Russian oligarchs

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Ex-FBI Official Pleads Guilty in Russian Oligarch Case

Charles McGonigal says he's 'deeply remorseful'

(Newser) - A former high-ranking FBI counterintelligence official pleaded guilty Tuesday to conspiring to violate sanctions on Russia by going to work, after he retired, for an oligarch he once investigated. Appearing before a federal judge in New York City, Charles McGonigal, 55, said he was "deeply remorseful" for work he...

Santos' Troubles Now Take On a Russian Twist

Link emerges between NY congressman and CEO Andrew Intrater, cousin of sanctioned oligarch

(Newser) - George Santos has been under the microscope ever since reports began emerging about his various fabrications, and the most recent development won't ease pressure on the freshman New York congressman. A week after a watchdog group filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission on Santos, claiming multiple...

After a Break, Oligarchs Start Dropping Like Flies Again

3 Russian businessmen mysteriously die over weekend, including one who fell from hotel window

(Newser) - It's been a while since the murky death of a Russian oligarch or other high-profile exec has made headlines, but this month saw that streak broken. Per the BBC , 65-year-old sausage magnate Pavel Antov, who's topped Forbes' list of the richest Russian businessmen, was found dead Sunday at...

Report: Egg Seized From Russian Yacht Was a 'Fauxbergé'

Experts agree find is unlikely to be lost imperial egg worth millions: 'WSJ'

(Newser) - Experts were understandably skeptical when the Justice Department announced in July that it had possibly found a Fabergé egg on a seized Russian yacht . Fifty-two jeweled Easter eggs were commissioned for the Russian Imperial family from 1885 to 1916, with 50 of those delivered before the monarchy was toppled in...

Court: Squatters Can Stay in Oligarch's Amsterdam Home

Group moved into sanctioned Russian tech billionaire's mansion last month

(Newser) - Squatters who moved into the Amsterdam mansion of a Russian tech billionaire last month can stay there for now, a Dutch court has decided. The five-story property in an upmarket neighborhood is owned by Arkady Volozh, co-founder of Yandex, Russia's biggest search engine, the Guardian reports. Heleen over de...

Russian Oligarch Is Officially Out of a Superyacht

Dmitry Pumpyansky's luxury boat was the first to be auctioned, for $37.5M, over Ukraine sanctions

(Newser) - Update: The luxury superyacht seized from Russian oligarch Dmitry Pumpyansky and put up for sale in the first auction of its kind related to Russia's invasion of Ukraine ended up selling for $37.5 million in an auction that garnered 63 bids, the Guardian reports. The buyer's identity...

Inside Seized Superyacht: an Alleged Faberge Egg
Inside Seized
Russian Yacht, an
'Interesting' Find
in case you missed it

Inside Seized Russian Yacht, an 'Interesting' Find

Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco says alleged Faberge egg was recovered

(Newser) - US law enforcement officials who seized a Russian oligarch's $300 million yacht found what could be considered the ultimate symbol of opulence inside: an alleged Fabergé egg. Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco told the Aspen Security Forum on Wednesday that the jeweled egg was one of the more "...

Russian Superyacht Arrives in Hawaii Flying US Flag

Amadea was seized after Fiji legal battle

(Newser) - A Russian-owned superyacht seized by the United States arrived in Honolulu Harbor on Thursday flying an American flag. The US last week won a legal battle in Fiji to take the $325 million vessel and immediately sailed it to Hawaii. The FBI has linked the Amadea to the Russian oligarch...

US Aid to Ukraine is 'Almost Exhausted.' Now, a New Plan

Biden proposes $33B assistance package to last an estimated 5 months

(Newser) - President Biden will ask Congress for an additional $33 billion to help Ukraine fend off the Russian invasion, two administration officials said Thursday, per the AP . Biden's latest proposal—which the officials said was expected to last for five months—has more than $20 billion in military assistance for...

Nobody Seems to Know This Oligarch's Role in Peace Talks

Roman Abramovich seems to be ever-present, and he may have been poisoned for his trouble

(Newser) - One of the people spotted at the Russian-Ukraine peace talks on Tuesday was Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, which turns out to be interesting on a few fronts. For one thing, reports emerged Monday that Abramovich had been poisoned along with Ukrainian diplomats during peace talks in early March. All of...

Oligarch in Peace Talks May Have Been Poisoned

'Wall Street Journal' reports on Roman Abramovich, who is recovering

(Newser) - The Wall Street Journal is out with a startling, if unconfirmed, story about peace talks to end Russia's war in Ukraine. The newspaper reports that a Russian oligarch who is participating in the talks has been the victim of suspected poisoning by hard-liners in his country who want to...

