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US Makes 'Bunker Buster' Bomb Even Bigger

Hopes to send message to Iran and Israel

(Newser) - The Pentagon has been doing a little showing off for Israel. US officials have been playing Israeli military and civilian leaders footage of the Pentagon's new and improved "bunker buster" bomb, which it says can now take out Iran's most secure nuclear enrichment facility, Fordow. The goal...

US Could Destroy Iran's Nuclear Bunker: Experts

Facility not as 'impregnable' as Iran seems to believe

(Newser) - The Obama administration reportedly has little desire to launch a preemptive strike on Iran's nuclear facilities, but just in case it ever did, US weaponry is capable of destroying even Iran's most protected site, experts tell the Washington Post . Iran's Fordow facility—which, until recently, the country...

For Iran, Pentagon Wants a Bigger Bomb

Current 'bunker busters' don't go deep enough

(Newser) - The US military's largest conventional bomb is the 30,000-pound "bunker buster," or Massive Ordinance Penetrator, designed to take out fortified nuclear facilities in Iran or North Korea. Now, the Pentagon has decided it's not big enough, and is asking for $82 million to make the...

Obama Secretly Gave Israel Powerful Bombs

Followed up on Bush-era request

(Newser) - A new twist in President Obama’s relationship with Israel: Though he was publicly calling for more concessions to Palestine, the president also covertly approved Israel’s longstanding request for “bunker buster” bombs. Some 55 of the special weapons were sent to Israel just after Obama entered office, officials...

What's Up, Doc? Cawwot Bombs in Sweden!

(Newser) - Swedes got a scare this weekend after an artist wrapped bunches of carrots with black tape to make them look a bit like dynamite, attached clocks and wires and placed them around the southern city of Orebo. Police received several concerned calls from the public about the "Bunny Project:...

Israel Using US Smart Bombs on Gaza

Petite missile one of the world's most precise

(Newser) - The new low-cost, high-precision missiles Israel has been using to bombard Gaza were purchased recently from the United States, the Jerusalem Post reports. In September, the Israel Air Force purchased 1,000 units of the GBU-39, a bunker-buster missile whose small diameter helps minimize collateral damage, earning it a rep...

Bush Blocked Israel Attack on Iran

Prez refused plea to back bombing of nuke facilities

(Newser) - Israel asked Washington for a green light to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities but was told no, reports the Guardian. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert made the request in a private meeting with President Bush in May, but Bush feared air strikes over several days would lead to full-scale war and terrorist...

7 Stories
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