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Palin: I Found Out About Divorce Plans in an Email

From her husband's lawyer

(Newser) - Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin says she learned her husband was seeking a divorce in an email from his attorney. The revelation came in an interview released Tuesday with Family Talk Christian ministry founder James Dobson, who said the interview had been conducted previously. Palin says she received an email...

It's Looking Like Divorce for the Palins

Todd Palin's filing blames 'incompatibility of temperament'

(Newser) - Sarah Palin's husband, commonly referred to as "Alaska's first dude" when she was governor, appears to be seeking a divorce from his wife of 31 years. Paperwork apparently from Todd Palin cited "incompatibility of temperament" in seeking to end his marriage to the 2008 Republican vice...

Track Palin Booted From Veterans Court

Sarah Palin's son looking at a year in a halfway house after latest assault arrest; jail unlikely

(Newser) - The oldest son of Sarah Palin will spend a year in custody after a judge ruled Wednesday that allegations of hitting a woman on the head disqualified him from a therapeutic program for veterans tied to a separate assault case. Track Palin , 29, has been accused of three attacks on...

One Palin Granted House Arrest, Another Gets Engaged

Track is the former, Willow the latter

(Newser) - A prosecutor called Track Palin a "loose cannon" who caused "significant injury" to his father, Todd Palin, after the younger Palin was arrested Saturday on charges of burglary and assault, but an Alaska judge has now granted him house arrest after he posts $5,000 bail, the Anchorage ...

Police: Sarah Palin's Son Attacked His Father

Track Palin has been arrested on domestic violence charges

(Newser) - Sarah Palin's oldest son, Track, has been arraigned on charges that he assaulted his father at the family's home in Alaska, the AP reports. Police were called to the home Saturday night after Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee, told police her...

Todd Palin Fractured 8 Ribs in 'Freak' Accident

Trump awkwardly jokes about injured Palin, guns

(Newser) - Todd Palin is expected to recover after fracturing eight ribs in a snowmobile crash in Alaska on Sunday, his father tells the AP . Palin, who also suffered a broken shoulder blade and clavicle and a collapsed lung, was undergoing surgery Tuesday at Mat-Su Regional Medical Center in Palmer, wife Sarah...

Todd Palin Injured in 'Serious' Snowmobile Crash

He's in the ICU

(Newser) - Todd Palin is hospitalized in the intensive care unit after a snowmobile accident Sunday night, reports NBC News . His condition is not known, but a source tells NBC that the crash itself was "very serious." The news surfaced after Sarah Palin canceled a campaign event on behalf of...

Cops Release Details of Drunken Palin Brawl

No charges to be filed after messy night in Anchorage

(Newser) - Police in Anchorage, Alaska, have decided against filing any charges relating to a huge brawl involving multiple Palins last month—but people in the city might decide against inviting the clan to any house parties. A 24-page report released yesterday, which can be seen in full here , contains reports from...

Palin Post-Brawl: Bristol Is a Strong Woman

But she doesn't necessarily mean that in a punch-throwing way

(Newser) - Sarah Palin isn't offering details about who threw which punches at a recent brawl involving the family, but given that daughter Bristol was said to be among the participants, Talking Points Memo finds the former VP candidate's latest Facebook post interesting: "I love my Bristol!" she...

Palin Source Explains That Huge Brawl

Claims to offer the family's side of the story

(Newser) - The Palins would apparently like to set the record straight regarding the huge drunken party brawl they were reportedly "present" for two weekends ago. A source close to the Palin family provided the family's "version of the events" to Real Clear Politics over the weekend, and confirms...

Palins 'Present' at Huge Drunken Brawl

Anchorage cops probing fracas at Todd's birthday bash

(Newser) - It's not entirely clear exactly what happened at a big party in Anchorage, Alaska, Saturday night—but it apparently involved a lot of booze and a lot of Palins. According to Wonkette , multiple members of the family were "present" at a drunken brawl involving up to 20 people...

