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The Office Is Reportedly Getting a Reboot
The Office Is Indeed
Getting a Spinoff

The Office Is Indeed Getting a Spinoff

Showrunner Greg Daniels is involved, but it's a completely new story

(Newser) - Looks like the rumored spinoff of The Office is indeed happening, but, true to the initial vague reports about the new series, it does not appear to have much to do with The Office. Rather, it will be set in the same universe, and will also be styled as a...

Jon Stewart's New Film Takes a Beating
Jon Stewart's New
Film Takes a Beating

Jon Stewart's New Film Takes a Beating

One reviewer likens it to 'a stale corn chip trampled into Party-convention carpeting'

(Newser) - Steve Carrell plays a Democratic political consultant hoping to recruit a widowed farmer and retired Marine to run for office in rural Wisconsin in the aftermath of the 2016 election in Jon Stewart's new political satire Irresistible . But the second feature from the writer-director isn't nearly as well-received...

Steve Carell Helped Kill a Bizarre Office Story Line

'Guys, I love the episode but you can’t throw a horse over Niagara Falls'

(Newser) - Steve Carell didn't just star as Michael Scott in The Office, he also had some clout as a producer. And he used that clout to help stop a bizarre subplot in the episode where Jim and Pam wed at Niagara Falls, according to the book The Office: The Untold ...

Your Coronavirus Break: Michael and Jim, Reunited

John Krasinski and Steve Carell reminisce about 'The Office'

(Newser) - Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey aren't the only two alums from The Office getting together to talk about old times. Over the weekend, none other than John Krasinski and Steve Carell chatted online about their favorite memories as Jim and Michael, reports People . They did so as part of...

Pam Gets the Last Laugh on Jim With Stanley Cup
Pam Gets the Last Laugh
on Jim With Stanley Cup

Pam Gets the Last Laugh on Jim With Stanley Cup

'Office' stars John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer troll each other over hockey rivalry

(Newser) - It's been six years since we were last treated to the practical jokes, camera mugging, and general tomfoolery from the cast of The Office, but two of its biggest stars just brought us back down memory lane with some master-level Stanley Cup trolling. Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski were...

Steve Carell Returning to Small Screen in Space Force

He'll team up with 'The Office' creator for the Netflix series

(Newser) - Thank you, President Trump: Steve Carell is teaming up again with The Office showrunner Greg Daniels for Space Force, a Netflix comedy series inspired by, yes, Trump's plan to create a sixth branch of the military focused on outer space. Carell will star in the show, which is being...

SNL Again Trolls Fox News
SNL Again Trolls Fox News 

SNL Again Trolls Fox News

Steve Carell appears as Jeff Bezos in 'an extended string of Trump burns'

(Newser) - Saturday Night Live again deployed Kate McKinnon as Laura Ingraham to lampoon Fox News in its Cold Open, reports NBC News , lamenting how "celebrities in California are whining about some tiny wildfires, while our heroic president is under constant attack—from rain." Steve Carell stopped by to host...

In Beautiful Boy , a Sign of 'True Greatness'
Young Actor Chalamet
Does It Again

Young Actor Chalamet Does It Again

Crtics say he shines in 'Beautiful Boy,' with Steve Carell

(Newser) - Timothee Chalamet's acting chops are getting praise for the second time this year. The young actor who made a splash in Call Me By Your Name stars as struggling addict Nic alongside concerned parents (Steve Carell, Maura Tierney, Amy Ryan) in Beautiful Boy , which gets a 69% rating from...

Steve Carell: 'Michael Scott' Wouldn't Fly in Today's Climate

In Esquire interview, actor says a reboot of the 'The Office' isn't a good idea

(Newser) - Rumors are buzzing that NBC wants to reboot The Office, but the show's big star doesn't think it's such a great idea. In an interview with Esquire , Steve Carell notes that the original show is enjoying a resurgence of sorts thanks to its presence on Netflix, which...

What It Was Like to Make the Best Episode of The Office

Inside 'The Dinner Party' 10 years after it first aired

(Newser) - It was a day that went down in comedic history: "On April 10th, 2008, The Office topped itself with its best half-hour ever—and perhaps the best comedy episode of the decade," writes Andy Greene for Rolling Stone . He's referring, of course, to "The Dinner Party,...

