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Crime Scene Investigator Preps for Murder Probes in Space
Future Space Criminals
Will Face 'Astroforensics'

Future Space Criminals Will Face 'Astroforensics'

Crime scene investigator Zack Kowalske has been testing blood spatters in zero gravity

(Newser) - The emerging field of astroforensics will be called upon whenever humanity faces its first murder in space. Until that time, Zack Kowalske, a crime scene investigator in Atlanta, says "broadening the understanding of all forensic sciences in nonterrestrial environments is critical as we expand into a space-faring species."...

America's Blood Supply Is at 'Critically Low Levels'

Red Cross blames 'back-to-back months of worsening climate-related disasters'

(Newser) - The American Red Cross has announced a national blood shortage, warning that the US blood supply is at "critically low levels." The Red Cross said the national blood supply is down almost 25% from early last month, partly due to "back-to-back months of worsening climate-related disasters" that...

FDA Has a New Rule for Gay, Bisexual Blood Donors

Gay, bisexual men in monogamous relationships can now donate without abstaining from sex

(Newser) - Gay and bisexual men in monogamous relationships can give blood in the US without abstaining from sex under updated federal health guidelines that focus on donors' behavior, not their sexual orientation. The Food and Drug Administration guidelines finalized Thursday ease decades-old restrictions designed to protect the blood supply from HIV....

Parents Lose Fight to Keep Baby From Getting Vaccinated Blood

New Zealand's health service granted temporary medical custody

(Newser) - A 4-month-old boy in need of heart surgery was on Wednesday ordered into the temporary medical custody of health officials by a New Zealand court, in a contentious case that has attracted international press. His parents have refused to proceed with the surgery unless their son only be given blood...

Mystery in Pa. Parking Lot: 'Almost Certainly Human Blood'

Police in Silver Spring Township are scratching their heads over a 4x7 pool of blood but no body

(Newser) - Police in a Pennsylvania town are trying to solve a gory mystery, and so far, clues have been scarce. The main evidence they're working with right now, according to Silver Spring Township Police Chief Chris Raubenstine, who appeared at a Thursday presser : a pair of Ray Ban prescription eyeglasses...

Art World's 'Indiana Jones' Recovers Relic in Surprising Way

Anonymous person gave to Arthur Brand stolen vials said to hold blood of Christ

(Newser) - Thieves were inconspicuously locked inside a French church on the evening of June 1. According to police, they burst out the next morning with one of the most cherished Christian relics: two lead vials containing pieces of linen said to be covered in the blood of Jesus Christ—collected in...

Here's How Vampire Bats Got a Taste for Blood
Here's How Vampire Bats
Got a Taste for Blood

Here's How Vampire Bats Got a Taste for Blood

There are 13 genes that are missing or no longer work in vampire bats

(Newser) - Scientists have figured out why vampire bats are the only mammals that can survive on a diet of just blood. They compared the genome of common vampire bats to 26 other bat species and identified 13 genes that are missing or no longer work in vampire bats, reports the AP...

Murderer Phil Spector's Defense Argument Debunked
Researchers Debunk
Phil Spector's Defense

Researchers Debunk Phil Spector's Defense

His lawyers claimed lack of blood spatter proved his innocence, but new studies cast doubt

(Newser) - Crime shows make blood-spatter analysis look foolproof, as easy as seeing flecks of blood and knowing from which direction an assailant fired a gun. But the reality is far trickier , as new research inspired by the 2003 murder of actor Lana Clarkson shows. The late music producer Phil Spector was...

US Facing 'National Crisis' on Blood Supply

Red Cross is warning of 'severe blood shortage' around the nation

(Newser) - "Every two seconds, someone in the US needs blood," per the American Red Cross. Now, however, "crucial patient care" is getting pushed off thanks to what the group says is a "severe blood shortage" nationwide, per the New York Times . In a release issued June 14,...

For Some COVID Patients, This Is Liquid Gold
For Some 
COVID Patients,
This Is Liquid Gold

For Some COVID Patients, This Is Liquid Gold

Convalescent plasma reduces risk of severe illness in small study

(Newser) - The FDA gave "investigational" approval for COVID-19 patients to receive blood plasma from recovered patients in the spring, then expanded that approval in the summer. Now results from a clinical trial are in, and they "conclusively point toward … beneficial effects" if administered early on, reports the New ...

