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Santos: I Was Volleyball Star at School I Didn't Attend

Beleaguered congressman made the claim to Nassau County GOP as a candidate

(Newser) - George Santos didn't just lie about attending Baruch College—he made himself an elite student and a fictional volleyball star there. The New York Times has more details on the new New York congressman's web of lies , including a copy of the two-page resume he submitted to the...

After Incoming Lawmaker Accused of Faking Resume, a Fake Quote

'New York Times' suggests congressman-elect George Santos fudged key facts

(Newser) - Included in the statement from a congressman-elect who was accused of faking his resume was ... a fake Winston Churchill quote. Attorney Joseph Murray's statement concludes with the line, "As Winston Churchill famously stated, ‘You have enemies? Good. It means that you’ve stood up for something, sometime...

She Lied on Her Resume, Lost More Than Her Job

Australia's Veronica Theriault is now losing her freedom, too

(Newser) - She got the government job, and then a jail sentence. Veronica Hilda Theriault of Australia will spend the next year in jail after lying on the resume she submitted to land the role of chief information officer in South Australia's Department of the Premier and Cabinet in 2017, reports...

Homeless Man Hands Out Resume on Corner, 200 Companies Call

David Casarez is scheduling job interviews after picture, resume went viral

(Newser) - David Casarez, an engineer and web developer, moved from Texas to California's Silicon Valley in the hopes of working in the tech industry. But when he used up all his savings and was still without a job, he found himself homeless, sleeping in parks and stairwells. That's when...

Steve Jobs' Job Application From 1973 Had Some Errors

It's going on the auction block next month

(Newser) - A resume filled with typos from an applicant who said he had no phone and probably no way to get to work normally wouldn't end up anywhere else but the trash can, but in this case, it might fetch as much as $50,000 at auction. That's because...

24-Year-Old Trump Appointee Runs Into Resume Trouble

WaPo looks at inconsistencies on Taylor Weyeneth's resumes

(Newser) - Some 24-year-olds are wunderkinds. The Washington Post clearly doesn't think Taylor Weyeneth belongs in that category. Weyeneth was a relative unknown until the Post on Jan. 14 ran a piece looking at the "rising star at the Office of National Drug Control Policy"—and the paltry resume...

Princeton Professor's Resume Lists Only Failures
Princeton Professor's Resume Lists Only Failures
in case you missed it

Princeton Professor's Resume Lists Only Failures

Brutally honest CV is 'attempt to balance the record,' says Johannes Haushofer

(Newser) - The point of a CV—or resume, in more American parlance—is to highlight all of your finest awards and accomplishments, right? Johannes Haushofer takes a different approach: Although the Princeton psychology professor has a standard resume he sends out, he's also compiled something a bit more unusual, per...

Résumés, Cover Letters Are Awful Relics

Looking at credentials tends to bias us, lead to bad hires, Jesse Singal argues

(Newser) - Odds are pretty good that you hate cover letters and résumés. Pretty much everyone does, applicants and employers alike. And they should, for more reasons than you realize, writes Jesse Singal at New York . "It’s time for the résumé and the cover letter to die,...

Internet Swoons Over Amazon-Like Resume

Web product manager Philippe Dubost does a spot-on likeness

(Newser) - Philippe Dubost is a "web product manager" looking for a job, and it's a safe bet he won't be looking long. Dubost posted a resume that looks exactly, exactly, like an Amazon product page. ("Only 1 left in stock—order soon.") Here's a...

Here's What's Wrong With Your Resume
 Here's What's Wrong 
 With Your Resume 
10 common mistakes

Here's What's Wrong With Your Resume

Don't be exhaustive—but it's okay to write more than a page

(Newser) - Before you print 50 copies of your resume, check out this list of common mistakes—you’re probably making at least one, notes Alison Green in US News & World Report .
  • Using an outdated guide. The one-page rule, for example, doesn’t fly anymore.
  • Listing only job duties. Make sure

Help Wanted: No Madoffs Need Apply
 Help Wanted: 
 No Madoffs Need Apply 

Help Wanted: No Madoffs Need Apply

Even those cleared of wrongdoing can't find finance work

(Newser) - Add his former employees to the list of of Bernard Madoff's victims—and that includes his sons. Wherever it appears, the Madoff name on a résumé is toxic for those trying to continue to work in finance, experts say. Mark Madoff, who worked for his father for 20 years,...

300K Have Sent Resumes to Obama (for 8K Jobs)

Transition team sees wave of applications

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s transition team has seen an avalanche of resumes from individuals who want to work in his administration, CNN reports. More than 300,000 have applied for 8,000 positions. Many are new to politics but have impressive careers, says one analyst: “High-level people in private industry...

It's Bad: NYC Cabbie With MBA Posts Résumé in Taxi

La Salle grad drives taxi while awaiting dream job

(Newser) - A recent MBA grad who can’t find a job does have a captive audience: his taxi passengers. After four months of job hunting, James Williamson got his taxi license and posted his résumé in his New York City cab. There aren’t any offers yet, but the 25-year-old...

New Purdue Grad Hits the Streets
New Purdue Grad Hits the Streets

New Purdue Grad Hits the Streets

Would-be ad man makes his pitch on Fort Wayne streetcorner

(Newser) - Rob Sedlmeyer needs a job, and he doesn't care who knows it. The May college grad wants a marketing or advertising gig, so he's marketing and advertising himself—at a Fort Wayne intersection. After applications scored him just two interviews and no job, he took to the streets. The “...

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