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Alanis Morissette Clears Up 'Misinformed Rumblings'

She was a no-show at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony

(Newser) - Alanis Morissette was a no-show at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony on Saturday night, where she had been slated to join Olivia Rodrigo in singing inductee Carly Simon's "You’re So Vain." She was present in Los Angeles on Friday for rehearsals, and Variety ...

Dave Coulier's Reaction to 'You Oughta Know' Was: Oh No

Actor listened to Alanis Morissette's album immediately and recognized himself

(Newser) - Dave Coulier wasn't prepared to hear his life in song. But then "You Oughta Know," a scathing hit about a cheating ex, came on the radio while he was driving in Detroit shortly after its release in 1995. His first thought was, "This is a really...

Alanis Morissette Has Harsh Words for Jagged Documentary

In it, singer says she was abused when she was a 15-year-old pop star

(Newser) - Update: Jagged premieres Tuesday at the Toronto International Film Festival, and Alanis Morissette won't be there to celebrate. The Los Angeles Times shares some of the harsh words the singer had about the HBO documentary about her life by Alison Klayman, who Morissette says interviewed her extensively when she...

Alanis Morissette Has 3rd Bout of Postpartum Depression

Singer describes the 'compulsive, obsessive thoughts' that come along with it

(Newser) - Alanis Morissette gave birth to her third child in August—and, for the third time, the singer is dealing with postpartum depression. She opened up about the struggle in a blog post on her website and an interview on CBS This Morning . "This time around, it's less depression,...

You Oughta Know What's Coming Soon From Alanis

A musical based on 'Jagged Little Pill'

(Newser) - Loved Jagged Little Pill ? Well, more than two decades later, you can love it all over again as a stage musical. Alanis Morissette has created a show based on her seminal 1995 album, and it premieres in May of next year at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, Mass....

Judge One-Ups Prosecutors in Sentencing Alanis' Manager

Jonathan Schwartz gets 6 years for embezzling, instead of 5 they sought

(Newser) - The business manager who stole millions from Alanis Morissette is going to prison. A judge in Los Angeles sentenced Jonathan Schwartz on Wednesday to six years, longer than prosecutors had sought, reports the AP . "I will spend the rest of my life asking for forgiveness," said Schwartz, who...

Alanis Victim of 2nd Multimillion-Dollar Theft

Thieves made off with $2M from LA home

(Newser) - More bad luck for Alanis Morissette: Police say burglars broke into the Canadian singer's Los Angeles home and stole a safe containing $2 million in jewelry, the Los Angeles Times reports. Morissette, her husband, and their two children weren't home at the time of the Feb. 9 break-in...

Manager Admits Stealing $4.8M From Alanis

He claimed to have invested in pot grow-ops

(Newser) - What's worse than rain on your wedding day? How about getting scammed for nearly $5 million by your business manager? Alanis Morissette's former manager Jonathan Todd Schwartz, 48, admitted in a plea deal Wednesday that he embezzled $4.8 million from the Canadian singer and $1.7 million...

Alanis Morissette: My Ex-Manager Stole $5M

He claims it went into marijuana grow-ops: suit

(Newser) - Alanis Morissette has had to swallow a jagged little pill: The Canadian singer says she was robbed of almost $5 million. The alleged culprit? Her former business manager to the stars. In a lawsuit filed Tuesday, Morissette says she fired Jonathan Schwartz of GSO Business Management—whose clients have reportedly...

Dave Coulier: 'You Oughta Know' Not About Me

Denies Alanis Morissette hit was based on their break-up

(Newser) - Dave Coulier: He's best known as Full House's Uncle Joey ... or the subject of Alanis Morissette's bitter break-up song, "You Oughta Know." But Coulier insists the latter title does not actually belong on his résumé. After the song came out, he tells BuzzFeed in...

