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Court Upholds Charles Taylor's 50-Year Sentence

Appeals chamber issues unanimous ruling

(Newser) - An international war crimes court unanimously upheld the conviction and 50-year sentence of former Liberian President Charles Taylor for aiding rebels in neighboring Sierra Leone, ruling today that his financial, material, and tactical support fueled horrendous crimes against civilians. The appeals chamber of the Special Court for Sierra Leone upheld...

Charles Taylor Sentenced to 50 Years

Former Liberian president expected to appeal

(Newser) - Charles Taylor is going away for 50 years. The former Liberian president, 64, was sentenced to a half-century in a British prison today, as international war crimes court judges blamed him for "some of the most heinous and brutal crimes recorded in human history." But Taylor will likely...

Charles Taylor Guilty of War Crimes

International court rules against former Liberian president

(Newser) - In a historic ruling, an international court convicted former Liberian President Charles Taylor on Thursday of aiding and abetting war crimes and crimes against humanity for supporting notoriously brutal rebels in neighboring Sierra Leone in return for blood diamonds. Taylor is the first head of state convicted by an international...

Campbell May Face Charges Over Blood Diamonds

Possession of uncut diamonds criminal offense in S. Africa

(Newser) - After testimony from Mia Farrow and a former agent showed Naomi Campbell did knowingly receive blood diamonds from Liberian strongman Charles Taylor, the model could face criminal charges in South Africa, where she was given the diamonds. Possession of an uncut diamond is a criminal offense in South Africa, punishable...

Witness: Naomi Flirted With Blood Diamond Strongman

Ex-agent says model knew who diamonds came from

(Newser) - Naomi Campbell's former agent has testified that the model was fully aware that diamonds she was given in South Africa were a gift from Liberian strongman Charles Taylor. Campbell was flirting with Taylor at a dinner hosted by Nelson Mandela and Taylor was flirting back, Carole White told Taylor's war...

Mia Farrow: Naomi Lied About Blood Diamonds

Says Campbell got huge diamond, knew who it was from

(Newser) - Actress Mia Farrow testified at Charles Taylor's war crimes trial today that Naomi Campbell told her she had been sent a "huge diamond" by the former Liberian ruler, contradicting Campbell's testimony from last week. Farrow said that the morning after a party hosted by Nelson Mandela in 1997, Campbell...

Naomi's Blood Diamonds Handed Over to Cops

Official with Mandela fund had kept them

(Newser) - For those following the trail of Naomi Campbell's so-called blood diamonds: mystery solved. She testified yesterday at the war crimes trial of Liberia's Charles Taylor that she received three such uncut diamonds, almost certainly from Taylor, in 1997. Today, the Guardian reports that Campbell then handed them over to an...

Naomi Testifies About Blood Diamonds

 Naomi Testifies 
 About Blood 

looked like 'dirty stones'

Naomi Testifies About Blood Diamonds

Yeah, they probably came from Charles Taylor, model says at his war crimes trial

(Newser) - Naomi Campbell may not like to talk about it , but she did, in fact, receive a gift of diamonds probably from former Liberian President Charles Taylor, she said today at his war crimes trial. Campbell testified that two men gave her a pouch containing a few “very small, dirty-looking...

Warlord Moves to Block Campbell Testimony

Taylor accused of giving model 'blood diamond'

(Newser) - Supermodels aren't often called as witnesses at war crimes tribunals, and Liberian strongman Charles Taylor's lawyers want to keep it that way. They're seeking to block Naomi Campbell from being subpoenaed to appear at Taylor's trial to testify about a "blood diamond" she allegedly received from the warlord at...

Naomi Campbell Punches Camera, Storms Off Set

 Naomi Campbell 
 Punches Camera, 
 Storms Off Set 
don't ask her about blood diamonds

Naomi Campbell Punches Camera, Storms Off Set

Supermodel hasn't gotten anger issues under control

(Newser) - In case there was any doubt, Naomi Campbell still has a pretty bad temper. The supermodel lashed out during an interview with ABC, when asked if she was given a blood diamond by former African dictator Charles Taylor. “I didn't receive a diamond and I'm not going to speak...

Ex Liberian Prez Defends Skull Displays

(Newser) - Former Liberian President Charles Taylor defended displaying human skulls along roadways in his country to scare people into obeying soldiers' orders, reports the Times of London. “Skulls were used as symbols of death,” he told the judges at his trial at the Hague. “Enemy soldiers had been...

Ex-Liberian Prez: War-Crimes Charges 'Lies'

Taylor calls himself 'lover of humanity'

(Newser) - Former Liberian president Charles Taylor took the stand today in the Hague, calling war-crimes allegations against him “lies,” the BBC reports. “It is very, very, very unfortunate that the prosecution, because of disinformation, misinformation, lies, rumors would associate me with such titles or descriptions,” he said...

'Blood Diamonds' Trial Opens
'Blood Diamonds' Trial Opens

'Blood Diamonds' Trial Opens

War crimes court pleads for cash in case against former Liberian president

(Newser) - The war crimes trial of former Liberian president Charles Taylor is set to begin in The Hague after months of costly delays—forcing the court to ask for financial handouts to complete the proceedings. Taylor, 59, trained Sierra Leone's notoriously violent Revolutionary United Front in exchange for "blood diamonds,...

Sierra Leone Tribunal Convicts 3
Sierra Leone Tribunal Convicts 3

Sierra Leone Tribunal Convicts 3

War crimes court first to rule against use of child soldiers

(Newser) - The UN-backed Sierra Leone war crimes tribunal handed down its first verdicts today, convicting three leaders of the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council of war crimes and crimes against humanity. The rebel leaders face lengthy prison terms after being convicted of 11 of 14 charges, including murder, rape, and the recruitment...

Charles Taylor Skips War Crimes Trial

Former President of Liberia accused of atrocities in Sierra Leone

(Newser) - Charles Taylor, the former president of Liberia, didn't show up for the opening of his  war-crimes trial in The Hague today, the BBC reports. He is accused of fostering a long bloody civil war in Sierra Leone marked by crimes against humanity, terrorism, rape and the use of child soldiers....

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