Sarah Palin's Bus Can Be Yours for $279K

Palins are downsizing in the vehicle department

(Newser) - It's got a washer and dryer, two HD televisions, radiant floor heat, 29,683 miles, and two famous owners: Todd and Sarah Palin. Yes, the Palins are selling the bus they used to tool around the country as part of Sarah's One Nation tour in 2011, reports the...

Todd Palin Nabs Reality TV Gig
 Todd Palin Nabs Reality TV Gig 

Todd Palin Nabs Reality TV Gig

Snowmobile champ to appear on Stars Earn Stripes

(Newser) - The Palins are fast becoming America's first family of reality TV. On the same day Bristol Palin's new reality show made its debut , NBC announced that father Todd will be taking part in a military-themed competition series called Stars Earn Stripes, reports Entertainment Weekly . Retired Gen. Wesley Clark,...

Todd Palin Endorses Gingrich

But Sarah Palin still hasn't picked her horse

(Newser) - The First Dude has waded into the 2012 GOP nomination: Todd Palin today told ABC News that he's throwing his support behind Newt Gingrich, saying that the former House speaker wasn't one of those typical "Beltway types" and that he admired his grittiness in persevering after his...

Palins Can't Sell New Reality Show

Todd-centered snowmobile series leaving networks cold

(Newser) - Has America had enough of the Palins? Sarah Palin and producer Mark Burnett have been trying to sell a follow-up series to TLC's Sarah Palin's Alaska focusing on Todd Palin's career as a snowmobile racer—but networks aren't buying, according to the Hollywood Reporter . TLC owner...

Todd Palin: The Rogue Full of 'Disgusting Lies'

McGinnis 'traffics in innuendo and falsehoods,' Palin says

(Newser) - Todd Palin was pretty peeved when Joe McGinniss moved in next door, and he's downright furious now that the author's book on his wife has been released, Politico reports. The Rogue—which accuses Sarah Palin of adultery and illegal drug use , among other things—"is full of...

Joe McGinniss Book Reveals Sarah Palin's One-Night Stand With NBA Player, Cocaine Use, and More, Says National Enquirer
McGinniss Book: Palin Had One-Night Stand, Used Coke
says 'national enquirer'

McGinniss Book: Palin Had One-Night Stand, Used Coke

At least, according to the Enquirer 's sources

(Newser) - Never shy about trumpeting scoops from the mountaintops, the National Enquirer 's latest is, as usual, less than subtle: "WORLD EXCLUSIVE! SARAH PALIN BOMBSHELL BOOK SHOCKING CLAIMS!" Turns out the Enquirer says it has sources with information about Joe McGinniss' upcoming book on Palin , and they say...

Sarah Palin, Donald Trump to Meet Tonight
 Palin, Trump to Meet 
unholy unions

Palin, Trump to Meet

The two will come together in New York tonight

(Newser) - We’d call it a sign of the apocalypse if the deadline for that hadn’t already come and gone : Sarah Palin and Donald Trump will meet tonight in New York City. Sources tell ABC News Palin reached out to the Donald, and they will meet at his Fifth Avenue...

Sarah Palin: Inside 'Palin World'
 Take a Peek Inside 'Palin World' 

Take a Peek Inside 'Palin World'

Her loose-knit organization makes it up as it goes along—effectively

(Newser) - Tucked inside a 7-page New York Times piece on Sarah Palin comes this nugget: "I am" considering a run for president in 2012, she tells writer Robert Draper, adding that she will decide after evaluating whether she brings anything unique to the field of GOP hopefuls. Highlights from the...

Palins Got Too Close to Protected Bears: Conservationist

Just a day after reality show debuts, the drama arrives

(Newser) - A leading Alaska conservationist calls Sarah Palin's Alaska "a travesty"—and not because it's, well, a reality show starring Sarah Palin. He claims the former guv got too close to protected brown bears in last night's premiere, and says she was "clearly irresponsible." A clip from...

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