Pope John Paul II's Blood Stolen in Broad Daylight
Pope John Paul II's Blood 
Stolen in Broad Daylight
in case you missed it

Pope John Paul II's Blood Stolen in Broad Daylight

Cops have a suspect, who's been known to lift sacred relics, but vial of blood is still missing

(Newser) - Pope John Paul II died more than 15 years ago, but people still try to get their hands on relics of the Polish pontiff when they can—even his blood. That's what a man from Tuscany is accused of swiping, and Italian authorities are now trying to track down...

Coronavirus Fix Helped 'Critically Ill Patients' in China

New York's Mount Sinai Hospital leads the charge in America

(Newser) - A new study supports the notion that blood from recovered coronavirus patients can help others battle the disease, Fox News reports. Published in the Journal of the American Medical Association , it found positive results among five "critically ill" patients in China who received an experimental plasma transfusion. Four of...

Vampire Bats Engage in 'Horrifying French Kiss'
Vampire Bats Engage
in 'Horrifying French Kiss'
new study

Vampire Bats Engage in 'Horrifying French Kiss'

It's gross, but it keeps them alive

(Newser) - Vampire bats' diet exclusively consists of blood, and going even three days without it can be fatal for them. Luckily, and somewhat grossly, the animals will share regurgitated blood—notably, even among bats who aren't related. In a study published Thursday in Current Biology , researchers explain that they set...

Carrie Costume Fools Cops: They 'Thought I Was Dead'

'HAHAHAHA IM SO SORRY' adds Sidney Wolfe

(Newser) - Her car was totalled, but Sidney Wolfe walked away with only a bruised leg after a run-in with a deer last week in Ohio. Still, "everyone who was a first responder thought I was dead." That's because the 20-year-old Ohio woman, who appears in a Marshall University...

Family's Basement Has Been Filling With Blood for Weeks

A downside to living next door to a meat locker

(Newser) - If you're dealing with a basement water leak this fall, thank your lucky stars. As the Des Moines Register reports, an Iowa family has it much, much worse, having discovered "five inches of animal blood, fat, and tissue from a neighboring meat locker had seeped into the basement...

Woman Shows Up at ER, Learns Her Blood Turned Blue

'I'm weak and I'm blue,' she told doctors in Rhode Island

(Newser) - An emergency room doctor in Rhode Island says he treated a blue-blooded woman—and he doesn't mean she was an aristocrat. In a case described in the New England Journal of Medicine , Dr. Otis Warren says the 25-year-old woman arrived at a Providence hospital with "weakness, fatigue, shortness...

They Were Voting on a Bill. Then the 'Blood' Rained Down

Woman allegedly hurled menstrual cup with what 'appeared to be blood' at Calif. state senators

(Newser) - California's state senators trying to get through the last day of the legislative year in Sacramento got a somewhat early break Friday after a protester's actions spurred the evacuation of the Capitol's chambers. The Sacramento Bee and Los Angeles Times report that around 5:15pm, as the...

Blood Thick With Fat Clogs Hospital Filter—Twice
Man's Blood Thick With Fat
Clogs Hospital Filter—Twice
in case you missed it

Man's Blood Thick With Fat Clogs Hospital Filter—Twice

German doctors turned to bloodletting to save patient

(Newser) - Two hours after the blood was drawn, it might've been mistaken for milk. A cloudy white substance filled more than half of each of four test tubes lined up side by side. In one, only a small smudge of red could be seen. The 39-year-old diabetes patient who'd...

FDA: Beware of Young Blood Transfusions

They're 'potentially harmful,' and claims aren't proven

(Newser) - The FDA has come down hard on young blood transfusions, touted by startups in several states as an anti-aging "cure" that can improve strength, memory, and even reverse the effects of Alzheimer's. Infusions of blood plasma from young donors into older patients "should not be assumed to...

Coming This Spring: a Big Move to Smash Period 'Stigma'

Menstruation emoji will be represented by a single drop of blood

(Newser) - Due to a long-running push , you'll soon be able to throw the subject of menstruation into your online interactions, thanks to a new emoji that the Unicode Consortium is releasing this spring, per Mashable . Although everything from a red flashing light and double exclamation point to an erupting volcano...

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