Higgs boson

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It Took 48 Years, but Higgs Lived to See Boson Found

Nobel Prize-winning physicist dies at 94

(Newser) - Nobel Prize-winning physicist Peter Higgs, who proposed the existence of the so-called "god particle" that helped explain how matter formed after the Big Bang, has died at age 94, the University of Edinburgh said Tuesday. The university, where Higgs was emeritus professor, said he died Monday "peacefully at...

Large Hadron Collider May Have Made 2nd Major Find

CERN says team has found pentaquarks

(Newser) - A new kind of subatomic particle called the pentaquark has been detected for the first time, the European Organization for Nuclear Research announced today. The lab, known by its French acronym CERN, said the findings were made by a team of scientists working on one of the four experiments at...

Stephen Hawking: 'God Particle' Could Destroy the Universe

Physicist makes wry prediction about the Higgs Boson particle

(Newser) - Stephen Hawking has already warned that aliens might wipe out the human race . Now another mild prediction: The Higgs boson or "God" particle could cause a "catastrophic vacuum delay" that undermines space-time and destroys the universe, reports the Sunday Times via CNET . How so? Well, the particle "...

Scientist: Wait, I Won a Nobel Prize?!

Found out from woman on the street

(Newser) - Peter Higgs—namesake of the Higgs boson—may be a groundbreaking physicist, but he is not a cellphone owner. That's why the winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize in physics didn't even know he'd won ... until a woman on the street told him so. As he was...

Higgs, Englert Win Nobel Prize for 'God Particle'

Physics prize delayed by an hour

(Newser) - Five decades after they first theorized the existence of the so-called "God particle," physicists Francois Englert of Belgium and Peter Higgs of Britain won the 2013 Nobel Prize in physics today, the AP reports. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences praised the scientists' "theoretical discovery of a...

Physicists Need New Accelerator for 'God Particle'

Japan is expected to be home to $8B project

(Newser) - The good news for physicists is that they've finally found the elusive Higgs boson . The bad news is that to truly study it in the hope of unlocking the mysteries of the universe, they're going to need a whole new particle accelerator, reports NPR . And the type of...

Scientists in Catfight to Rename Higgs

Name makes Peter Higgs a 'rock star,' fellow theorist complains

(Newser) - Amid rumors that this year's Nobel Prize for Physics will go to the Higgs boson theory, some scientists say the particle's name should be changed so that all the glory doesn't go to British physicist Peter Higgs. At a press conference last year to announce the particle'...

We Did Find a Higgs Boson: Scientists

Though they're still not sure if it's a simple or more 'exotic' form of Higgs

(Newser) - Just one week ago , scientists said they were achingly close to confirming that last July's discovery at the Large Hadron Collider was in fact the Higgs boson, and just had to eliminate one more possibility. They apparently did, because the AP reports that CERN today announced that "it...

Higgs Boson Confirmation Achingly Close

'Pretty vanilla,' says one researcher of announcement

(Newser) - Thousands of checks have scientists inching ever closer to confirming that last July's discovery at the Large Hadron Collider was in fact the Higgs boson, reports the AP . The researchers say there's still one possibility they want to eliminate before declaring they are 99.9% positive: that it'...

'Tiny Bubble' May Gobble Up the Universe

Higgs boson finding supports theory of 'vacuum instability'

(Newser) - Thanks, Higgs boson: Looks like the particle's tiny mass is proof that the universe will one day be vacuumed up and replaced by another universe, the BBC reports. That is, if the Large Hadron collider really has spotted the Higgs boson . Calling their discovery "Higgs-like" for now, physicists...

CERN Wants Even Bigger Large Hadron Collider

50-mile monstrosity would study nature of gravity

(Newser) - The Large Hadron Collider just isn't large enough for CERN. The Geneva-based team that found the Higgs boson has set its sights on bigger and better things—emphasis on the bigger—and is now proposing replacing the current collider, which runs through 17 miles of tunnel, with a new...

Now, Even More Evidence of Higgs Boson

There's only a one-in-300 million chance it doesn't exist

(Newser) - One of the teams hunting the Higgs boson at the Large Hadron Collider says it has pinned down the particle so conclusively that there's only a one-in-300 million chance it does not exist. When the team announced that it had discovered the Higgs on July 4, it said it...

India: Boson Gets No Respect
 India: Boson Gets No Respect 

India: Boson Gets No Respect

India annoyed that late scientist Bose is getting little attention

(Newser) - While much of the world was celebrating the international cooperation that led to last week's breakthrough in identifying the existence of the Higgs boson particle, many in India were smarting over what they saw as a slight against one of their greatest scientists. Media covering the story gave lots...

America's New Jobless: Glut of Science PhDs

Science jobs declining as PhDs surging

(Newser) - President Obama, like a lot of politicians and pundits, likes to say that America's future lies with science, advocating for more young people to go into research. But the truth is that the supply of PhDs has been vastly outpacing the job market for years, resulting in a glut,...

Higgs Find Kind of a Letdown

 Higgs Find 
 Kind of a 

Higgs Find Kind of a Letdown

Could be Large Hadron Collider's last major discovery

(Newser) - The discovery of the Higgs boson deserves applause—but it also brings a touch of sadness to at least one leading physicist. It's probably "the last major discovery that could be made in a particle accelerator in our generation," writes Stephen Wolfram at his blog . And instead...

Hawking Out $100 Over Higgs Discovery

He bet Michigan prof that particle would never be found

(Newser) - The apparent discovery of the Higgs boson particle has come at a cost to Stephen Hawking: The world-renowned physicist has lost a $100 bet with Gordon Kane of Michigan University that it wouldn't be found. "It seems I have just lost $100," Hawking tells the BBC . "...

Higgs Boson Teams: We've Found a Particle

New particle looks just like long-sought boson

(Newser) - To cheers and standing ovations from scientists, the world's biggest atom smasher claimed the discovery of a new subatomic particle today, calling it "consistent" with the long-sought Higgs boson. CERN's director said the newly discovered subatomic particle is a boson, but he stopped just shy of claiming...

CERN Found Proof of 'God Particle': Report

...but it hasn't actually 'discovered' the Higgs boson itself

(Newser) - Get ready for some scientific fireworks on July 4: Scientists at CERN intend to announce Wednesday that they have found proof that the so-called "God particle" does indeed exist—even though they haven't actually seen it, sources tell the AP . Experts say the massive amount of data the...

Fermilab Closes In on Higgs Boson

New report shows evidence matching CERN findings

(Newser) - Particle physicists are closer than ever to confirming the existence of the Higgs boson, thanks to a report this morning from Illinois' Fermilab. Two teams of physicists that used Fermilab's now-closed Tevatron particle collider and reviewed data provided by their experiments over the last few years say they've...

Large Hadron Collider Observes First New Particle

Chi-b (3P) will help scientists understand nuclear forces

(Newser) - It’s no God particle, but it’s exciting nonetheless: For the first time since it opened in 2009, the Large Hadron Collider has made a clear observation of a new particle. Chi-b (3P), as it is called, will help scientists gain a better understanding of the strong nuclear forces...

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