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Low-Tech Fix Could Reduce Bird Deaths at Wind Farms
Scientists Have Simple Idea
to Reduce Bird Deaths
new study

Scientists Have Simple Idea to Reduce Bird Deaths

They suggests painting one blade of wind turbines black

(Newser) - A relatively simple solution could reduce the number of bird deaths from wind farms: Paint one of the rotating blades black. So say researchers in a new study published in Ecology and Evolution . They found that painting one of three blades black reduced fatal bird strikes by about 70% annually....

Wind Energy Just Got a Big Boost in US

Nation's first offshore wind farm opens off coast of Rhode Island

(Newser) - The nation's first offshore wind farm has opened off the coast of Rhode Island, ushering in a new era in the US. Deepwater Wind built five turbines 3 miles off Block Island to power about 17,000 homes, a project costing about $300 million. It announced Monday that the...

UK Ruling: Trump a '3-Time Loser'

Court dismisses motion to block wind farm near his golf course

(Newser) - Donald Trump may be riding high here in the US, but he's just lost a battle across the pond. The UK's highest court dismissed his motion to block construction of a wind farm in view of his Scottish golf resort in a unanimous decision on Wednesday. Former Scottish...

Island's Sole Power Sources: Wind, Water

Spain's El Hierro will be completely self-sufficient

(Newser) - El Hierro, the tiniest and most southerly of Spain's Canary Islands, is surrounded by no small amount of volcanic activity , but it's turning to the power of wind- and water-driven energy for 100% of its 10,000 inhabitants' needs. In a move that would make it the world'...

Feds to Let Wind Farms Kill Bald Eagles

Without penalty for 30 years, if they have a permit

(Newser) - The Obama administration said today it will allow some companies to kill or injure bald and golden eagles for up to 30 years without penalty, in an effort to spur development and investment in green energy while balancing its environmental consequences. The change, requested by the wind energy industry, will...

Chinese Firm Sues Obama Over Blocked Wind Farm

Prez nixes project next to naval testing base

(Newser) - President Obama is being sued by a Chinese-owned company for blocking a wind-farm project on national security grounds. Ralls Corp's proposed wind farm next to a naval testing facility in Oregon is the first deal to be blocked by a president in 22 years, and the company's lawsuit...

Latest Global Warming Culprit: Wind Farms

Study finds air around wind farms 1.4 degrees warmer

(Newser) - From the damned-if-you-do department: A new study has found that wind farms, those environmentally friendly sources of clean, renewable energy, could be contributing to global warming, reports the Telegraph . The problem is that the giant propellers cause the air to circulate more. That means that during the night warmer air...

Donald Trump: Scottish Betrayed Me

'World-class expert in tourism' peeved about wind firm near golf course

(Newser) - Donald Trump was met by protesters and hecklers as he arrived at Scotland's parliament yesterday to complain about a proposed wind farm in sight of his new $1.2 billion golf resort. Scotland's tourist industry will be destroyed, and the country will go broke if it builds the...

Feds to Wind Farmer: Go Ahead, Kill Eagles

Project to receive first-of-its-kind 'eagle take' permit

(Newser) - A wind power development in Oregon should be allowed to kill a few golden eagles as long as it contributes to conservation efforts, the federal government says. Authorities have recommended granting a first-of-its-kind "take" permit to the wind farm, giving it permission to kill up to three golden eagles...

Google, Citibank Throwing $110M Into Wind

Marks a major corporate investment into green energy

(Newser) - Google and Citibank are each throwing $55 million to the wind in California. The Mountain-View-based search giant is partnering with Citibank to help finance the Alta Wind Energy Center wind farm in the Tehachapi Mountains. The Kern County wind farm will generate 1.5 gigawatts of electricity, enough to power...

Google Funding Wind Power 'Superhighway'

$5B project will clear the way for future wind farms

(Newser) - Google is kicking in a major portion of the funding for a massive wind power project off the mid-Atlantic coast. The search king is investing in a 350-mile underwater cable network that will serve as a backbone for future wind farms, the New York Times reports. Google and renewable energy...

Wind Farms Scaring Off Porpoises

'Bubble curtains' could be the solution

(Newser) - Renewable energy from wind farms comes at the cost of scaring off porpoises, according to a German study of the country's first offshore wind farm. The marine mammals—who depend on their acute hearing for communication, orientation, and finding food—fled the area 30 miles off the German coast while...

Indian Tribes Fight Obama-Backed Wind Farm

Battle continues to block 130 turbines off Martha's Vineyard

(Newser) - Massachusetts Indian tribes and environmentalists are continuing to battle a massive open-water wind farm just as the White House is signaling its support of the operation. Groups have been fighting the 25-acre 130-turbine planned "Cape Wind" installation off the coast of Martha's Vineyard for a decade. The Mashpee Wampanoag...

Winds of Change Could Power Energy Shift

US gets only 1% of power from wind, but that could soon change

(Newser) - Wind turbines only provide 1% of power in the US, but advances by other nations might there's a push to up that number after the advances made by other nations. When storms pound Spain, wind-driven power provides up to a quarter of the nation's supply, driving down the cost of...

Wind Fuels Land Rush in Wyoming

Ranchers band together to negotiate better deals

(Newser) - Wyoming is in the midst of a land grab, but this time it's wind farm developers, not oilmen, who are eager to make a deal, the New York Times reports. To deal with the onslaught of offers from out-of-state developers, ranchers are abandoning a culture of self-reliance and pooling their...

Slump May Doom Clean Energy Initiatives

Some nations could fall back on fossil fuel

(Newser) - Just as global warming initiatives were gaining serious momentum around the world, the financial crisis looks like it's undermining both the political will and the math that support them, the New York Times reports. With gas prices plummeting, US automakers may be scaling back investment in new technology. In Europe,...

Native Americans Seek Wealth From the Wind

Tribes on wind-rich land hope alternative energy boom will reshape their economies

(Newser) - Native Americans own some of America's most wind-rich land, and tribal leaders in South Dakota and elsewhere are working to harness the natural power to cash in on the alternative energy boom, the New York Times reports. If they are successful, the projects could work transformations similar to those casinos...

Crowded Northeast Looks Offshore for Wind

Short of energy and too crowded to add plants, US looks seaward for wind farms

(Newser) - The Northeast is the most promising region of the US for major development of wind power, the Wall Street Journal reports, with large coastal cities close to strong offshore winds and a shallow continental shelf good for erecting turbines. The federal government is getting ready to lease 10 tracts of...

Outdated Power Grid Blowing Wind Energy Hopes: Experts

Creaky infrastructure not able to deliver alternative energy to consumers

(Newser) - The nation's outdated and congested power grid is putting a damper on plans to expand renewable energy programs, the New York Times reports. Generating power from the wind and sun is becoming easier—but getting the power to consumers who live far from the country's windiest and sunniest places remains...

Mayor Aims to Make Big Apple Windmill City

Wind could supply 10% of city's power under bold plan

(Newser) - Mayor Mike Bloomberg has unveiled a bold plan to harness alternative energy to power New York City, the New York Times reports. The mayor is calling for windmills to be built on the city's bridges and skyscrapers, and for offshore wind farms to be created that could supply 10% of...

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