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Reddit Quickly Becomes the Day's Hottest Stock

It jumps more than 50% in IPO

(Newser) - Reddit soared in its Wall Street debut as investors pushed the value of the company close to $9 billion seconds after it began trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Reddit, which priced its IPO at $34 a share, debuted Thursday afternoon at $47 a share. The going price has...

Reddit Goes Public

Reddit Goes Public

Company's shares will start trading Thursday as 'RDDT'

(Newser) - Reddit will enter a new era as a publicly traded company with a market value of $6.4 billion after the social media platform's initial public offering was priced at $34 per share, the AP reports. The price announced late Wednesday came in at the top end of the...

Reddit Gets Over Cold Feet, Files for IPO

In unusual move, top users will have a chance to grab up shares

(Newser) - "The world's most popular message board" is going public. Reddit, which abandoned plans for an initial public offering a couple of years ago, filed for an IPO on Thursday, reports NPR . Founded in 2005 by University of Virginia dormmates Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman, the social media site...

Mystery Song's Origin Stumps Online Sleuths

With only 17 seconds of the New Wave song recorded, no one has cracked where it came from

(Newser) - Can you name this tune in 17 seconds? If so, you'd be the hero to a community of online sleuths who've been tracking down its origin for the last two years. Rolling Stone covers the quest to crack the case of "Everyone Knows That," which has...

Amid Reddit Revolt, Popular 'AMA' May Be Done

Moderators taking a big step back from organizing one of site's most popular communities

(Newser) - The moderators of one of Reddit's most popular communities say they're taking a big step back because they're fed up with "poor site management." The moderators who organize AMAs—"Ask Me Anything" interviews, in which people, including celebrities, field questions—say they'll no...

Tired of Protests, Reddit Threatens Moderators

Given the choice to reopen private subreddits or lose their roles, some get creative

(Newser) - A Reddit community protest initially expected to last 48 hours has now stretched beyond two weeks and Reddit has had enough. It's sending out notices to moderators of subreddits that went private in protest of new charges for third-party developers, likely to shutter many, by threatening to remove them...

Amid New Fees, Redditors Revolt
There's a Reddit
Revolt Going On

There's a Reddit Revolt Going On

Some 6K subreddits go 'dark' for 48 hours starting Monday

(Newser) - Twitter isn't the only social medium riling up its users by adding new fees —Reddit is also rolling out charges for third-party developers that has both said developers and redditors vowing they'll jump ship if the company goes through with it. As NPR reports, many redditors access...

Reddit Files for IPO
Look Who's Going Public

Look Who's Going Public

Reddit files for IPO, wants users to be shareholders

(Newser) - Reddit is going public. The popular social media site known for "ask me anything" conservations with celebrities and the hot WallStreetBets investors forum , said late Wednesday that it has confidentially filed paperwork for an initial public offering with the Securities and Exchange Commission. "The number of shares to...

Why Heartbroken Men Are Turning to Reddit
Why Heartbroken Men
Are Turning to Reddit

Why Heartbroken Men Are Turning to Reddit

With stigma, they may feel unable to express relationship issues in more traditional contexts

(Newser) - Research carried out in clinical and counselling settings has suggested men tend to avoid relationship problems and keep partners at a distance, reports Insider . But that may be the result of researchers looking for answers in the wrong places, according to a new study, which finds men are more likely...

A 'Cruel' Reddit Forum Puts Dark Twist on COVID Deaths

HermanCainAward goes to anti-vaxxers who die from the disease

(Newser) - Public obituaries amid the pandemic have turned into a "war of words," notes WebMD . Families of loved ones who died of COVID frequently vent their rage at the unvaccinated or make pleas for others to get their shots. On Reddit, however, a related phenomenon has reached a whole...

