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McDonald's Chicken Will Soon Be Free of Human Antibiotics

Move could help fight drug-resistant superbugs

(Newser) - As experts warn of the growing threat of antibiotic-resistant "superbugs," one culprit is the drugs used to treat farm animals . McDonald's is now taking a step to fix the issue: The restaurant chain's US operation will no longer use chicken that's been treated with human...

Teen Battling 'Superbug' Was Infected Twice

2 patients at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center have died

(Newser) - Two of seven patients infected by a "superbug" at an LA hospital have died, and now an 18-year old is battling to keep from being the third. According to the AP , the teen had gone to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center late last year to undergo a procedure that...

UCLA: Nearly 200 May Have Been Exposed to Superbug

Outbreak linked to infected endoscopes

(Newser) - An outbreak of the drug-resistant superbug CRE has already killed two people and infected seven other patients at UCLA's Ronald Reagan Medical Center, and officials fear 179 others may have been exposed. UCLA believes the bacteria were transmitted through two specialized endoscopes that were inserted down patients' throats, reports...

The Scary Implications of India's Wave of Baby Deaths

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria is out of control

(Newser) - India sees 800,000 newborns die each year, but 58,000 of those deaths were particularly noteworthy—and alarming—last year. Those infants died of antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections, according to a recent study cited by the New York Times , which reports the evidence is mounting that a sizable amount of...

Battle Plan for War on Superbugs Revealed

But critics say White House effort doesn't address key problem

(Newser) - The Obama administration yesterday revealed a new national strategy to address antibiotic resistance, which kills 23,000 people a year . Some experts are heralding the fact that a president is finally responding to the issue, the New York Times reports. Others, however, say the strategy to improve how antibiotic use...

Gonorrhea 'Superbug' Hits Australia

Expert warns of 'major public health concern'

(Newser) - Australia has encountered the most drug-resistant strain of gonorrhea the country has ever seen. The disease, detected in a central European tourist who reportedly contracted it in Sydney, is being called a "sex superbug" by the UK's Independent . While clinics in Australia and New Zealand are boosting their...

Antibiotic-Resistant 'Nightmare Bacteria' Rising in Southeast

'Post-antibiotic era' could lie ahead, experts warn

(Newser) - Antibiotic-resistant bacteria that are "just about as bad as it gets," as one study author puts it, are spreading quickly in the Southeast, with a fivefold increase in detected cases between 2008 and 2012, a new study warns. The carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae, or CRE, can defeat even last-resort antibiotics...

Superbug Outbreak Linked to Dirty Tools

NDM hung onto endoscopes despite rigorous disinfection

(Newser) - Centers for Disease Control officials were surprised by last year's sudden spike in cases of NDM CRE, a drug-resistant superbug, in northeastern Illinois. And they were even more surprised when they discovered a common link between the patients: They had a history of endoscopic liver and pancreas exams. It...

US Meat Is Teeming With Superbugs

 US Meat Is Teeming 
 With Superbugs: Report 
in case you missed it

US Meat Is Teeming With Superbugs: Report

More than half of samples were contaminated: government study

(Newser) - Horse meat-tainted beef ? We should be so lucky. US meat is rife with antibiotic-resistant bacteria, or "superbugs," according to a government study released in February that's just now getting attention. The data hails from 2011, and is the result of testing on ground turkey, pork...

'Nightmare Bacteria' a Rising Threat in US Hospitals

Family of germs resists even the strongest antibiotics

(Newser) - A family of deadly germs that can withstand even the strongest antibiotics is a growing threat in American hospitals, federal officials warn. Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae—CRE—have been detected in 4% of short-stay hospitals and nearly a fifth of long-term ones and authorities warn there is only a "limited window...

Superbug Weapon: Panda Blood?
 Superbug Weapon: 
 Panda Blood? 
in case you missed it

Superbug Weapon: Panda Blood?

