Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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Man Arrested at RFK Jr.'s Home Twice in One Day: Cops
RFK Jr. Makes
New Move Against
Alleged Stalker

RFK Jr. Makes New Move Against Alleged Stalker

Independent presidential candidate files civil harassment restraining order against 28-year-old

(Newser) - Spooked by what cops say is a repeat unwanted visitor to his California home, independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has filed a civil harassment restraining order against the alleged perpetrator, per legal documents seen by the Blast . The protective order covers not only Kennedy and his properties, but...

Poll: More Than a Fifth of Voters Would Choose RFK Jr.

He's leading among younger voters, independents

(Newser) - If the results of a new Quinnipiac University poll hold true in the election next year, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will be the most successful third-party candidate since 27% of voters chose Teddy Roosevelt in 1912. The poll put Kennedy, who dropped his Democratic primary bid last month to run...

Haley Catches DeSantis; RFK Jr. May Hurt Trump

Poll shows a statistical tie for second, suggests Kennedy's run costs Trump a narrow lead

(Newser) - The 2024 Republican race is a nail-biter—but only for second place. A new USA Today /Suffolk University poll shows that Nikki Haley has caught Ron DeSantis—the former UN ambassador and South Carolina governor is at 11%, while DeSantis is at 12%, within the margin of error. What's...

Poll Suggests RFK Jr. Could Swing Race for Biden

President gains 7-point lead over Trump in hypothetical 3-way contest

(Newser) - When Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced last week that he was dropping out of the Democratic race to run for president as an independent, some analysts said his run could be more of a problem for President Biden than former President Trump. The latest NPR/PBS Newshour/ Marist poll, however, suggests...

RFK Jr's Siblings Speak Out Against Candidacy

Analysts say he could damage Biden more than Trump

(Newser) - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has abandoned his bid for the Democratic nomination to run for president as an independent —and while polls show that the anti-vaccine activist is more popular with Republicans than Democrats, analysts suspect he might take more votes away from President Biden than Donald Trump. Matt...

RFK Jr: I'm Running as an Independent

Attorney and anti-vaxxer drops his bid for Democratic nomination

(Newser) - Longtime environmental lawyer and anti-vaccine activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said Monday he will run for president as an independent and drop his Democratic primary bid, reports the AP . The move adds another wrinkle to a 2024 race heading toward a likely rematch between President Joe Biden and former President...

RFK Jr. Teases Big News: 'There Is a Path to Victory'

Democratic presidential candidate promotes big announcement on Oct. 9, perhaps a third-party run

(Newser) - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wants America to "save the date"—not for a wedding, but to "save the country." That was the message in his video released Friday, in which the 69-year-old Democratic presidential candidate teased a major announcement that appears to involve plans to run...

Armed Man Taken Into Custody at Kennedy Event

Suspect was wearing a US Marshals badge, police say

(Newser) - An armed man accused of impersonating a federal officer was taken into custody outside a Robert F. Kennedy Jr. campaign event in Los Angeles, police said. A Los Angeles Police Department statement said a caller Friday afternoon reported that a man with a loaded gun and holster and wearing a...

RFK Jr. Says He'd Sign Federal Abortion Ban, Then Does 180

2024 presidential candidate later says he misunderstood question

(Newser) - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said he'd sign a federal abortion ban if he wins the 2024 presidential election, then quickly did a 180. The Democratic presidential candidate was asked by a NBC News reporter while visiting the Iowa State Fair Sunday whether he would sign "federal protection" for...

RFK Jr.: Media Hits Me Worse Than Trump

'I've been really, you know, slammed in a way that I think is unprecedented'

(Newser) - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says media bias, and not his own controversial theories , is what's dogging his presidential campaign. "I've been really, you know, slammed in a way that I think is unprecedented, even more than President Trump was slammed by the mainstream, by the corporate media,...

Kennedy: Posts Weren't Racist
Kennedy: Posts Weren't Racist

Kennedy: Posts Weren't Racist

House Republicans defend having candidate testify about online treatment of conservatives

(Newser) - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. defended himself Thursday against accusations that he traffics in racist and hateful online conspiracy theories, testifying at a House hearing on government censorship despite requests from outside groups to disinvite the Democratic presidential candidate. The Republican-led Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government is...