Squatters Occupy Oligarch's London Mansion

Group said they wanted to offer 200-room building to Ukrainian refugees

(Newser) - "You occupy Ukraine, we occupy you," an anarchist group said Monday after taking over a London mansion believed to belong to a Russian oligarch. Police later entered the Belgrave Square mansion and said no squatters remained inside, though they continued to negotiate with several people on the property'...

Oligarch's Superyacht Vanishes
Oligarch's Superyacht Vanishes
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Oligarch's Superyacht Vanishes

Boat owned by Lukoil CEO Vagit Alekperov stops transmitting signals

(Newser) - A Russian billionaire may be trying to get sneaky to keep his superyacht from being seized. The Daily Beast reports that a massive vessel owned by Vagit Alekperov, head of Russian energy giant Lukoil, has vanished in a sense. The Galactica Super Nova departed Montenegro on March 2 and then,...

Russian Billionaire Says He Will Sell Team, Give Proceeds to War Victims
No More 'Safe Haven'
for Russian Oligarch 

No More 'Safe Haven' for Russian Oligarch

Billionaire Abramovich is sanctioned by UK government, freezing sale of Chelsea soccer club

(Newser) - Update: Roman Abramovich says he's not tight with Vladimir Putin, but that didn't stop the United Kingdom's government from penalizing him over Russia's invasion of Ukraine. CNN reports the 55-year-old billionaire is now on the UK's sanctioned individuals list , meaning Abramovich's sale of the...

This Russian Oligarch Just Lost His Superyacht
Superyacht Seized as It
Prepared 'to Sail Off Urgently'
in case you missed it

Superyacht Seized as It Prepared 'to Sail Off Urgently'

France seizes $120M yacht linked to Putin's friend and ally Igor Sechin

(Newser) - Two days after he was sanctioned by the European Union, Russian oligarch Igor Sechin lost his superyacht. France on Wednesday seized the 280-foot yacht Amore Vero ("True Love"), with a reported price tag of $120 million, reports CNN . The ship, reportedly owned by an entity of which Sechin...

Ukraine-Born Oligarch Found Dead in UK

Surrey police describe Mikhail Watford's death as unexplained

(Newser) - A Ukraine-born oligarch has been found dead in unexplained circumstances at his home in the UK, according to Surrey police. Officers were called to a $24 million property on the exclusive Wentworth Estate in Virginia Water, Surrey, on Monday following the discovery of a body. "An ambulance was called...

Russian Oligarchs Have a Most Persistent Teen on Their Tails

Jack Sweeney, who's been tracking Elon Musk's private jet, is also keeping tabs on Russia's richest

(Newser) - The teen who irked Elon Musk for tracking his private jet now has a new lineup of aircraft he's shadowing. The Hill reports that 19-year-old college freshman Jack Sweeney has set up the Russian Oligarch Jets Twitter account , in response to multiple requests to track the planes of Russia'...

Ukrainian Takes Out War Rage on Russian Boss's Yacht

Sailor angry at Russia's invasion allegedly tried to sink oligarch's $7.8M vessel in Majorca

(Newser) - People are coping with the Russian invasion of Ukraine in different ways, but for one Ukrainian sailor on the Spanish island of Majorca, his coping mechanism took a particularly vengeful turn: He tried to sink a Russian oligarch's $7.8 million superyacht, reports the BBC . The nearly 160-foot-long Lady...

FBI Raids DC, NYC Homes of Oligarch With Ties to Putin

Aluminum tycoon Oleg Deripaska has also done business with Paul Manafort

(Newser) - The FBI raided homes linked to Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska Tuesday. The agency didn’t say why they carried out the raids or what they were looking for, saying through a spokesperson only that they were carrying out a "court-authorized law enforcement activity," at a mansion near Embassy...

Wife to Ex-Hubby: Where's My $600M?
Wife to Ex-Hubby:
Where's My $600M?

Wife to Ex-Hubby: Where's My $600M?

Tatiana and Farkhad Akhmedova have a lot to fight about

(Newser) - Honey, you owe me about $600 million—and I'm waiting. Tatiana Akhmedova is taking her ex-husband to court in London over a fortune including a private jet, an art collection, and several luxury mansions, the Guardian reports. A divorce court has already granted her 41.5% of Farkhad Akhmedov'...

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