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SeaWorld San Diego Ending Shamu Shows Today

But 'Orca Encounter' shows don't sound all that different

(Newser) - SeaWorld San Diego is ending its long-running killer whale show after years of outcry and falling attendance prompted it to renounce theatrical orca displays and its breeding program, the AP reports. The show that featured killer whales cavorting with trainers and leaping high out of the Shamu Stadium pool will...

SeaWorld Ending Orca Shows at San Diego Park

Next year will be the final year

(Newser) - Big news from SeaWorld: CEO Joel Manby announced Monday that next year will be the final year featuring killer whale shows at the San Diego park. Starting in 2017, a "new orca experience" with a "strong conservation message" will debut, he said, per CNN . As the AP puts...

SeaWorld Burglars Turn Out to Be ... Frat Pledges

2 were apprehended, admit to also stealing ice cream

(Newser) - Amid the annals of deadly fraternity hazing stories comes one that involves ... marine mammals and Dippin' Dots. Two of as many as seven alleged burglars who busted their way into San Antonio's SeaWorld around 2am Wednesday say they were there on orders from a frat they were pledging, though...

Macy's Parade Woe: Uproar Over SeaWorld Float

But Macy's isn't budging

(Newser) - What with the considerable hoopla surrounding Blackfish, the recent documentary about the SeaWorld whale that killed a trainer in 2010, perhaps this was not the best year for SeaWorld to decide to have its first-ever float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Animal activists including PETA are protesting the...

Whale Nearly Drowns Sea World Trainer in Video

Ken Peters pats orca's back, barely escapes alive

(Newser) - A chilling video of an attempt by a Sea World whale to drown her trainer has been shown at a hearing concerning workplace safety at the amusement park. The female orca Kasatka grabs trainer Ken Peters by one of his feet during a performance and drags him deep underwater in...

Guys Break Into Sea World, Steal Penguin

Then release it in shark-infested waters

(Newser) - Usually, we mock criminals when they brag about their crimes on Facebook . But if your crime was breaking into a Sea World, swimming with the dolphins, and making off with a 7-year-old fairy penguin, we understand the urge to share. Three Queensland, Australia men, aged 18, 20, and 21, have...

PETA's Whale-Slaves Lawsuit Has Its Day in Court

But it's unlikely judge will free Willy from SeaWorld

(Newser) - PETA might think it's on "the next frontier of civil rights" with its lawsuit seeking to emancipate SeaWorld's "whale slaves," but a federal judge presiding over a hearing yesterday was a bit more skeptical, reports the LA Times . The animal-rights group, perhaps better known for...

Tommy Lee: Sea World's Whale Masturbation 'Sick, Twisted'

Motley Crue drummer writes letter on behalf of PETA

(Newser) - Tommy Lee's seen some crazy stuff in his time but nothing to match Sea World's treatment of a "sperm bank" killer whale, the Motley Crue drummer writes in an angry letter to the park. Sea World claims Tillikum—an orca that has killed 3 people —no longer has...

Trainer's Death Was SeaWorld's Fault: Ex-Safety Chief

Accuses park of gross negligence as OSHA levies fine

(Newser) - It's not a good day for SeaWorld Orlando. As the news comes that OSHA has fined SeaWorld $75,000 for three violations that led to the death of trainer Dawn Brancheau, the park's former safety chief claims SeaWorld was grossly negligent in its safety preparation and has filed a federal...

SeaWorld Will Resume Orca Shows

Company continues review into killer whale attack

(Newser) - SeaWorld will resume orca shows tomorrow while the company conducts a review of the events leading to a trainer's death at the Florida park. The "Shamu Believe" show will go on, but trainers will not be allowed in the water with the killer whales until after the review is...

Celebs Split on Killer-Whale Killing

 Celebs Split on 
 Killer-Whale Killing 
flu is way scarier, says dane

Celebs Split on Killer-Whale Killing

Khloe Kardashian has whale-phobia; Dane Cook thinks flu is scarier

(Newser) - Celebs are split on which is more outrageous: that the whale that killed a SeaWorld trainer this week is still alive, or that the whale was a captured and trained to perform in the first place. Reactions from Hollywood, as rounded up by E! :
  • Nick Cannon: “People need to

Trainer Death Sparks New Call to Free Killer Whales

Captivity is cruel, and accidents are unavoidable, activists say

(Newser) - The death of a SeaWorld trainer is being met with the inevitable calls to free Willy, and end orca captivity once and for all. “These behemoths are denied all of their natural, instinctual inclinations,” one tells the Christian Science Monitor . “We humans tend to think, ‘Well,...

Sundance Stunner Sheds Light on Dolphin Slaughter
Sundance Stunner Sheds Light on Dolphin Slaughter

Sundance Stunner Sheds Light on Dolphin Slaughter

The Cove filmmakers aim to curb demand for mammals from aquariums, for food

(Newser) - Planning a trip to Sea World? You might want to go before you see The Cove—because you sure won’t want to after. The documentary, made by a National Geographic photographer and Flipper’s former trainer, takes viewers inside a secret cove in Japan, Andrew O’Hehir, from Sundance,...

Lost Manatee Dies on Trip Home

Rescue goes awry an hour from Sea World

(Newser) - A one-eyed stranded manatee who had been rescued from the cold waters off Cape Cod died just an hour before reaching what was to be his new home in Sea World, Florida. The manatee, dubbed Dennis after turning up in the Massachusetts harbor of East Dennis, died while he was...

Help's on Way for Cape Cod Manatee

One-eyed giant stranded in chilly waters for four days

(Newser) - A 1,000-pound manatee, with one eye and an injured flipper, has been stranded for four days off the sleepy Cape Cod harbor town of Dennis, and its chances of returning to warmer waters without help appear slim, reports the Cape Cod Times. The US Fish and Wildlife Service will...

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