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Kaiser Issues a Stark Lunch Break Warning

Oakland's biggest employer suggests staying inside for lunch due to crime

(Newser) - Kaiser Permanente staffers in one California city maybe looking forward to heading outdoors for lunch have received a warning to avoid that, apparently due to local crime. KTVU reports that last month, the health care company sent out a memo advising employees in Oakland to remain inside the company's...

Next Strike Begins, With 75K Workers in 5 States
Kaiser Permanente Reaches
Deal With 75K Workers

Kaiser Permanente Reaches Deal With 75K Workers

Health care staffers already staged one strike and had threatened another

(Newser) - Unions representing 75,000 health care workers who recently held a strike against industry giant Kaiser Permanente over wages and staffing shortages have reached a tentative agreement with the company, per the AP . The three-day strike last week involving 75,000 workers in multiple states officially ended last Saturday, and...

30K Workers Threaten Strike Over Wage Cuts
Kaiser, Unions Reach
Deal Without 2-Tiered Pay

Kaiser, Unions Reach Deal Without 2-Tiered Pay

Strike was scheduled to begin Monday

(Newser) - Update: Kaiser Permanente and a group of unions have reached a tentative agreement on a four-year contract, averting a strike by employees in eight states. The deal reached Saturday includes pay raises and drops Kaiser's plan for a two-tiered wage system, the New York Times reports, that would pay...

Pfizer's Protection Against COVID Infection Drops Sharply

Though it continues to be effective at preventing hospitalizations

(Newser) - A new large-scale study finds the protection against COVID-19 infection offered by the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine drops from 88% in the first month to 47% after five months. The Los Angeles Times reports on what it describes as "one of the largest and longest [studies] to track the effectiveness of...

Many With Mild COVID Cases Develop New Issues Later
New Health Issues Surface
Months After Mild Cases

New Health Issues Surface Months After Mild Cases

Patients need to keep in touch with their clinicians, expert says

(Newser) - New health issues are showing up in patients months after they've recovered from a mild case of COVID-19, researchers have found. The symptoms include a cough, shortness of breath, heart rate abnormalities, chest or throat pain, and fatigue, the New York Times reports. The issues "likely represent ongoing...

Recruitment Begins for First Coronavirus Vaccine Trial

Seattle-area test will pay participants $1,100

(Newser) - We're still expected to be more than a year away from a COVID-19 vaccine, but the first clinical trial is getting underway. The Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute in Seattle is recruiting 45 volunteers, reports KOMO . Participants will be given different doses of the first vaccine ready for...

Lawsuit: Surgery Left Man With 80-Pound Scrotum

And then he lost his left testicle

(Newser) - An Oregon couple want Kaiser Permanente to pay them more than $1 million, claiming the hernia surgery the husband obtained from the health care provider ultimately cost him his left testicle, Courthouse News reports. But before that happened, according to a lawsuit filed this month in Portland, the man experienced...

Brain-Dead Boy's Family: Keep Him on Life Support

'He's very much alive,' says mom

(Newser) - Two-year-old Israel Stinson was declared brain-dead in early April after an asthma attack sent him into cardiac arrest. According to California law, he was to be removed from life support soon after. There's just one problem: "He's very much alive," mom Jonee Fonseca tells FOX40 . Fonseca...

Insurer Announces Major HIV Breakthrough

Daily pill prevented HIV infection for all patients in new study

(Newser) - Big news in the fight against HIV: Kaiser Permanente, San Francisco's biggest private insurer, says that over a 32-month period, not a single one of its clients taking Truvada contracted HIV. Truvada is the name of the daily pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, pill that the CDC recommended for use...

Jury: Kaiser's Delayed MRI Cost Teen Her Leg

Teen had amputation because of fast-growing tumor

(Newser) - Jurors in California think a big health-care company's reluctance to order an MRI cost a teenager her leg—and they awarded her $28 million in compensation. The Los Angeles Times reports that Anna Rahm went to Kaiser Permanente in 2009 with severe back pain and requested the test as...

18K California Nurses Have Decided to Go on Strike

Nurses union says Kaiser Permanente hospitals unprepared for Ebola

(Newser) - Kaiser Permanente hospitals aren't ready for Ebola, say its nurses, and tomorrow 18,000 of them are set to begin a two-day strike over that and other issues. Their union claims Kaiser has "refused to address [their] concerns … about Ebola safety protocols and protective equipment, refusing even...

Plastics Chemical Linked to Male Sex Problems

Widely used BPA comes under more fire

(Newser) - A study of workers exposed to high levels of bisphenol A—a chemical widely used in plastic bottles and packaging—have a much higher incidence of sexual dysfunction than their counterparts. The study of Chinese workers found those exposed to BPA were 4 times more likely to report erectile dysfunction...

Octuplet Hospital Fined in Privacy Breach

(Newser) - The California hospital where Nadya Suleman's octuplets were born has been fined $250,000 for failing to stop employees from snooping into medical files on the famous case. "It's the hospital's job to prevent these breaches from occurring," said a state official shortly after imposing the fine against...

7th Octuplet Goes Home
 7th Octuplet Goes Home 

7th Octuplet Goes Home

Vandal chucks car seat through window of octu-mom's van

(Newser) - Nadya Suleman brought seventh octuplet Joshiah home from the hospital yesterday, People reports. Only baby Jonah remains behind, and doctors say it could be weeks before he has gained enough weight to leave the hospital nursery. "Each day that goes by it gets a little easier," said Suleman....

Hospital Fires Staffers for Octuplet Snooping

(Newser) - The hospital where octuplet mom Nadya Suleman birthed her brood has fired 15 of its employees and disciplined another eight for unauthorized peeking at Suleman’s medical records, the Los Angeles Times reports. The breech, discovered 10 days ago, has been reported to state authorities and to Suleman. The snoopers...

2 Octuplets Come Home to Mob
 2 Octuplets Come Home to Mob 

2 Octuplets Come Home to Mob

First of octuplets released into Suleman's care; other 6 progressing well in hospital

(Newser) - A swarm of spectators and paparazzi met octuplet mom Nadya Suleman as she arrived home from the hospital with two of her babies last night, the Los Angeles Times reports. Onlookers clung to her car to glimpse 7-week-old Noah Angel and Isaiah Angel. The boys were released from the Kaiser...

House Mess Blocks Octuplet Homecoming

Disappointed inspectors come up with list of necessary work

(Newser) - Octuplet mom Nadya Suleman has been given a list of work that must be done on her new four-bedroom home before her babies can leave the hospital, said disappointed inspectors from Kaiser Permanente, reports Radar. The news was a major setback for the hoped-for homecoming this week for two of...

Adoption May Be Option for Octuplets: Grandma

Grandmother wants her life back

(Newser) - Adoption may be an option for Nadya Suleman's octuplets if she can't care for them properly, her mom revealed in an interview with The Insider. "If I could see that she would not be able to take of them financially, I would opt for this," said Angela Suleman,...

Octu-Mom Fears Hospital Won't Release Babies

Suleman says hospital is worried about her ability to care for eight more children

(Newser) - Nadya Suleman has told TV talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw that the hospital where her octuplets were born will not release them unless she can prove her ability to care for the babies, reports the Los Angeles Times. A distressed Suleman—due to appear on two episodes of the...

Octuplets' Birth Certificates List No Dad

(Newser) - The birth certificates of most of Nadya Suleman’s children list no father, TMZ reports, though all 14 kids have the surname Solomon. A "David Solomon"—who may be from Israel, based on a liberal interpretation of the documents—is listed as the father of four of Suleman’...

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