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These Are the Most, Least Active US Cities

Honolulu takes the top spot on WalletHub's list, while North Las Vegas comes in last

(Newser) - If you haven't ditched your New Year's fitness resolutions yet and are looking for the best place to help them come to fruition, WalletHub has some insight on that. To seek out the cities in America with the most active lifestyles, the site pulled out the 100 most...

Fountain of Youth? Try 'Couzens Immortality Quotient'

'Outside' takes a look at the importance of continuing to exercise as we age

(Newser) - Older athletes, especially runners, worried about their ability to stay fit might want to keep in mind what Alex Hutchinson of Outside magazine dubs the Couzens Immortality Quotient. It's based on an observation made by triathlon coach Alan Cummings: "All else being equal, the amount of aerobic fitness...

California Suggests Pausing Student Fitness Tests

It's worried about bullying and discrimination

(Newser) - California Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to pause physical education tests for students for three years due to concerns over bullying and the test discriminating against disabled and non-binary students—a move that comes as a growing percentage of students are scoring not healthy. The proposal was tucked inside Newsom’s...

Get Your 10K Steps? You May Not Have to
Get Your 10K Steps?
You May Not Have to
new study

Get Your 10K Steps? You May Not Have to

Study suggests benefits level out at 7.5K, at least among older women

(Newser) - Lots of people keep an eye on their fitness trackers as they go about the common mission of getting 10,000 steps daily. A new study, however, suggests that specific goal isn't as important as you might think. Researchers found that benefits in regard to longevity began in earnest...

Drop and Give Me ... 41. Study Sees a Key Benefit
Can You Do 41 Pushups?
Study Provides an Incentive
new study

Can You Do 41 Pushups? Study Provides an Incentive

Those who manage that many have a much lower risk of heart trouble, study suggests

(Newser) - How many pushups can you do? The answer might provide surprisingly simple insight into your cardiovascular health, reports Quartz . In a 10-year study of firefighters, researchers found a strong correlation: Those who managed more than 40 pushups at annual physicals had a 96% lower risk of heart disease compared to...

Results of Trump's Physical Are In
of Trump's
Are In

Results of Trump's Physical Are In

'Very good health overall,' but the president is technically obese

(Newser) - The good news for President Trump is that the doctor who performed last week's medical exam pronounced the 72-year-old to be in "very good health overall." The bad news is that Trump gained 4 pounds from last year, enough to qualify him as technically obese, reports NPR...

4 Hours of Tests Lead to Verdict on Trump's Health

President gets a 'very good' from Dr. Sean Conley

(Newser) - Last year President Trump was said to be in "excellent" health at his annual physical; this year, that's been somewhat downgraded to "very good," but considering the commander in chief's penchant for fast food and reluctance to hit the gym , he may not be distressed...

Ahead of Physical, Trump Hasn't Followed Doctor's Advice

Different physician will perform this year's exam

(Newser) - President Trump, the second president ever to still be in office at the age of 72, undergoes the second physical exam of his presidency Friday—and though he was declared to be in "excellent health" last year, insiders say he hasn't been following the medical advice he was...

A Big Day Coming Up for Trump, a Curious Nation

President will head to doctor on Jan. 12 for his presidential physical

(Newser) - The White House says President Trump will undergo the customary presidential physical on Jan. 12, with press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirming the date Thursday, the AP reports. Sanders has said the results will be released after the physical. The White House had previously indicated Trump would have the physical...

Professor Nears 70 Marathons Heeding Wife's Dying Wish

She pleaded with him to be there for the kids

(Newser) - In 2003, as Christine Guetzloff was dying of ovarian cancer at the age of 34, she sat her husband down for an important conversation. "Tom, you need to do something—you're just way out of shape," she told the West Virginia State college chemistry professor. "Look...

Music Makes High-Intensity Exercise Easier to Take
Music Makes High-Intensity
Exercise Easier to Take
study says

Music Makes High-Intensity Exercise Easier to Take

Tunes also make people more likely to continue

(Newser) - High-intensity interval training is all the rage, with research suggesting that just a few minutes of all-out sweating could reap the same health benefits as a 45-minute moderate workout, and that's true even for the elderly . The draw is clear—interval training takes less time, after all—but so...

Why People Are Crawling Like Babies at the Gym

Practitioners call it a 'reset' for adult fitness

(Newser) - It's not necessarily unusual to see people in odd positions in fitness classes at the gym—the birthing squat, downward dog, seal and happy baby are all "funny-looking" moves with real benefits, as Shape magazine reports. But crawling? Like a baby? For an extended period of time? It'...

Study: Being Out of Shape Nearly as Deadly as Smoking

And it's more dangerous than high cholesterol and blood pressure

(Newser) - Being physically unfit is more damaging to living a long life than everything except smoking, according to a study published Wednesday in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology . And as the Huffington Post puts it: "We all know how evil smoking is." Researchers measured the maximum oxygen intake...

CrossFit Founder: 'I Like Watching the Bodies'

Greg Glassman deflects criticism about injuries, rails against 'a--holes' in soda industry

(Newser) - Despite allegations of injuries caused by questionable techniques, the fitness phenomenon known as CrossFit is said to boast an estimated 4 million members around the globe with a program that Newsweek says "has come to dominate the athletic world." And it has no bigger fan than its founder,...

Let's Move? 1 in 4 of Us Barely Get Off the Couch

Study finds the number of us who are completely sedentary

(Newser) - The Physical Activity Council has a list of 104 physical activities —which do not include lifting 12 ounces of Bud Lite but do include table tennis, golf, and walking—in its annual survey of our activity habits, released yesterday. And the number of Americans who engaged in not a...

Fitness May Fight Depression in Girls
 Fitness May Fight 
 Depression in Girls 
study says

Fitness May Fight Depression in Girls

Fit sixth-graders less likely to be depressed seventh-graders

(Newser) - The more fit a child is, the less likely he or she is to suffer from depression, a new study suggests. That's especially true for girls, according to researchers from the University of North Texas, who found a link among middle schoolers. The findings, which have yet to appear...

New Fitness Wristband Gives Slackers Shocks

Pavlok is designed to jolt people into better habits

(Newser) - If what you need to meet fitness targets is a device attached to your body that will jolt you with electric shocks, then a new company called Pavlok has just the thing for you. Founder Maneesh Sethi says the fitness-tracking wristband he devised can keep track of things like gym...

Steven Seagal, Putin Latest Bizarre BFFs

Action star helping Russian prez promote physical fitness plan

(Newser) - How convenient: New BFFs Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman are probably looking for another pair to vacation with , and now they have one ... because Vladimir Putin and Steven Seagal have a similar world leader-washed-up celebrity friendship going on. Putin wants to reinstate a Stalin-era national physical fitness program, and...

For Toddlers, More TV Means Wider Waist

 For Toddlers, 
 More TV Means 
 Wider Waist 
study says

For Toddlers, More TV Means Wider Waist

Extra hour per week adds half-millimeter: study

(Newser) - There's an unsurprising but stark link between kids' TV watching and the distance around their middles, a new study suggests. Researchers find that, among 2- to 4-year-olds, every additional hour of television per week translates into almost an extra .02 inches of waistline. Kids who watched 8.82 hours...

Obama Fit, Smoke-Free, Physical Says

That occasional cheeseburger apparently isn't hurting him, doc says

(Newser) - He may be sporting more than a few new gray hairs , but Barack Obama is physically no worse for the wear, according to his second physical as president. At the big 5-0, Obama is fit and "tobacco free," eats a healthy diet, is physically active, and is poised...

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