Battle of the Sexes Is a Timely 'Pleasure'
Carell Brings
His 'A Game' in
Battle of the Sexes

Carell Brings His 'A Game' in Battle of the Sexes

The film is timely and 'earnestly entertaining,' critics say

(Newser) - Battle of the Sexes takes viewers back to 1973 and the Houston Astrodome, the setting of the famous exhibition tennis match between feminist icon Billie Jean King (Emma Stone), then 29, and chauvinist Bobby Riggs (Steve Carell), then 55. As viewers learn, the game wasn't the only thing...

Steve Carell Reacts to the News That He's Hot Now

'I am so sick of people just looking at me for my physical attributes'

(Newser) - Steve Carell has been promoting Despicable Me 3 lately, and fans have noticed something: Um, he's hot. The former Office star's gray hair is making him into quite the "silver fox," as many have pointed out on Twitter and elsewhere. (Consider the BuzzFeed article "Guys,...

Big Short Makes a Tragedy Funny
 Big Short Makes 
 a Tragedy Funny 

Big Short Makes a Tragedy Funny

And that's a tall order, say critics

(Newser) - A film about the players involved in the 2008 financial crisis might sound like a bore, even with Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, Steve Carell, and—oddly—Selena Gomez, along for the ride. However, The Big Short, a nominee for the best picture Golden Globe, is anything but. Here'...

Another North Korea Casualty: Steve Carell Movie

Untitled Gore Verbinski project scrapped

(Newser) - The Interview is being pulled , and that movie isn't the only fallout from the North Korean hack of Sony Pictures : Another planned movie set in North Korea has now been canceled, Deadline reports. The untitled thriller was to star Steve Carell and be directed by Gore Verbinski, but insiders...

Anchorman 2 Stays Funny
 Anchorman 2 
 Stays Funny 


Anchorman 2 Stays Funny

Ron Burgundy heads to 24-hour news

(Newser) - Anchorman 2 brings the "legendary" Ron Burgundy into the 1980s and a new medium: 24-hour news. The sequel brings back the absurdity of the first and even takes a few swings at satire, and while it may not equal its predecessor, critics say it's worth a watch.
  • "

Way, Way Back: Same Old, Same Old ... but Charming

And funny, too: critics

(Newser) - The coming-of-age indie flick The Way, Way Back has been compared to Little Miss Sunshine and Adventureland. Starring Steve Carell, Allison Janney, and Toni Collette, it's certainly got the acting chops to make it a hit—but is it a hit with critics? The consensus is yes, even though...

Little Magic in Burt Wonderstone
 Little Magic in 
 Burt Wonderstone 
Movie Review

Little Magic in Burt Wonderstone

Jim Carrey dazzles, Steve Carell perseveres, but script disappoints

(Newser) - Critics aren't exactly amazed or mesmerized by Steve Carell's new Vegas magician spoof The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, with most relegating the movie to two-star territory. Here's a taste of the reaction:
  • "If there were an Oscar for best bad hair, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone would be

Coming Soon: Anchorman 2
 Coming Soon: 
 Anchorman 2 

Coming Soon: Anchorman 2

Will Ferrell confirms sequel on 'Conan'

(Newser) - Ron Burgundy, aka Will Ferrell, stopped by Conan O'Brien's show last night to play a little jazz flute … and announce a little movie you might call Anchorman 2. "It is official, there will be a sequel to Anchorman," Ferrell stated—after first insulting O'Brien...

30 Celebs and Their Not-So-Glamorous Pre-Celeb Jobs

'Hi, I'm Madonna, may I take your donut order?'

(Newser) - It hasn’t always been glossy magazine covers and red carpet appearances for Tinseltown’s VIPs. Perez Hilton offers up 30 celebs and the decidedly less glamorous jobs they took before becoming famous:
  • Alexander Skarsgard: The True Blood vamp once served in the Swedish military.
  • James Franco: Among the renaissance

Reaction Roundup: James Spader Debuts as CEO on 'The Office' Season Premiere
 Spader Debuts as Office CEO 

Spader Debuts as Office CEO

Critics, viewers react to season premiere

(Newser) - James Spader was back in The Office’s season premiere last night, as Dunder Mifflin’s new—and slightly creepy—CEO, Robert California. So how did he—and the show—do?
  • “That was encouraging,” declares James Poniewozik in Time . “I am not nearly ready, after one episode,

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