7 Celebs Involved in Bizarre Lawsuits

Involving everything from hiking trails to drugstores to hair

(Newser) - Oprah Winfrey—a bad neighbor? That's what one man who lives near her new property above Telluride, Colorado, seems to think. Retired physicist Charles D. Goodman is suing Winfrey , claiming the property blocks access to hiking trails that were previously open to locals. Goodman says Winfrey and the prior...

Alanis: My Housekeeper Stole My Dog

Morissette's hubby suing over allegedly kidnapped pooch

(Newser) - Today in the Bizarre Lawsuits Department: Alanis Morissette's husband says the couple's housekeeper stole ... their dog. Rapper Souleye , real name Mario Treadway, says in the suit that he and Morissette found Circus, a Chihuahua/pug stray, in 2011; they ended up adopting the dog when no one claimed it...

Alanis Morissette Turning '95 Album Into Musical

'Jagged Little Pill' is headed to Broadway

(Newser) - Oh, the song puns and jokes about unmentionable acts in a theater are flying fast and furious with news that Alanis Morissette is adapting her 1995 album Jagged Little Pill into a Broadway musical. Yes, that album, the one with "You Oughta Know," "Hand in My Pocket,...

Sisters Make Alanis Song Actually Ironic

Eliza and Rachael Hurwitz present 'It's Finally Ironic'

(Newser) - It's old news that Alanis Morissette’s 1990s classic, "Ironic," isn't actually ironic. But now sisters Eliza and Rachael Hurwitz have finally fixed the song, Salon reports. Sample lyrics from their amusing cover, "It's Finally Ironic":
  • "An old man turned 98, he won

Alanis Morissette Names Her Baby Boy...

Hint: She didn't go with 'John' or 'Bob'

(Newser) - Alanis Morissette and husband Mario "Souleye" Treadway got a pretty good Christmas present this year: a baby boy. And with names like Alanis and Souleye, you can bet the new parents didn't opt for a traditional name: The bundle of joy has been dubbed Ever Imre Morissette-Treadway, People reports....

10 Songs That Are Secretly About Other Celebs

But sorry, still no word on 'You're So Vain' subject

(Newser) - Ever wondered who Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” is really about? Join the club . Fortunately, there are at least nine other songs “secretly” written about someone famous whose identity has since been uncovered. From The Frisky :
  • Amy Winehouse: “Me and Mr. Jones” is supposedly about

14 Famous Wedding Singers

 14 Famous 
guess who sang for tiger?

14 Famous Wedding Singers

None of them are in your budget...

(Newser) - Why in the world would Elton John want to be at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding —and vice versa? It may remain a mystery for the ages, but as you ponder it, the Daily Beast offers up 13 more celebrity wedding singers:
  • Paula Abdul and more: The erstwhile American Idol

Alanis Morissette Marries in Quiet LA Ceremony

New hubby is underground rapper Souleye

(Newser) - Alanis Morissette and underground rapper Souleye—actual name Mario Treadway—are now man and wife, Time reports. The two tied the knot during a hush-hush ceremony May 22 at Morissette's home in LA. The singer, 36, and her new hubby, 30, dated for eight months, and it's the first marriage...

10 Stars Who Rocked Star Search

 10 Stars 
 Who Rocked 
 Star Search 
that's justin timberlake

10 Stars Who Rocked Star Search

Justin Timberlake was into country music?

(Newser) - Paula Abdul may be bringing Star Search back—but will the talent competition bring us any new celebrities? The Frisky takes a look back at 10 stars who actually made it after going on the show in its heyday:
  1. Britney Spears: Her voice sounded, arguably, better when she was 10

Boyle's Album on Track to Be Year's Top Seller
 Boyle's Album 
 on Track to Be 
 Year's Top Seller 

watch out, taylor swift

Boyle's Album on Track to Be Year's Top Seller

No. 1 seller for 4th week may just beat out Tayor Swift

(Newser) - Susan Boyle’s I Dreamed a Dream was the top-selling album in the country for the fourth week in a row last week, and its total of 2.4 million copies makes it the second-best-selling album of the year. The leader is Taylor Swift’s Fearless—and Fearless has had...

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