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Saudi Arabia Closes Case Over Miniskirt Video

It's a rare win for women's rights advocates in the country

(Newser) - A woman detained in Saudi Arabia for wearing a miniskirt and crop top in a video that went viral has been released without charge, reports the AP . Police in Saudi Arabia had arrested the young Saudi woman for wearing "immodest clothes" after an outcry from people who say she...

Saudi Woman Wears Miniskirt on Snapchat; Brouhaha Erupts
Saudi Police Arrest
Woman in Miniskirt Video

Saudi Police Arrest Woman in Miniskirt Video

She ignited a debate on Twitter after her post

(Newser) - Police in Saudi Arabia have arrested a young woman who wore a miniskirt in public and who had posted the video online, sparking an outcry from people who say she flagrantly violated the kingdom's conservative Islamic dress code. Saudi Arabia's state-run TV reported Tuesday that police in the...

Alabama Town Goes After Girls' Short Shorts for Equality's Sake

Town proposes banning short shorts, mini skirts, and saggy pants

(Newser) - "I prayed about this; I know that God would not go around with pants down.” That's the reasoning Dadeville City Council member Jimmy Frank Goodman gave when proposing an ordinance banning sagging pants last month, the Alexander City Outlook reports. Now the Alabama town of a few...

Swaziland Outlaws 'Rape-Provoking' Clothing

Miniskirts, midriff-revealing tops now off limits

(Newser) - Police in Swaziland are cracking down on rape—by putting women in jail. Authorities in Africa's last absolute monarchy have issued a ban on "rape-provoking" clothing, including miniskirts, midriff-revealing tops, and low-rise jeans, the AFP reports. Women caught wearing such clothing will be arrested, and face six months...

Chess Union Warns Women: No Cleavage

European Chess Union tells gals to button up

(Newser) - Maybe this classic Austin Powers scene has affected chess championship rules? Whatever the reason, the European Chess Union has ruled that female players will have to button their shirts from now on, Time reports. "Décolletés [the French word for cleavage] are partly covered in our regulations, which...

Italian Town Pushes for Miniskirt Ban

Because, apparently, people who wear them are 'rowdy'

(Newser) - An Italian seaside resort town seems like the perfect place to do things like sunbathe and frolic in miniskirts—but if the mayor of Castellammare di Stabia has his way, both of those things will be banned. Luigi Bobbio wants to crack down on miniskirts and other revealing clothing, with...

French Students Protest for Right to Dress Sexy
French Students Protest for Right to Dress Sexy

French Students Protest for Right to Dress Sexy

Skimpily-attired kids say they're making point about freedom

(Newser) - Teenagers across France are launching titillating protests, fighting for their right to dress naughtily in school. The protests began at a school in Essonne, where 300 of the school’s 2,100 pupils came to school in miniskirts or Bermuda shorts. Soon after, some 200 students took to the streets...

Uganda Threatens Ban on Miniskirts
Uganda Threatens Ban on Miniskirts

Uganda Threatens Ban on Miniskirts

Distracted drivers are causing car accidents, official complains

(Newser) - The Uganda government is considering a ban on miniskirts because the sight of a shapely thigh is causing traffic accidents, according to officials. The minister for ethics and integrity is pushing to make wearing a short skirt an act of public indecency. Other vices he has targeted include sub-standard service,...

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