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The Pulitzer Fiction Debacle: What Really Happened

Juror Michael Cunningham: how they picked those books

(Newser) - All three books were good, but none of them won the Pulitzer Prize. Fiction lovers know the story : David Foster Wallace's The Pale King, Denis Johnson’s Train Dreams, and Karen Russell's Swamplandia! were all rejected by this year's Pulitzer Prize Board. Now fiction juror Michael Cunningham...

Pulitzer Board Just Sucked Life Out of Book Industry
Pulitzer Board Just Sucked Life Out of Book Industry
Ann Patchett

Pulitzer Board Just Sucked Life Out of Book Industry

Prize injects needed excitement into world of literature: Ann Patchett

(Newser) - Sure, there's a possibility that when the Pulitzer Prize board failed to announce a fiction winner, the reason could have been a simple deadlock. But most who heard the news probably didn't assume that, and instead figured "it was a bum year for fiction," writes author...

The 3 Novels That Almost Won a Pulitzer

David Foster Wallace, Karen Russell, Denis Johnson were considered

(Newser) - For the first time in 35 years, no Pulitzer Prize for fiction was awarded —but that doesn't mean no works of fiction were considered. The Pulitzer jurors narrowed down the possibilities to three novels … and then the Pulitzer board decided, "after lengthy consideration," not to...

2012 Pulitzers Announced
No Fiction Pulitzer Awarded for First Time in 35 Years
see who did win

No Fiction Pulitzer Awarded for First Time in 35 Years

Huffington Post, AP, Philadelphia Inquirer , NYT all score prizes

(Newser) - The 2012 Pulitzer Prizes are out, and for the first time in 35 years a Pulitzer for fiction is not among them, reports the AP , which itself snagged an award for its series on NYPD spying. Without further ado, the list of winners:
  • Public service: Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Breaking news reporting:

Pulitzer Prizes: Los Angeles Times Wins Key Pulitzer in Public Service
 LA Times Wins Key Pulitzer 

LA Times Wins Key Pulitzer

2011 prizes announced today in New York

(Newser) - The Los Angeles Times took home the coveted public service Pulitzer Prize this afternoon for its exposé of widepsread corruption in the city of Bell, Calif. The piece eventually led to the arrests of eight city officials, including the city administrator, who was pulling down $800,000 a year. The...

Jack Shafer: Pulitzer Prizes for Journalism Are Pointless
 Pulitzers Are 

Pulitzers Are Pointless

They're weightless 'footnotes,' not 'headlines': Jack Shafer

(Newser) - The Pulitzer Prizes for journalism are awarded today, but they don’t mean a thing, writes Jack Shafer. “I doubt that one newspaper reader in 10,000 could tell you a day after the Pulitzers are awarded who got the prize for explanatory reporting,” he notes in a...

Snobs Doomed Enquirer's Pulitzer Bid

Edwards exposé a shoo-in for glory—but not for tabloid

(Newser) - By any sane measure, the unmasking of John Edwards as a philanderer who knocked up his mistress while his wife battled cancer was one of the all-time great scoops—except in determining the winners of yesterday's Pulitzer Prizes for journalism. "The media elite circled the wagons to exclude the...

Hank Williams Wins Pulitzer
 Hank Williams Wins Pulitzer 

Hank Williams Wins Pulitzer

Late country star wins citation for lifetime achievement

(Newser) - Late country music legend Hank Williams is among this year's Pulitzer winners. The singer, who died in 1953, "expressed universal feelings with poignant simplicity and played a pivotal role in transforming country music into a major musical and cultural force in American life," the board wrote, awarding the...

Post Snags 4 Pulitzers, Times 3; Enquirer Shut Out

John Edwards coverage fails to boost supermarket tabloid

(Newser) - The Washington Post won four Pulitzer Prizes today, one more than the archrival New York Times—and four more than the National Enquirer, which entered its coverage of the John Edwards sex scandal . In a breakthrough for online journalism, Sheri Fink of ProPublica won for an investigation of euthanasia at...

Pulitzer Will Consider National Enquirer Stories

Tabloid is in the running for breaking John Edwards scandal

(Newser) - The National Enquirer is officially in the running for a Pulitzer. Despite earlier reports to the contrary, the prize board has accepted the tabloid's submission for breaking news of John Edwards’ affair. The staff is entered in two categories: investigative reporting and national news reporting, reports Emily Miller in the...

