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Reformist Leader Sworn in as Malaysian Prime Minister

King issues statement after Anwar Ibrahim's nationalist rival refuses to concede

(Newser) - Long-time opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was sworn in as Malaysia's prime minister Thursday in a victory for political reformers locked in a battle with Malay nationalists for days after the divisive general election produced a hung Parliament. Broadcast live on national television, Anwar took his oath of office Thursday...

Malaysia Opposition Honcho Loses Last Sodomy Appeal

In a verdict largely decried as political

(Newser) - Malaysia's top court today upheld opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy conviction and sentenced him to five years in prison, a verdict he slammed—while standing in the dock—as the "murder of judicial independence." The case was widely seen at home and abroad as politically motivated...

Malaysia's Ruling Coalition Wins 13th Straight Vote

80% turnout amid strong opposition push

(Newser) - Malaysia's long-governing coalition has won national elections to extend its 56 years of unbroken rule, fending off the strongest opposition it has ever faced. The Election Commission reported that Prime Minister Najib Razak's National Front coalition captured 112 of Malaysia's 222 parliamentary seats to win a simple...

Malaysian Opposition Leader Cleared of Sodomy Rap

Ruling could bolster Anwar Ibrahim in elections this year

(Newser) - More than three years after being charged with sodomy , a criminal offense in Malaysia, opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was surprisingly acquitted, reports Reuters . "Justice has been done. I am vindicated," Anwar told his supporters gathered at the courthouse. Anwar was found not guilty because DNA evidence against him...

Gore, Wolfowitz Team Up to Fight Malaysia Trial
Gore, Wolfowitz Team Up to Fight Malaysia Trial
strange bedfellows

Gore, Wolfowitz Team Up to Fight Malaysia Trial

They don't agree on much, except that Anwar Ibrahim is being railroaded

(Newser) - The case of persecuted Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has created an unlikely pair of allies: Al Gore and Paul Wolfowitz. They argue in a joint editorial for the Wall Street Journal that the US must pressure Malaysia to stop the politically motivated trial Anwar is currently facing on dubious...

Malaysian Opposition Leader Pleads Not Guilty to Sodomy

Rips charge as 'treacherous' tactic to undermine political comeback

(Newser) - Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim pleaded not guilty today to a charge that he sodomized a male aide, dismissing it as a "treacherous" accusation aimed at undermining democracy, AP reports. Anwar, 60, was charged under massive police security, underscoring the controversy surrounding the case, and was freed on bail...

Malaysian Opposition Leader Busted for Sodomy

Anwar Ibrahim calls charges political

(Newser) - Police in Malaysia have arrested the country's opposition leader and are questioning him over accusations of sodomy from a 23-year-old male aide, reports the AP. Anwar Ibrahim, whose party made major inroads against the government in March elections, claims that the charges are baseless. "This is not a criminal...

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