And, good news, scientists can produce synthetic version

(Newser) - Our latest weapon in the battle against superbugs comes from ... giant pandas? Apparently. Scientists have discovered a potent antibiotic called cathelicidin-AM in the animal's blood. It's released by immune cells there, and Chinese researchers now think it could be used to develop treatments for human diseases—including drug-resistant...

&#39;Superbug&#39; Killed 6 at NIH Hospital Last Year

 'Superbug' Killed 6 
 at NIH Hospital 
 Last Year 
in case you missed it

'Superbug' Killed 6 at NIH Hospital Last Year

Maryland breakout highlights dangers of antibiotic-resistant bacteria

(Newser) - A "superbug"—deadly, antibiotic-resistant bacterium—rampaged through a Maryland hospital last year, killing six patients. The revelation was not made public until today, notes the Washington Post . It all began in June 2011, when a patient harboring the superbug known as Klebsiella pneumoniae checked into the National Institutes...

FDA to Require Prescriptions for Livestock Antibiotics

Strategy aims to battle antibiotic-fueled super bugs

(Newser) - The Food and Drug Administration is trying to slow the rise of drug-resistant super bugs by reducing antibiotic use in livestock. The agency will now require farmers and ranchers to obtain a prescription from a veterinarian before they can give antibiotics to animals, reports the New York Times . Close to...

Cow Superbug Jumping to Humans

Scary new form of MRSA found in dairy herds

(Newser) - A new strain of the drug-resistant "superbug" MRSA has been found in British cows, and it appears to be spreading to people. The strain, identified in cows' milk by researchers studying udder infections, is genetically very different from the dozens of other strains of superbug identified, reports the BBC...

Scientists Slay Superbugs... With Light

Wavelengths cause chemical reaction, researchers find

(Newser) - Scientists have shed light on a new way to kill hospital superbugs like MRSA: literally shed light on them. A set of wavelengths called HINS-light acts by stimulating molecules in the bacteria, causing them to create chemicals that kill the germs. In trials, the process appears far more effective than...

New Drug-Resistant Superbug Hits 3 States

New gene makes bacteria resistant to virtually all antibiotics

(Newser) - People in three states have fallen prey to a new breed of superbugs, bacteria carrying a gene that makes them impervious to virtually any antibiotic. All three patients had recently received medical treatment in India, where the gene was first discovered, and has become widespread, the AP reports. “It’...

New Way to Fight E. Coli: Cockroach Brains

Pests could be valuable new source of antibiotics

(Newser) - Scientists believe they've finally found a use for cockroaches. The brains and nervous systems of cockroaches and locusts hold molecules that can kill off up to 90% of MRSA and E. Coli bacteria without damaging human tissue, Bloomberg reports. Researchers believe the insects could be key to developing next-generation antibiotics...

'Miracle' Era of Antibiotics Is Ending
'Miracle' Era
of Antibiotics
Is Ending

'Miracle' Era of Antibiotics Is Ending

Modern medicine can't fight off superbugs for long

(Newser) - Good news: The superbug MRSA seems to be under control. Bad news: A new one called NDM-1 is on the loose . Get used to it, warns Sarah Boseley in the Guardian . "The era of antibiotics is coming to a close," she writes. These "miracle medicines" can't fight...

UK Sees New Superbug, Blames Medical Tourism in India

It's traced to cheap cosmetic surgeries

(Newser) - A new superbug has emerged in UK hospitals, probably brought back to the country by people who traveled to India or Pakistan for cosmetic surgery, the BBC reports. About 50 cases have been cataloged in the UK, but researchers fear the newly christened NDM-1 (named after New Delhi, notes the...

New Superbug Stalks Hospitals
 New Superbug Stalks Hospitals 

New Superbug Stalks Hospitals

Thousands killed by drug-resistant pathogen

(Newser) - A deadly new superbug is stalking the world's hospitals, health experts warned today. The pathogen Acinetobacter baumannii is a burgeoning threat and proving extremely difficult to control, with a third of outbreaks resistant to front-line antibiotics, according to a study in the Lancet. Of 24,000 US cases in a...

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