Pulitzers to Enquirer: No Prize for You

Edwards story won't net tabloid an award because it's a 'magazine'

(Newser) - The National Enquirer is not eligible for a Pulitzer Prize for its reporting on John Edwards' affair with Rielle Hunter and the resulting child—not because it's a supermarket tabloid but because of a technicality. The Enquirer, you see calls itself a "magazine," and magazines can't receive the...

National Enquirer Wants Pulitzer for Edwards Story

Tabloid says it deserves honor now that he's admitted paternity

(Newser) - Now that John Edwards has admitted to being the father of Rielle Hunter's baby, the National Enquirer would like some recognition—preferably in the form of a Pulitzer. "It's clear we should be a contender for this," executive editor Barry Levine tells Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post...

Enquirer Deserves Pulitzer for Edwards Scoop

But mainstream media would never give it to the tab

(Newser) - It may be a supermarket tabloid, but the National Enquirer broke the biggest political scandal of the year, and therefore deserves a Pulitzer Prize, contends Emily Miller of Politics Daily . “The Enquirer scooped the old-guard media for the better part of a year,” argues Miller. While TV networks...

Times Columnist William Safire Dead at 79
Times Columnist William Safire Dead at 79

Times Columnist William Safire Dead at 79

Ex-Nixon speechwriter, Pulitzer winner was forceful voice on right

(Newser) - Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times columnist William Safire died today outside Washington, the paper reports. He was 79 and suffered from cancer. A onetime speechwriter for Richard Nixon, Safire, a self-described "libertarian conservative," used his background as a reporter and love for English usage to punch up his...

Pulitzer Winner Was Laid Off
Pulitzer Winner Was Laid Off

Pulitzer Winner Was Laid Off

But he started Arizona news site with axed editor who supervised heralded series

(Newser) - Pulitzer, Schmulitzer: being a terrific journalist is no insurance against unemployment. East Valley Trib reporter Paul Giblin was laid off from the Arizona paper last year even though he co-authored its series on immigration crackdowns that won a Pulitzer Prize for Local Reporting yesterday. The supervising metro editor was also...

New York Times Garners 5 Pulitzers

Spitzer scandal among winners in rare bright spot for newspaper

(Newser) - The New York Times received five Pulitzer Prizes today, including one for breaking the call-girl scandal that destroyed Gov. Eliot Spitzer's career. The Las Vegas Sun won for public service for exposing a high death rate among construction workers on the Las Vegas Strip. America's top journalism awards were announced...

Playwright, Screenwriter Horton Foote Dead at 92

(Newser) - Playwright and screenwriter Horton Foote, who movingly portrayed the broken dreams of common people in The Trip to Bountiful, Tender Mercies, and his Oscar-winning screen adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird, died today in Connecticut at age 92. Foote's writing career spanned more than half a century and earned him...

LBJ Biographer Aims for Eternity
 LBJ Biographer 
 Aims for Eternity 

LBJ Biographer Aims for Eternity

Tireless writer published average of one book every ten years

(Newser) - Lyndon Johnson's biographer takes his work seriously—so much so, he didn't cover LBJ's presidency for 30 years, Newsweek reports. Rising from the tabloid world in the 1960s, Robert Caro first wrote a painstaking biography of New York mogul Robert Moses. Next came a volume on LBJ's youth; Caro even...

John Updike Dies at 76
 John Updike 
 Dies at 76 

John Updike Dies at 76

Pulitzer winner suffered from lung cancer, publisher says

(Newser) - John Updike, the Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, prolific man of letters, and erudite chronicler of sex, divorce, and other adventures in postwar America, died today of lung cancer at age 76. A literary force who frequently appeared on best-seller lists, Updike penned novels, short stories, poems, criticism, the memoir Self-Consciousness, and...

Web News Declared Eligible for Pulitzer Prizes

Board keeps up with 'the changing media landscape'

(Newser) - The Pulitzer board has expanded its criteria for award-worthy journalism to include Internet-only publications, Editor & Publisher reports today. While Pulitzers will be available to web outlets, sites must be “text-based” and publish original content at least weekly to be considered. The board made changes in an effort to...

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