Kennedys Denounce RFK Jr.'s 'Deplorable' Remarks on COVID, Jews

The comments 'play on antisemitic myths,' says his brother

(Newser) - Days after Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was accused of antisemitic remarks about COVID-19 , his family is speaking out, and a Democratic watchdog group is calling on a US House committee to uninvite him from an upcoming hearing. The family remarks:
  • "I strongly condemn my brother's deplorable and untruthful

RFK Jr. Accused of Antisemitic Remarks on COVID
RFK Jr. Denies Antisemitism
in New COVID Remarks
the rundown

RFK Jr. Denies Antisemitism in New COVID Remarks

Candidate takes flak after 'New York Post' reports on his comments at a dinner

(Newser) - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. finds himself in more political controversy this weekend, accused of bigotry over comments he made while discussing the COVID-19 virus at a dinner in New York City this week. The New York Post published videotape of the dinner. Coverage:
  • What he said: "COVID-19. There is

Rogan, Musk, RFK Jr. Zero In on One Vaccine Scientist
Rogan, Musk, RFK Jr. Zero In
on One Vaccine Scientist
the rundown

Rogan, Musk, RFK Jr. Zero In on One Vaccine Scientist

Dr. Peter Hotez of Houston says he's being 'stalked'

(Newser) - Anthony Fauci has long been public enemy No. 1 in the eyes of vaccine opponents. With Fauci retired, it appears that a vaccine scientist in Houston might be assuming the unwanted role. The scientist is Dr. Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of...

Former Twitter CEO Says He Endorses RFK Jr.

Candidate's Twitter Spaces chat was relatively glitch-free

(Newser) - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. appears to be the man of the moment for Twitter CEOs past and present. Former CEO Jack Dorsey endorsed the presidential candidate on Sunday after tweeting a video of him telling a Fox interviewer that he could beat Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis if he wins...

Kennedy Has Surprising Support in New Poll

'USA Today' poll puts RFK Jr. at 14% as he enters the Democratic race

(Newser) - The 2024 presidential race got a new entrant on Wednesday: Robert Kennedy Jr. , prominent both for his last name and his skepticism about vaccines, formally launched his campaign, reports the Hill . Despite controversy over the latter issue, a USA Today poll conducted with Suffolk University suggests that Kennedy enters the...

Biden Has Another Primary Challenger

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Democrat and anti-vaccine activist, is running for president

(Newser) - President Biden has his second primary challenger: Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is almost as well-known for his anti - vaccine activism as he is for the political dynasty of which he is a member, has filed the paperwork to run for president as a Democrat in 2024. RFK Jr....

Critics Fault Facebook Move on RFK Jr.'s Group: 'Too Late'

Children's Health Defense anti-vax nonprofit also booted off Instagram

(Newser) - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has already been personally kicked off of Instagram. Now the social media platform—along with Facebook, also owned by Meta—has booted Kennedy's nonprofit, too, for repeatedly breaching rules on spreading misinformation about COVID-19, vaccines, and other pandemic health measures. The two platforms this week...

Evangeline Lilly Says She Was at RFK Jr. Anti-Vax Rally

She says she was there to support 'bodily sovereignty'

(Newser) - Almost two years after she apologized for saying she wouldn't self-isolate or change her daily routine because of the pandemic, Evangeline Lilly is back in the news over her COVID-related stance. In an Instagram post Thursday, the Canadian actress confirmed that she was at an anti-vaccine mandate protest in...

Cheryl Hines Blasts Husband's 'Reprehensible' Vax Stance

Nazi atrocities 'should never be compared to anyone or anything,' she says of RFK Jr.

(Newser) - Actor Cheryl Hines has distanced herself from her husband Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s anti-vaccination views—which have seen him banned from YouTube and Instagram —after what the Daily Beast calls a long "loud silence." After a Twitter user demanded that the Curb Your Enthusiasm actor...

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