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Stan Lee's Daughter Blasts Marvel After Sony Split
Stan Lee's Daughter Picks
a Side in Sony-Marvel Spat
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Stan Lee's Daughter Picks a Side in Sony-Marvel Spat

It's not with Marvel

(Newser) - Fans of Spider-Man are spinning over the news that their favorite hero may be out of Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe due to a financial dispute—though Stan Lee's daughter thinks it might be for the best. Deadline broke the story Tuesday, but understanding what has allegedly transpired means...

Stan Lee's Ex-Manager Arrested
Stan Lee's Ex-Manager Arrested

Stan Lee's Ex-Manager Arrested

Keya Morgan faces multiple felony charges

(Newser) - A former business manager of Stan Lee was arrested Saturday on elder abuse charges involving the late comic book legend, the AP reports. Keya Morgan was taken into custody in Arizona on an outstanding arrest warrant after being charged by Los Angeles County prosecutors earlier this month. Morgan faces felony...

Court: Arrest Warrant Out for Stan Lee's Former Manager

Keya Morgan accused of elder abuse against late comic book legend

(Newser) - It's been just over six months since Stan Lee died , but controversy still swirls around the late Marvel Comics leader's ex-manager and business partner. Reuters reports that the latest in the saga involving Keya Morgan includes five counts of elder abuse filed against him Friday, including charges of...

Bill Maher's Anti-Stan Lee Blog Is Not Going Over Well

Maher drew a line from Marvel Comics legend to President Trump

(Newser) - "Don't speak ill of the dead" is apparently not advice Bill Maher lives by. The comedian wrote a blog post about Stan Lee after the Marvel Comics icon died last week , and it was not exactly respectful in tone. "America is in mourning. Deep, deep mourning for...

Stan Lee Dies at 95
Stan Lee
Dies at 95

Stan Lee Dies at 95

His daughter confirms the news to TMZ

(Newser) - Stan Lee, the co-creator of Marvel Comics, is dead at 95, Lee's daughter tells TMZ . The gossip site reports an ambulance was called to Lee's Hollywood Hills home early Monday and he died at a nearby medical center. His cause of death is not yet clear, but TMZ...

The Marvel Universe Has Lost an Icon

Steve Ditko, the artist who helped Stan Lee introduce Peter Parker to the world, has died

(Newser) - Steve Ditko, the Marvel Comics artist who gave the world the woven webs and soaring red-and-blue shape of Spider-Man and the other-worldly shimmer of Doctor Strange, has died at age 90. Ditko was found June 29 in his Manhattan apartment and was pronounced dead at the scene, police said, per...

Stan Lee's Manager Accused of Elder Abuse

Keya Morgan arrested for filing false police report

(Newser) - Los Angeles police are investigating reports of elder abuse against Marvel Comics' Stan Lee, court documents show. The investigation was revealed in a restraining order granted against Keya Morgan, who in recent months has been acting as Lee's business manager and personal adviser, the AP reports. Morgan has inserted...

Stan Lee: Company I Founded Stole My Identity

POW! Entertainment scoffs at $1B lawsuit

(Newser) - POW! Entertainment is speaking out against what it says is a lawsuit "completely without merit." It comes, surprisingly, from the company's own co-founder, 95-year-old Stan Lee. Filed Tuesday, the $1 billion suit accuses POW! of a "fraudulent" deal that gave the company "the exclusive right...

Stan Lee Is a Widower After 69 Years

Joan Lee, wife of comic icon, is dead after a stroke

(Newser) - Sad news in the world of comics: Joan Lee, the wife of industry legend Stan Lee, is dead at age 93, reports Variety . She had a stroke last week and never recovered. Lee himself is 94 and had been married to Joan for 69 years. Her death prompted the Hollywood ...

Stan Lee's Legacy: Villain or Hero?

Or maybe a little of both? Vulture digs in with a profile

(Newser) - How somebody feels about Stan Lee might depend on how deep their knowledge of the comic book industry goes, and Abraham Riesman digs into this complicated legacy in a profile at Vulture . On the one hand, the 93-year-old Lee is arguably "the single most significant author of the pop-culture...

Stan Lee Releasing a Most Appropriate Memoir

Marvel Comics icon's book will be a comic book

(Newser) - Stan Lee is publishing a memoir—and, of course, it will be in the form of a graphic novel. Lee, 92, the former head of Marvel Comics and creator of such iconic comic book (and now major motion picture) characters as Spider-Man and the X-Men, says in a statement that...

Arnold's New Show Is a Hoax— Right?

'The Governator' sounds too silly to be believed

(Newser) - Spend a little time online today, and you’re sure to see lots of very excited posts about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s return to the world of showbiz as cartoon and comic book character “The Governator”—but it’s got to be an April Fool’s joke, right? The...

Marvel Fans on Disney Deal: 'SOOOO NOT HAPPY!'

(Newser) - Comics fans are just a little miffed by Marvel’s $4 billion acquisition by Disney: “SOOOO NOT HAPPY! Spider-man should not be co-mingling with Goofy,” reads one blog post. The problem, Linda Holmes writes for NPR, is “one of perception: Put simply, Marvel has a cool factor...

Comics Legend Stan Lee Creates Gay Superhero

Character will debut in a 1-hour Showtime special

(Newser) - Is the world ready for the first homosexual superhero? Comic legend Stan Lee has created the character Thom Creed, a high-school basketball player who must deal with his sexual orientation as well as untrained superpowers, the Telegraph reports. The character, adapted by Lee from the novel Hero by Perry Moore,...

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's Super PoshBecks!

Comics legend Stan Lee draws up idea for Posh and Becks in Spandex

(Newser) - The creator of the Fantastic Four has his eye on famous twosome David and Victoria Beckham to be his next cartoon crimefighters, Access Hollywood reports. Former Marvel Comics kingpin Stan Lee, already working to put Paris Hilton and Ringo Starr into two dimensions, says "the great looking, talented and...

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