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USPS Crackdown on Crime Leads to 600 Arrests

And those mail theft, carrier robbery busts are just since May

(Newser) - Mail carriers don't have to just worry about ornery dogs and slippery sidewalks: They've also got criminals to contend with, and more than you may think. The US Postal Service announced that over the past six months alone, more than 600 arrests have been made tied to mail...

Alligator Wanders Into Florida Post Office

Of course in Florida—where else?

(Newser) - A Florida customer who may have been trying to avoid crowds by heading to the post office in the dead of night encountered a different kind of inconvenience instead. Per a Hernando County Sheriff's Office statement , the unidentified patron showed up at the Spring Hill post office around 3:...

USPS Shuts Down 132-Year-Old Post Office After Request for $600 a Month

Its two employees were only paid $8.33 an hour

(Newser) - When Colleen Raftis bought a building in the tiny Washington town of Nahcotta last year, it came with a historic post office staffed by two elderly women who took turns working three hours a day for $8.33 an hour. She says that when she asked the US Postal Service...

If Cher Can't Get a Volunteering Gig at the Post Office, Who Can?

Turns out no one, as the star discovered after offering her services to 2 sites in Malibu

(Newser) - First a big TV personality from the '80s floated a plan to help the beleaguered US Postal Service . On Wednesday, Cher jumped into the fray, and her proposal suggested even more direct involvement, starting with a question on Twitter : "Can ppl volunteer at post office!?" A few...

Postal Delivery Trucks Are Bursting Into Flames

A postal-carrier newsletter calls it 'a very dangerous situation'

(Newser) - Postal workers have a bit of a problem: Their trucks are catching fire. And not just a few of them. At least 417 USPS mail trucks—the classic ones with right-side driving to enable quick delivery—have been damaged or scorched by fire since 2014, Vice reports. Engineers brought in...

Trump Has Blunt Message for Post Office

Raise your prices on package delivery or forget about emergency loan

(Newser) - President Trump laid out the choice for the US Post Office in stark terms Friday: Raise prices on package deliveries or forget about getting an emergency loan. “The post office is a joke," Trump told reporters in the Oval Office, per the Washington Post . The Treasury Department has...

Trump Signs Bill Honoring Critic's Son

Charlottesville post office will be renamed in honor of Bronze Star recipient Humayun Khan

(Newser) - A post office in Charlottesville, Va., is the unlikely setting for a detente between President Trump and longtime critic Khizr Khan , reports the Daily Progress . Trump signed a bill on Friday renaming a branch the Captain Humayun Khan Post Office, after Khan's son, who was killed in the Iraq...

USPS Just Had One of Its Biggest Inside Thefts Ever

It involves more than $630K worth of stamps

(Newser) - A Louisiana man who makes about $70,000 a year lost more than $650,000 gambling over the past seven years, casino records show—and federal prosecutors now say they know how he got the money to support his habit, the Times-Picayune reports. The DOJ is calling it "one...

Cops: Drunk 'Postal Grinch' Busted Opening Packages

For drugs, natch

(Newser) - A Florida man is being accused of being a Christmas Grinch after authorities say he broke into a post office and tried to steal packages, reports the AP . Francis Keller, 56, was arrested by the Boynton Beach Police Department and charged with burglary. Police say they found him inside a...

Nothing Stops the Mail …Except One Carrier's Major Snake Phobia

'Snake-free zone. Could we pleeze have our mail?'

(Newser) - “Rain, snow, but not the snakes?” Fox 32 Chicago quotes Bill Hawkins as saying. Hawkins and his neighbors in Chicago's Rogers Park are having a hard time getting their mail thanks to the annual springtime boom in garter snakes and a mail carrier deathly afraid of them. A...

Charges: Stressed Mailman Threw Out Holiday Mail

Another allegedly stole gift cards

(Newser) - Two New York City mailmen—including one who allegedly trashed a bunch of packages after becoming "overwhelmed" by holiday mail—are facing up to five years in prison after being arraigned Tuesday, the New York Post reports. Daniel Darby started a new route in Queens on Dec. 2 but...

How a Tiny, Ghost-Town Post Office Stays Alive

The town's name may play a small role in its popularity

(Newser) - Drive up to northern Oregon and you might see a small, nondescript shed in a ghost town called Bridal Veil. It measures about 110 square feet and lacks running water: "It's ... cozy," says Tara Stiller, who works there. "That's a nice way to describe it....

Mailman Saves Choking Baby

 Mailman Saves 
 Choking Baby 

Mailman Saves Choking Baby

Chris Brown in right place at right time

(Newser) - A letter carrier in South Carolina went far beyond the call of duty when he saved the life of an 11-month-old last week. When young Eli stuffed a plastic wrapper in his mouth, he began to choke, his mother, Stephanie Cooper, tells WYFF . "I turned around and started beating...

USPS Lost $180K on Office That Never Opened

Postal Service has had lease since June 2008

(Newser) - A post office near Scranton, Pa., has run up a $180,000 tab for the US Postal Service—without ever having opened for business. Since June 2008, USPS has been paying about $31,000 a year to lease a property in South Abington Township; it's at last due to...

USPS Cuts Saturday Delivery
 USPS Cuts Saturday Delivery 

USPS Cuts Saturday Delivery

Will keep package delivery, a rare bright spot for postal service

(Newser) - Our nation's mailboxes will soon begin to gather dust all weekend long: The US Postal Service will stop delivering mail on Saturdays in a move expected to save it $2 billion a year. An announcement from the postmaster general will come later today; he's expected to reveal an...

Now Post Office Tests Same-Day Delivery

Service will roll out in San Francisco next month

(Newser) - First Amazon , then Walmart ... now the post office is trying out same-day delivery. The struggling USPS thinks it may be able to cash in on all those Internet shoppers desperate to get their holiday gifts delivered just as quickly as if they had gone to a store. It will begin...

Stamps Going Up a Penny
 Stamps Going Up a Penny 

Stamps Going Up a Penny

It will cost 46 cents to mail a letter

(Newser) - The cost of mailing a first-class letter will go up by a penny in January. The Postal Regulatory Commission today approved the proposed rate increase, which raises the price of a first-class domestic stamp to 46 cents. The price of a postcard will increase from 32 cents to 33 cents,...

Floridians Urged to Stop Crashing Into Post Offices

USPS offers handy hints to Floridians

(Newser) - The US Postal Service has asked the people of Florida to please stop crashing their cars into its post offices. There have been eight such incidents so far this year in central Florida alone, and the USPS has released some tips to help drivers avoid crashing into postal facilities, reports...

Unsold Simpsons Stamps Cost USPS $1.2M

Yet another blow for the beleaguered USPS

(Newser) - Homer Simpson has managed to bungle things once again—this time for the USPS. Bloomberg reports that the agency's run of 1 billion Simpsons stamps turned out to be a money-losing proposition for the money-losing service. It sold only 318 million of them, washing some $1.2 million in...

When USPS Defaults, Blame Congress

 When USPS 
 Defaults, Blame 
Joe Nocera

When USPS Defaults, Blame Congress

Joe Nocera says the pending crisis was totally avoidable

(Newser) - This is the week the US Postal Service defaults on a major obligation—in this case, a legally mandated $5.5 billion payment to "prefund" its health benefits. What brought the post office to this sorry state? Of course, part of the problem is we're sending less mail....

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