Thai protesters

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Hunger Games Salute Now a Real Form of Resistance

Junta crackdown inspires creative protests in Thailand

(Newser) - With elections 15 months away at a minimum and the ruling military junta cracking down hard on dissent, Thais opposed to the military coup are getting creative. Public gatherings of more than five people are banned and protesting the military takeover is now a crime, but flash mobs of dozens...

Coup Leader to Thais: Don't Criticize

King is on my side, general says

(Newser) - Bolstered by a royal endorsement to run the country after last week's coup, Thailand's junta leader has warned against mounting opposition to the takeover, ordering Thais not to cause trouble, not to criticize, not to protest—or else face a return to the "old days" of street...

Thai Coup Leaders Free Ousted PM —Sort of

Yingluck Shinawatra reportedly under house arrest

(Newser) - Deposed Thai prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra has been released from military detention by coup leaders, reports CNN , two days after she was ordered to surrender. Her situation isn't entirely clear, however, with a source telling the AP that while Yingluck is no longer being held in an army camp,...

Court Bans Violence Against Thai Protesters

Rejects govt. orders on gatherings as demonstrations continue

(Newser) - A Thai court ordered the government today not to use force against protesters who are seeking to oust the prime minister, a day after violent clashes between riot police and demonstrators left five people dead and dozens injured. The Civil Court ruled that some orders issued by the prime minister...

Thai Protests Turn Ugly, 4 Killed

Protesters allegedly opened fire; 1 cop among the dead

(Newser) - Four people were killed and 64 injured in Bangkok today when police tried to break up an anti-government protest around the prime minister's office, one of several buildings protesters have tried to shut down in their campaign of obstruction . Gunfire broke out as thousands of police clad in riot...

Thai Protesters Vow to Nullify Election

They say bigger Bangkok protests lie ahead

(Newser) - Thai protesters vowed today to stage larger rallies in central Bangkok and push ahead their efforts to nullify the results of elections that were expected to prolong a national political crisis. Despite fears of violence, voting proceeded peacefully in 90% of polling stations yesterday. The protesters forced polling booths to...

Protest-Wracked Thailand Declares State of Emergency

Move allows detainment without charge, media censorship

(Newser) - Protesters in Thailand have been making their case against the government for two months, and violence has become commonplace; this weekend saw a grenade thrown at marching demonstrators. Now, with protesters blocking sections of Bangkok and threatening to shut down government buildings, authorities have declared a state of emergency. "...

Thailand Fight to Delay Polls Turns Deadly

Police officer killed, nearly 100 injured as tensions flare anew

(Newser) - Thailand's election commission today urged the government to delay upcoming polls as clashes between security forces and anti-government protesters killed a police officer and injured nearly 100 people, adding to political turmoil threatening to tear apart the country. The hours-long unrest took place outside a Bangkok sports stadium where...

1 Dead as Thai Protests Get Ugly

Not clear what side victim was on

(Newser) - Aggressive political protests in the Thai capital turned violent late today with at least one man killed and five wounded by gunshots in street fighting between supporters and opponents of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra. It was not immediately known who fired the shots or what side the victims were on....

Thais Storm Army HQ
 Thais Storm Army HQ 

Thais Storm Army HQ

Soldiers stand by as protesters come over gate

(Newser) - Protesters in Thailand stormed the national army headquarters today, breaking into their latest high-profile target in a bid to topple Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra . The crowd of about 1,200 people broke the padlocked gate at the Royal Thai Army compound and forced their way inside, saying they wanted to...

Thai Protesters Storm Foreign Ministry

Demand resignation of PM Yingluck Shinawatra

(Newser) - Thai protesters, angry over a government they say remains controlled by an ousted leader, have stormed the country's foreign and finance ministry compounds. The demonstrations follow a protest yesterday in Bangkok that drew 150,000, making it the country's biggest in years, the AP reports. Today, singing and...

Hacker Mocks Thai PM— on Her Own Twitter Account

Yingluck Shinawatra 'can't even protect her Twitter account'

(Newser) - A mocking hacker took over the Twitter account of Thailand's recently elected prime minister today, questioning her ability to defend the country if she cannot even secure her own tweets. The unknown hacker ended a series of at least eight postings on the account of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra...

Thailand-Cambodia Border Clash Hits 4th Day

Five reported killed in border dispute

(Newser) - Thai and Cambodian troops faced off for the fourth consecutive day today, trading shells and gunfire in a border dispute. At least two Thais and three Cambodians have died in the clashes, as “yellow shirt” nationalist protesters in Bangkok call for the government’s resignation. The 2-square-mile area in...

Protesters, Reporter Killed by Thai Troops

Casualties mount as military storms protest zone

(Newser) - At least 3 people were killed as the Thai army stormed barricades surrounding the protest encampment in central Bangkok today. An AP photographer saw 3 wounded journalists, one of whom, an Italian, appeared to be dead. Another reporter who followed troops into the protest zone saw the bodies of 2...

Thai Gov't Rejects Talks With Bangkok Protesters

Demands that Red Shirts disperse before negotiations begin

(Newser) - Red Shirt leaders today accepted an offer for peace talks brokered by the Thailand's Senate, but hopes for an end to the mayhem were quickly shot down by the embattled prime minister, who dismissed the proposal for talks until the protesters have dispersed. Thousands of Red Shirt protesters remain camped...

Thai Gov't Disses Red Shirts' Offer of Talks

Says crackdown will continue

(Newser) - Thailand's government says a crackdown on Red Shirt protesters will continue despite their plea for UN-mediated talks. Government spokesman Panitan Wattanayagorn says there is no reason for the army to withdraw since "authorities are not using weapons to crack down on civilians." The government maintains it is only...

Thai Army Opens Fire; Protesters Strip

Three journalists wounded in day of street fighting

(Newser) - A Canadian cameraman was one of three journalists wounded today as Thai troops fired on anti-government protesters and explosions thundered in the heart of Bangkok. An army push to clear the streets and end a two-month political standoff sparked the clashes, the AP reports . The cameraman, Nelson Rand, working for...

Rogue Thai General Shot During Interview
Rogue Thai General Shot During Interview
Ally of Protesters

Rogue Thai General Shot During Interview

He was amidst Red Shirt protest

(Newser) - A renegade Thai general was shot in the head while giving an interview to a New York Times reporter today, in the midst of a large protest in Bangkok. Gen. Khattiya Sawatdiphol, better known as Seh Daeng, was inside a barricaded encampment of anti-government Red Shirt protesters, which the military...

Thai Protesters Storm Hospital
 Thai Protesters Storm Hospital 

Thai Protesters Storm Hospital

Patients evacuated as Red Shirts seek soldiers

(Newser) - Pro-establishment Thais urged the government to declare martial law and launch a full-on assault on the Red Shirts after protesters stormed a Bangkok hospital today. A group of Red Shirts, looking for soldiers they believed were stationed inside, forced their way into a hospital near their protest camp. Patients had...

Thai Civil War Fears Grow
 Thai Civil War Fears Grow

Thai Civil War Fears Grow

Protests spread from Bangkok to provinces

(Newser) - The unrest in Thailand is rapidly spreading from Bangkok to the provinces, raising fears that widespread civil conflict looms. Supporters of anti-government Red Shirt protesters have been blocking roads around the country to prevent reinforcements of police and soldiers reaching the capital, the BBC reports. Protesters in Bangkok caused chaos...

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