes, producers must get permission before booking Karl Rove or Dick Morris. "The election’s over," says a Fox spokesperson confirming the...

Fox's Ailes Offered to Back Petraeus Presidential Bid

He urged general to reject CIA directorship, reports Bob Woodward

(Newser) - Fox News chief Roger Ailes made a serious effort last year to enlist Gen. David Petraeus to seek the GOP nomination for president, reports Bob Woodward for the Washington Post . Fox News national security analyst Kathleen McFarland was asked to speak to the general on Ailes' behalf on a trip...

Inside Mitt's Post-Election Life: Ann's Tears, Boston Market

Insiders say he's not bitter, but trying to find purpose

(Newser) - There are no bourbon-fueled benders, beards, or pity parties for the man who four weeks ago lost the White House, but Mitt Romney wakes up each day deprived perhaps for the first time in his life of any real sense of purpose, reports the Washington Post in a lengthy look...

Florida Tosses Ballot of Christian Slater

Make that 'Christina' Slater

(Newser) - Not even celebrity status can save you from the mess that is Florida's ballot process. Christian Slater, who stood in line for about five hours on Election Day and tweeted all the way through it, just got a letter informing him that his provisional ballot was rejected, reports BuzzFeed...

Hey GOP, Stop Bashing Mitt Romney
 Hey GOP, 
 Stop Bashing 
 Mitt Romney 
Stuart Stevens

Hey GOP, Stop Bashing Mitt Romney

Chief strategist Stuart Stevens comes to his defense

(Newser) - Democrats are supposed to be the party with "a shortage of loyalty and an abundance of self-loathing," but in the wake of Mitt Romney's defeat, Republicans appear to be getting in on the act, chief Romney strategist Stuart Stevens writes in the Washington Post . Republicans are rushing...

Ex-GOP: Florida Voting Law Was Designed to Hurt Dems

Charlie Crist, Jim Greer accuse GOP of electoral sabotage

(Newser) - Florida Republicans intentionally crafted a new early voting law to keep Democratic voters from getting to the polls, according to GOP advisers and former GOP officials. Republican leaders said they designed the law—which added to chaos at the polls —to fight voter fraud and save money, but former...

The Election Is Ruining Thanksgiving

Political conversations among relatives can be icky

(Newser) - The AP confirms what many may already be thinking: Thanksgiving is going to stink this year. After such a heated election, many part-Democrat, part-Republican families will likely be passing the green bean casserole ... and passing angry political barbs back and forth. As proof, the AP takes an in-advance peek at...

Soul-Searching in GOP? Don&#39;t Believe It
 Soul-Searching  in GOP?  
 Don't Believe It 
paul krugman

Soul-Searching in GOP? Don't Believe It

Paul Krugman doesn't buy the talk about 'new Republicans'

(Newser) - Political chatter has it that some "new Republicans" are emerging in the wake of Mitt Romney's loss, a group willing to budge on economic and social issues, writes Paul Krugman at his blog in the New York Times . Don't believe it for a second, he adds. "...

Iowa Governor: Let's Kill Our Straw Poll

It's a political relic, says GOP's Terry Branstad

(Newser) - The Iowa straw poll may be a political tradition for the GOP, but the state's own Republican governor thinks it should be retired. The Ames poll has "outlived its usefulness" except as a fundraiser for the party, Terry Branstad tells the Wall Street Journal . In more than 30...

Scarborough to Nate Silver: I'm Sorry, Sorta

Admits Silver was right, but still calls early predictions a 'fool's errand'

(Newser) - Joe Scarborough is ready to give what he calls a "(semi) apology" to pollster Nate Silver. The two tussled over whether Silver's ultimately accurate early election predictions were appropriate in a race that Scarborough felt was "in flux" at the time. But after talking with Silver on...

Irony Alert: Romney May End Up With 47% of Votes

It's a 'perfect conclusion' to Romney saga: Greg Sargent

(Newser) - Mitt Romney's favorite percentage may come back to haunt him. Votes have only been completely tallied in 10 states thus far, and it's looking more and more like Romney will finish with just under 47.5% of the vote, writes Greg Sargent for the Washington Post . When rounded,...

After Clamoring for Recount, Allen West Losing Harder

Meanwhile, Dems accuse Gov. Rick Scott of interfering in race

(Newser) - It looks pretty clear at this point that Tea Party favorite Allen West did not win re-election to his House seat in Florida, but he's not giving up—and now, Democrats say, even Gov. Rick Scott has interfered in the race, WPTV reports. The Florida secretary of state—who...

Guy With Romney Face Tattoo: No Regrets
 Guy With 
 Face Tattoo: 
 No Regrets 
in case you missed it

Guy With Romney Face Tattoo: No Regrets

Eric Hartsburg is glad he was able to 'shed blood' for the campaign

(Newser) - Move over, Karl Rove. Eric Hartsburg could very well claim the title of Most Disappointed Romney Supporter. After all, 10 square inches of his face now bear a Romney-logo tattoo, but in an interview with Politico , the 30-year-old from Indiana says that while he's "totally disappointed," he...

So Far, 23 States Agree to Build Insurance Exchanges

12 are undecided; feds will build them in the rest

(Newser) - One huge tangible of President Obama's victory: With ObamaCare moving forward, states must decide in a month how they'll go about setting up health insurance exchanges where the uninsured can get coverage in 2014. The original deadline was yesterday (it got extended this week), and the AP takes...

Gun Shop Owner: No Obama Voters Allowed

Arizona merchant says they can't be trusted to have a firearm

(Newser) - The owner of a gun shop in Pinetop, Arizona, is holding a post-election grudge: Cope Reynolds of the Southwest Shooting Authority says Obama voters are no longer welcome in his store, reports the Phoenix New Times . He's got a sign posted outside the shop informing them to turn around...

GOP Tries to Return Romney's 'Gift' Comment

Pundits say GOP is basically telling him to 'go away'

(Newser) - It looks like Mitt Romney's parting shot—attributing Barack Obama's win to the "gifts" he offered minorities and the young —is the gift that keeps on giving for Democrats, as Republicans around the country hurried to distance themselves from their former nominee's comment. Prominent GOP...

Overlooked Key to Obama Victory: Gay Voters

They favored the president 3 to 1, says NYT

(Newser) - The role of gay voters in President Obama's re-election hasn't gotten much attention, but a New York Times story makes the case that it was a "decisive" factor. Exit polls showed that 5% of voters identified as gay, lesbian, or bisexual, and Obama had their overwhelming support...

Romney: Obama Won by Giving Minorities 'Gifts'

'Gifts' like ObamaCare and college-loan-interest forgiveness

(Newser) - Election 2012 might be over, but Mitt Romney isn't done generating headlines. The Los Angeles Times listened in on a call he had with donors yesterday (a fact Romney didn't seem aware of, it notes), and a comment the former candidate made is getting much attention:
  • The Obama

Oops: Broward County in Florida Finds 1K Ballots

Box was misplaced in a warehouse

(Newser) - Florida's making it a little too easy now for the voting jokes: WSVN reports that Broward County officials have turned up a box with nearly 1,000 uncounted paper ballots in a warehouse. But it's this line in particular that stands out in the report: "The supervisor...

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