Web Host Terminates Site for Reporting Abortions

GoDaddy says Texas Right to Life violated privacy rules

(Newser) - People incensed by a Texas Right to Life website for anonymously reporting women who had sought abortions asked to speak to the manager, and it worked. While TikTok users and Redditors flooded the site with fake tips, other people went straight to the top. The site’s host, GoDaddy, has...

Redditors Who Bought GameStop Pick Next Investment

It's gorillas, for a reason

(Newser) - The WallStreetBets Reddit group has landed on its next investment: gorillas. Yes, really. The redditors who sent shares of GameStop (GME) soaring in January go by the nickname "apes," and on Saturday, one of those apes posted the following: "Adopted a gorilla." He did so in...

There's a Dark Side to the Viral Silhouette Challenge

Videos are being edited to better reveal their sometimes-naked subjects

(Newser) - The "silhouette challenge" is the latest viral craze sweeping social media sites like TikTok and Instagram, this one meant to empower women. Women post videos of themselves dancing, often partially or completely nude, with their bodies appearing in silhouette. Outlets like Cosmopolitan and the Sun explain how to copy...

Suicide Video Prompts a TikTok Move
Suicide Video
Prompts a TikTok Move

Suicide Video Prompts a TikTok Move

Company suggests tech 'partnership' could help tamp down on harmful content

(Newser) - TikTok says "groups operating on the dark web" engaged in a "coordinated effort" to share a graphic suicide video across its platform. Now it's asking other social media giants for help. The video of a US man shooting himself was live-streamed on Facebook in late August before...

Reddit Bans Popular Pro-Trump Forum
Reddit Bans Popular
Pro-Trump Forum

Reddit Bans Popular Pro-Trump Forum

r/The_Donald was booted in crackdown on hate speech

(Newser) - A popular Reddit forum that described itself as "a never-ending rally dedicated to the 45th President of the United States" has been banned as part of the site's crackdown on hate speech. The r/The_Donald subreddit, launched in the early days of President Trump's campaign in 2015, was...

Co-Founder Leaves Reddit Board, for 'Family and Country'

Alexis Ohanian says he thinking of what he'll someday tell his daughter

(Newser) - Fifteen years after co-founding Reddit, Alexis Ohanian made announcements Friday that he said were long overdue. He resigned from the company's board, KNTV reports, and told Reddit that his successor should be a black person. "I'm doing this for me, for my family, and for my country,...

After 95 Tries, She Finally Got the Secret Santa Everyone Wants

'Bill Gates is my Secret Santa, I just won Secret Santa 2019!'

(Newser) - Ninety-fifth time's the charm. Per WLNS , that's how many RedditGifts exchanges a Michigan woman had to participate in before she got the ultimate Secret Santa this year, the one everyone fervently hopes they'll get: Bill Gates. Shelby—as the recipient of a Christmas package sent by the...

Anonymous Anti-Trump Author Says He Will Reveal Identity

'Donald Trump has not heard the last of me'

(Newser) - After much speculation about his identity , the anonymous author of A Warning had an "Ask Me Anything" session on Reddit and promised not to stay anonymous forever. "I am not afraid to use my own name to express concern about the current occupant of the Oval Office,"...

Trump Backers Online Have New Term to Mock Liberals
Trump Backers Online Have
New Term to Mock Liberals
the rundown

Trump Backers Online Have New Term to Mock Liberals

'NPC' is a gaming term, but it's being used by Trump supporters on Reddit, 4Chan

(Newser) - Twitter has been making a series of moves to improve its platform, and one in particular has drawn attention by raising the profile of a pro-Trump meme used to troll liberals. If you've been seeing lots of references to "NPC," this would be why. Kevin Roose of...

After Hit-and-Run Kills Cyclist, Redditors Step In

Internet users identify vehicle part left behind at scene

(Newser) - Susan Rainwater was riding her bicycle in Eatonville, Wash., last Thursday morning when a vehicle came up from behind, veered off the road, and fatally struck the 66-year-old. The driver then left her for dead, police say; a passerby later found her body in a ditch after spotting her crumpled...

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