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13 Killed in Mexican Lake Battle

One marine, 12 gunmen die on Falcon Lake

(Newser) - Mexican marines stumbled upon a drug gang camp on a Texas border lake on Sunday, triggering a firefight that killed one marine and a dozen Zetas drug cartel gunmen in the country's latest bloodbath. The battle occurred on Falcon Lake, where American David Hartley was presumed to be gunned...

Border Patrol Fights Boredom as Illegals Plummet

Agents struggling to stop ennui creeping in

(Newser) - Border Patrol agents hired to keep illegal immigrants out are having trouble keeping boredom and sleepiness from creeping in. Illegal border crossings have plummeted to record lows in many areas, thanks to the US recession and tougher enforcement, leaving some agents with little to do but "watch the fence...

Body Count in Mexican Mass Graves Hits 116

Seventeen have been arrested in connection

(Newser) - Mexican authorities yesterday found 28 more bodies in the mass graves discovered in Tamaulipas last week , bringing the total number to 116. Seventeen people have been arrested in connection with the grisly uncovering. Most of the victims, believed to be kidnapped bus passengers , are probably Mexican, officials say, but few...

Mexican Kids Who've Seen Hell Find Little Help in US

Border schools ill-prepared to deal with their trauma

(Newser) - Sift past story after story about the bodies piling up in Mexico and you'll find another tragedy: the trauma the country's violence-weary kids are struggling to cope with—which is seeping its way into ill-prepared US schools. NPR takes a look at a high school in El Paso, one of...

Mexican Drug War: 59 Bodies Found in Mass Grave in Tamaulipas
 Mexico Finds 59 in Mass Grave 

Mexico Finds 59 in Mass Grave

Latest scene of drug war carnage in Tamaulipas

(Newser) - A series of mass graves in northern Mexico have yielded at least 59 bodies in a particularly grim finding in a bloody region. Police arrested 11 men on the scene and freed five people still being held hostage, reports the Wall Street Journal; the dead are thought to include a...

2 Americans Shot Dead at Tijuana Border Crossing

Pair gunned down while waiting to cross into US

(Newser) - Two Americans were shot dead in their truck early yesterday as they waited to enter the US at a border crossing near Tijuana. A gunman approached a line of vehicles waiting at the San Ysidro border crossing and fired into the men's pickup truck, AP reports. Investigators recovered 9-mm shell...

Drug Catapult Seized at Mexican Border

Border fence pot-flingers foiled

(Newser) - Mexican drug smugglers trying to get marijuana across the border have resorted to medieval methods. A pot-flinging catapult was seized after National Guardsmen in Arizona spotted it being used other side of the border and alerted Mexican authorities, AP reports. The smugglers got away but left behind their vehicle, 35...

Mexico Sending More Troops to Violent Border Zone

Cartel boss Carlos Montemayor busted

(Newser) - Mexico says it is deploying extra troops and federal police to reassert its authority in two states bordering the US. Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon have become a battleground for the Gulf and Zetas cartels, and cities like Monterrey, once considered relatively safe, have seen a huge surge in violence. The...

Invisible Mexican Border Fence All But Doomed

Homeland Security to decide soon on project's fate

(Newser) - If the "virtual border fence" being constructed along the Mexican border was visible, there still wouldn't be much to look at. The high-tech project has been allocated $1 billion over the last 5 years, but has produced just 53 miles of unreliable coverage along the 2,000-mile border—a...

Drones Now Guard Entire US-Mexico Border

Fourth to launch tomorrow from Texas

(Newser) - From Afghanistan to ... Arizona. With the launch of a fourth drone tomorrow, the entire 2,000-mile US-Mexico border will now be guarded by Predator B drones, according to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. And by the beginning of next year, a total of six should be operational, outfitted with night-vision...

Drug Money Gushes Across Border

Crackdown on security fails to put a dent in cartels' wallets

(Newser) - Drug cartels are shuttling money across the US/Mexico border with relative impunity, despite an unprecedented effort to crackdown on the trade. According to a Washington Post analysis, authorities manage to snag no more than 1% of the cash crossing the border. That’s still a lot of money—the US...

Border Patrol Sees Spike in Suicides

15 agents have taken their own lives since Feb. 2008

(Newser) - The agency that patrols our nations borders is grappling with a rise in suicide among its agents. After going nearly four years without a single suicide, records obtained by the AP show that at least 15 agents have killed themselves since February 2008, the Border Patrol's biggest spike in the...

Obama to Sign $600M Border Security Bill

Indian firms complain about footing the bill for beefed-up border security

(Newser) - The Senate reconvened yesterday to pass a $600 million bill aimed at bolstering border security. The bill, which President Obama will sign into law Friday, will fund the hiring of 1,000 extra Border Patrol officers and 500 immigration and customs agents and pay for more unmanned drones to patrol...

Palin: Obama Should Be at Border, Not on View

Prez has time to chat but not help at 'porous' border, Palin complains

(Newser) - President Obama has "lotso" time to chat it up on The View but no time to visit the US-Mexican border? Outrageous, complains Sarah Palin, who slammed the president on Twitter for failing to "offer help to those risking life to secure us" at the "porous" border. She...

Desert Deaths Soar Among Arizona Immigrants

Heat wave, crackdown blamed for death spike

(Newser) - The Arizona morgue in Pima County is overflowing with bodies that will probably never be identified. The bodies of 57 suspected illegal immigrants found dead in the desert have been brought in so far this month, the highest number in 5 years. "We keep hoping we have seen the...

US Troops Headed to Mexican Border

National Guard presence to be especially strong in Arizona

(Newser) - National Guard troops are headed to the Mexican border next month to beef up security along the border fence. As part of President Obama's new border plan, the 1,200 troops will spend a year in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, where they'll help border patrol agents monitor and...

The Neo-Nazi Who Patrols the Ariz. Border
 Neo-Nazi Lurks on Ariz. Border 

Neo-Nazi Lurks on Ariz. Border

JT Ready's group has local cops worried, but they can't do much

(Newser) - Jason "JT" Ready is taking matters into his own hands along the Arizona border, declaring war on "narco-terrorists" and keeping an eye out for illegal immigrants. But local law enforcement are nervous given that Ready's militia is heavily armed and identifies with the National Socialist Movement, an organization...

Cartel Shootout Kills 21 Just 12 Miles From Arizona Border

Gangs clashed over control of smuggling corridor

(Newser) - A massive shootout between rival drug and people-smuggling gangs left 21 people dead just 12 miles south of the border with Arizona, Mexican authorities say. The clash erupted in a remote area along a prime smuggling corridor in Sonora state, AP reports. All the dead are believed to be gang...

Texas, Arizona Demand More Border Troops
 Texas, Arizona: We Need 
 More Border Troops 
Obama's 1200 not enough

Texas, Arizona: We Need More Border Troops

Brewer, Perry say troop deployment nowhere near what's needed

(Newser) - An extra 1,200 National Guard troops are being sent to the Mexican border, but that's nowhere near enough to do the job, the governors of Arizona and Texas said yesterday. "What we heard wasn't anything what we hoped to hear," Jan Brewer said after a border security...

Rand Paul Pitches Electric Underground Border Fence

Proposal baffles fellow Republicans

(Newser) - Border fence proposals are a dime a dozen among Republican candidates, but Rand Paul's is different: it's underground, and it's electrified. "My plans include an underground electric fence, with helicopter stations to respond quickly to breaches of the border," state the Kentucky senatorial hopeful's website—although Republican officials...

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