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Optical Illusion Helped Sink Titanic
 Optical Illusion 
 Helped Sink Titanic 
researcher says

Optical Illusion Helped Sink Titanic

Mirage kept ship from seeing iceberg in time, getting help, says researcher

(Newser) - Why exactly did the Titanic plow into that deadly iceberg? New research argues that an optical illusion played a big role. As the theory goes, atmospheric conditions generated a phenomenon known as "super refraction," explains Smithsonian Magazine . This bending of lights can create mirages, and it had a...

Rogue Iceberg May Alter Global Circulation
 Rogue Iceberg May 
 Alter Global Circulation 

Rogue Iceberg May Alter Global Circulation

Luxembourg-sized chunk from area where dense water forms

(Newser) - An iceberg the size of Luxembourg is floating free in the waters north of Antarctica, jarred loose by the impact of another iceberg—and it’s so big it could change the water movements at the root of global weather patterns. The area around the Mertz Glacier generates much dense,...

Icebergs Drift Toward New Zealand

Over 100 floating chunks headed north from Antarctica

(Newser) - A rare flotilla of icebergs is slowly drifting toward New Zealand from Antarctica. Shippers have been warned that more than 100 giant chunks of ice are in the area. Experts believe most of the icebergs will break up before they hit the coast. Enterprising Kiwis are arranging helicopter tours to...

Giant Iceberg Floats Toward NZ
 Giant Iceberg 
 Floats Toward NZ 

Giant Iceberg Floats Toward NZ

Chunk of Antarctica spotted unusually far north

(Newser) - A gigantic iceberg drifting unusually far north has been spotted by Australian researchers off an island south of Tasmania. The chunk of ice, 2,300 feet long and 1,000 feet deep, is floating toward New Zealand and could pose a danger to shipping when it splits into smaller chunks....

Antarctic Ice Shelf Crumbles
 Antarctic Ice Shelf Crumbles 

Antarctic Ice Shelf Crumbles

Scientists say global warming has made huge Wilkins Ice Shelf unstable

(Newser) - A huge ice shelf in the western Antarctic has become unstable and is beginning to fracture into icebergs, the Telegraph reports. Images from space show that the Jamaica-sized Wilkins ice shelf has lost 270 square miles of ice in recent weeks. Scientists expect the "fragile and vulnerable" shelf to...

Melting Ice May Help Soak Up CO2

Icebergs may deposit nourishing iron into ocean, helping carbon-sucking plankton

(Newser) - Melting ice sheets may end up helping the planet battle global warming, the Guardian reports. Scientists say that broken ice in the Antarctic disperses iron, which fertilizes carbon-absorbing plankton and helps reverse some effects of climate change. “We see the rapid ice loss in Antarctica as one obvious sign...

Rubber Duckies Tracking Glacier

Bathtub toys to reveal glacier's flow

(Newser) - A key experiment that may help unlock more secrets of global warming involves planting 90 rubber duckies into one of Greenland's fastest moving glaciers, Reuters reports. US scientists are hoping some of the ducks will be found as they emerge into Baffin Bay to help track rate and movement of...

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